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Popular, risque comedy site makes the jump to TV.

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Parent Written byhawkjames September 14, 2013

Another Perspective

First of all, I think the positive messages are overlooked because of the subtlety of the messages in question. The exaggerated stupidity of the characters makes it easy for viewers to distinguish that these "characters" are not the role models here. As such, the opposite of the apparent messages are subtly emphasized. As an example, in the "Gonorrhea Medicine" bit, the boys try to figure out who in the office have gonorrhea. In this exaggerated witch hunt, it becomes apparent that the real message is that none of them would ever do that to a human being. All the while keeping us entertained with a hilarious script. Obviously, the content is a little more mature. However, in our culture, where kids are finding out about all kinds of crazy stuff in and before elementary school (sensitive things I hadn't learned about until middle school or later), realistically, I believe that all the content is appropriate for the majority of kids in high school and a lot of them in middle school. Additionally, if they know what sex is (likely) and they don't know what gonorrhea is, maybe it's a good idea to let them watch it. That being said, if I were to quantify the demographic by age pessimistically with a lot of elbow room for those who mature slowly, I would say our kids are far past safe watching this content at the age of 16 and older. In my humble opinion, the deep, subtle humor in the scripts is ingenious and CollegeHumor in general inspiring for an aspiring teenager. The CollegeHumor crew is a hive of brilliant minds getting that sweet honey by exploiting their own talents and natural inclinations at humor, acting, film-making, script-writing, editing, visual story-telling, and production in general. The more you get to know them through their content, the more you realize where the humor comes from. They are calling people out on their lewdness, shrewdness, rudeness, and prudeness! Goodness! It's almost a social experiment. Sure, they play into consumerism by using pictures of girls in bikinis or what have you, but the sheer irony of the fact is that if you're visiting the site for those means, or have found the site through those means, they most likely have made fun of you in one of their videos... and they get a few extra views, what the hell! They don't know they're being teased. They're dumb, right? I kid, but honestly, the existence of CollegeHumor in general is a testament to how you can make it in this world with one good idea, persistence, your body, and your mind. I enjoy that. -an aspiring producer, age 21.
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