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Parent reviews for The Dragon Prince

Common Sense says

Captivating fantasy tale has positive themes, broad appeal.
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Parents say

age 11+
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Kids say

age 9+
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Adult Written byZhangorphne April 1, 2019

Best show especially for not narrow minded bigots

This show is amazing but you know season 2 pisses me off . It pushes the heterosexual agenda on kids with the King and Queens relationship. I'm not against heterosexuals but this show is for kids and they don't need to push that onto young childtrn who watch the show.
Now doesn't that sound dumb. Many parents have that belief on the Queens of Duran in the show. Guess what there are same sex families and this is amazing for them because they see themselves represented and kids in these families have someone to relate to.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 8 year old Written byThe Professor February 20, 2019

LGBTQ starts episode 6

Like Voltron, a family favorite until the LGBTQ agenda moves in at season 2 episode 5. We are introduced to two queens and their daughter. It was subtle enough in episode 5. But in episode 6, the two queens kiss after a battle. I think Netflix should rate these T -14 when that discussion is appropriate. Not Y7.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byTiniko6 March 14, 2019

Too sexy

My son was binge watching this and was well into season 2 when I sat down to watch with him. Right away a king is telling who I presumed to be his wife about a dream he had about another women. Wife repeats the woman’s name with a raised eyebrow and the king assures his wife “she was wearing her robes” then the wife says “oh, a boring dream then”

Seriously? I see people complaining about homosexuality in the show and others saying the show is fine as long as you’re not homophobic. I disagree with both.
When homosexuality showed up in my sons favorite children’s book, I just brushed it off and said some husbands have husbands. I’m not homophobic and I think I found a way to normalize it and glaze over it enough to avoid having a sex talk with my 8 year old. But that one line got the show banned in the 2 minutes I spent watching it. I already banned YouTube but I guess Netflix kids isn’t safe either

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written bywizlbink February 28, 2019

An amazing show - unless you're homophobic

The only reason I would recommend this for kids 10 and older is because of the potentially frightening themes and imagery involved with the plot. A short kiss does not make the show too adult. I find it quite telling that reviewers take note of the same-sex kiss as being too adult but don't mention another kiss between a heterosexual couple in the same episode. If you can show your kids movies where straight couples make out for a good 10 seconds, I'm sure they can handle two married women kissing for 1. There is no sexual intention behind the kiss these reviewers are so upset about either. It happens because the characters know they are going to die in battle, and they love each other. What a terrible agenda to spread, right?
Cut the crap. If you can't handle your kids learning the concept that gay people might be normal, don't watch the episode.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byDhampir17 February 22, 2019

Season Two Adds Homosexuality

Season One was phenomenal, it seemed like a great family show that had a good plot, action and awesome characters.

Then Season Two came out and I began pre-watching it. It seemed fine and I was about to stop when I decided to watch 1 more episode.

Episode 5 and 6 adds in homosexuality and shows 2 women embracing, kissing, they call each other wife and have a child together.

This does nothing to drive the plot and seems to be totally placed to appeal to the LGBT crowd and to normalize homosexuality for kids.

There was nothing that gave any warning to this, it was just stuck in and considering NO other people have kissed in this show, it is very apparent exactly the agenda behind this unnecessary move.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byMommajpl February 20, 2019


My husband was watching with my kids and there are two women married that have a daughter and kids. Common Sense Media, I cant believe this was not mentioned in the least on your review. This certainly is something that I want to know as a parent before my children are allowed to watch and counts as sexuality in my point of view. Disappointed that this is in children’s programming and also that your site doesn’t mention it at all.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written bynyranger16 February 19, 2019

Show is good, but inappropriate for young children

Season 1 was appropriate for children of all ages, but would have been better received by children 6+.

Season 2, unfortunately, introduced sexuality into the show and made it inappropriate for children. They decided to have two moms kissing..in a kid's show. I respect LGB people, but by definition, their identity stems from their sexuality. That is fine for them, but it is inappropriate for children.

Many families these days find this behavior to be acceptable. That is also fine. I am here to warn families that do not want their children to be subjected to agendas that they morally disagree with.

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Sexy stuff
Parent of a 11 and 14 year old Written byteacher_mom February 18, 2019

Character has two moms

My kids and husband like this show, but the girl having 2 moms and then the 2 moms kissing in season 2 shot up huge red flags for my kids. I don't appreciate being forced into this family discussion by a TV-7 rated show!

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byWeare6 February 16, 2019

Such a fun show until this new season when they add in a character having two mothers and the mothers kissing.

This was such an awesome show, but now in the second season they have added in their own agenda. Adding in a character who come from two mom's. Shows the mom's kissing.

Parents just need to know that's what coming in season two.

Sadly we won't be watching it anymore.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byChristian mothe... February 19, 2019

Disappointed! Warning: homosexuality

I started watching this show with my children after viewing just the ratings here on Common Sense Media and seeing it was rated as TV-Y7. The show was quite thrilling with strong characters. My children, ages 11 - 17, were kept enthralled. Then season 2! Why? Why must Hollywood add adult situations to a children's cartoon? The show was sweet and innocent just long enough that now, after a female/female kiss, I became the "bad guy" when I turned it off, refusing for my children to watch another episode. I am terribly angry that writers and producers create devious storylines in order to fool parents and force us to disappoint our children. Now, ahead of my husband's and my planned time, we must sit our 10 & 12 year old children down and talk to them as adults concerning homosexuality. Parents, no matter what their beliefs are, should never be put in a situation that forces them to discuss topics they believe are age inappropriate. The creaters, writers, directors, producers, animators, and everyone else involved have robbed my children of their innocence!

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byLMFlores2015 March 27, 2019

PASS! It promotes homosexual agenda.

It started off very good until it promoted homosexuality. Not everyone agrees with those views but it feels as if they tried to sneak it in. It is a shame when a kids show promotes these type of ideas. At least give parents a warning so we can skip it. I will not be watching anymore. I cannot support something that is against my culture and tradition.
Adult Written byKris_ March 26, 2019

Lord Father

The movie is more or less OK for kids, some black magic etc. It also promotes LGBT ideology and does not stick to being at least neutral on this front. If you wish to raise your kids with a Christian world view (full family at the center, mother and father) I do not recommend.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byTJordan19 March 2, 2019

Homosexuality in Season 2

Although a bit violent and disturbing at times, the first season was exciting and relatively "safe" for my kids ages 9 and 11.

However, the second season was not. There was a scene when the King and Queen discussed a dream about a goddess who was robed in the dream. In this scene it was implied by one of the characters that it would be "more fun" if she was naked- my 11 yrd old caught this. Completely inappropriate and unnecessary.

Secondly, this season shows a homoesexual lesbian relationship. The couple share a kiss in one scene. I do not appreciate a show subtly imposing their values on my children disguised in entertainment.

I am appalled that CommonSenseMedia would not mention this explicitly in their review. I would like to have known this in advance. We will not be watching further.
Adult Written byDrgnPhrend March 1, 2019

Good in spite of inclusion propaganda

exciting adventure fantasy that i am loving every minute of. i see a lot of people complaining about the queens kiss in S02E06. but honestly I am not surprised by it at all. i also find it mildly annoying but meh. this show has been shoe hornning in diversity since the first episode, so get used to it. and yes the queens were hollow characters who didn't really add anything to the story, plot, sense of magic, wonder, adventure, or anything. They were there to check the lesbian box in a show that is checking every diversity box it can in rapid fire succession. but as bad as the queens were "and no, calling them that is not an accident" this series has also given us some truly amazing characters while also checking the diversity box so it is hard for me to complain about the misses when the hits are so great. case in point the blind sea captain with narcolepsy, was a flawed lovable mess of a character who was truly amazing. the deaf aunt who is also the general of the army, is a total badass and her disability is used to allow some cleaver story telling moments. i mean think of a disability or minority, chances are if it has not already appeared in season 1 or 2, it will be in season 3. and as long as the high points keep me excited i am willing to forgive the lows.
Parent Written bykungfujohnjon February 28, 2019

Great show from the creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender

First off, I'm kind of astounded by the rampant homophobia I've seen in responses to this show. The subplot involving the Queens of Duren is handled well, and should in no way be seen as inappropriate for children. The characters in this show are complex and interesting. While some of the action may be too intense for younger children, the overall message of breaking the cycle of violence is an important one. On the whole, this is a diverse and captivating story with positive messages that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written bypetra_ste March 5, 2019

Excellent successor to The Last Airbender

An entertaining fantasy show strongly reminiscent of Avatar and Korra in tone and aesthetics. Lots of (bloodless) fighting; scary creatures, creepy spells; sympathetic characters are endangered, wounded and even die (offscreen). No graphic or tasteless violence though - think a milder, more kid-friendly version of The Lord of the Rings. Plenty of humor. The three protagonists are positive figures (although one of them starts as a novice assassin, but she has never killed anyone), trying to cooperate and broker a peace between men and elves by returning a young dragon to his mother.
Recommended age: 10+. A bit too intense for younger kids, especially the dark magic spells.
Adult Written byAbwatching February 20, 2019

Not good for children

This cartoon should not be rated y-7. This is not appropriate for young children to be watching. It contains 2 women queens that are lesbians that kiss, which is something I do not agree with and don't think should be in a cartoon that kids are going to be wanting to watch and think is okay. There is more content to this cartoon that is not appropriate for young kids also.
Adult Written byPente-crowe August 24, 2019

A wonderful fantasy show!

If you’re close minded the show is not for you as it explores many different family dynamics outside the typical in accurate and respectful ways. They’re presented in ways that are gentle and can be understood by kids, such as lgbt parents, step parents, and separated parents. The show goes into detail addressing both the parents and kids feelings in these situations that doesn’t distract from the fantastical plot.

As someone who was raised by parents and step parents it’s nice to see a show display a healthy relationship between step parent and child rather than the typical toxicity pushed by Hollywood and media. The lgbt relationship presented is also not only healthy, but brief and limited to a short kiss so I don’t see why there’s so much fuss over it personally when more rating-controversial things happen in the season before it(which I will explain). The diverse character cast is also always a good touch! :)

I will warn though that despite the narrative and exposition sounding more for a younger audience sometimes, the show does get a little dark. There is implied animal death, off screen character death, and intense situations such as armed combat and interrogation scenes (which is why I’d recommend a 10+ audience personally unless your child can handle such topics). I wouldn’t call the scenes overly violent or excessively dark however, it’s just good to know in case your child may be a bit more sensitive to such topics.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byCassieloowho August 9, 2019

Some people’s kids that are now parents..

This show has a great story line with unique and diverse characters that already have captivating developments. The animation is visually stunning for its particular style, the voice actors are great and while I fear the show may be predictable- I’m still excited to see what comes next.

This is 2019 now. For any parents reading these sad pathetic reviews from not-homophobic-but-they-clearly-are-homophobic parents - please take a breath and exhale slowly. I believe most of us can say we grew up watching our parents share a kiss once in a while. I also believe most of us revisited our Disney movies only to find subtle adult humor we didn’t recognize when we were younger.

If we are going to teach equality of races, genders, sexuality etc- how are we going to accomplish that with calling a kiss between a same sex couple inappropriate compared to a kiss between a heterosexual couple? Then why not ban all the kissing? I’m seriously cracking up reading these reviews! All these people acting like their god damn 10 year old is ruined because of a joke he doesn’t even fucking understand or because their daughter saw a loving mother kiss her female spouse. Stop acting like you are so politically correct because you start your useless and irrelevant review off by saying your “not homophobic”. You are and your kid isn’t as stupid as you think they are.

I personally was thrilled to see this show normalize race and sexuality and not in some crude or gross way but a normal, loving, every day kind of way.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Adult Written bynoneofyourbusiness. July 30, 2019

Some people are over dramatic

I have a seven-year-old little sister who absolutely loves this show and when the two queens appeared, she was curious, but that was it. All I had to do was explain that people love who they love, she was not "too young" to learn about it. It's a kids show, its suppose to make them ask questions. There are people who love the same sex everywhere and it should be represented in the media. Saying that the LGBTQ+ community is "pushing their agenda" is extremely homophobic and sheltering your kid will not make them better people.

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Positive Messages