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Adult Written byadvocatewhat'sright August 1, 2013

First review in August

This show is really boring and lame! It's just like Robot and Monster, overrated and dumb! I'm surprised the negative reviews haven't come to here yet! But just you wait, this here lame show is gonna get rated as disappointing, just like Robot and Monster. Nick needs to stop green-lighting these terrible and unfunny shows. Guess what's coming up next? The Rabbids Invasion! If you want an example of TRUE quality family entertainment, go watch Gordy. And don't believe the ratings for this show, or the negative ones for Gordy! It's a Shakespearean masterpiece compared to this show. In fact, I'm gonna change my rating for it! Gordy now gets 5/5, for being a million times better than this lame excuse for a show! They should've just renewed Victorious and T.U.F.F. Puppy instead of green-lighting this and Sanjay and Craig!
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Too much consumerism
Educator and Parent of a 5 year old Written byPoems Perfect December 12, 2013

The may as well have called it: 'The Scary Spook Family'

I hate to admit that I actually generally found this show quite amusing. Possibly, the only annoying character would be Louie. However, I would never in a million years have cast my kids for any of the ghost family members because of the blatant racism. Firstly, the basic premise is that a BLACK family were cast as the SPOOKS. Secondly, there was an episode where Louie was dressed up as a BANANA. Thirdly, there was a scene where Louie's father decided to teach him how to possess an object...a fruit no less. But he didn't choose an apple or an orange, nor a strawberry or even a bunch of grapes but instead he chose a MELON. Now those of a younger age and who are generally naïve will be excused for not getting my point. But anyone else will understand the inferences as detailed above. And certainly anyone middle-aged upwards couldn't possibly be that obtuse to miss that whoever thought it anything but racist to label a black person a spook, dress a black person in a banana skin, have a black person feel right at home by possessing a water melon (cunningly using a cantaloupe instead just to be less obvious but lets face it - ALL melons are full of water). The script writers, producers, director are all having the subtlest of racist digs at the black family cast. The last laugh indeed is being had by these people and NOT any decent audience members. I could only DREAM that one of the show's makers will read this and understand that THIS black man was not stupid enough to miss the point and he ain't laughing
Written byAnonymous July 28, 2013

"I've Seen This Before... Alien Abduction. No Doubt 'Bout It" - Dale Gribble

Not to be a "Dale Gribble Conspiracy Theorist" here, but how did they actually BECOME ghosts? Was it just "POOF. We're ghosts." or were they alive before? And how did they die in the first place? Leaves room for lots of crazy theories and CreepyPastas. I think I just ruined a fresh children's show for a lot of people.
Teen, 15 years old Written byEmoWolfBoy August 8, 2013

SUPER lame and boring!

The most BORING show on Nick, It lacks entertainment, So unwatchable, Nick is going downhill
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Great role models
Educator and Parent of a 7 and 17 year old Written bydawnytl August 27, 2013

The Haunted Hathaways and the Hidden Truth

Miss Ashby provided a review that was accurate about many things, but she missed something. If you don't believe in the existence of ghosts, then this show may seem funny and be everything this review said, however, if you’re concerned about the spiritual well-being of your children, ban this show from your home. People are interested in the supernatural. Hollywood knows it and counts on it. Television knows the hunger, too, and feeds it, bringing the paranormal to us on a regular basis, right into our homes. At the end of the pilot episode of The Haunted Hathaways, the eldest daughter makes this statement: “I’m Taylor and I think living with ghosts will be alright.” She tries to retract her statement when the youngest “ghost” makes the turkey, which they are about to eat, dance on the dining room table. I’m sorry Taylor, but do you know what and who ghosts really are? Are you sure that opening your home to a demonic presence is alright? We’ve settled for too much and allowed too many things into our homes and into our children’s minds. Close the door on this one, please.
Teen, 13 years old Written byMeganBuster August 11, 2013

Dumbest show EVER.....

from a kids point of view, it is unfunny and boring to watch. The humor is for little kids, and none of it is funny, especially because of the bad acting from the volleyball coaches, extras, cool moms, etc.) and the chosen words. Also, the predictability of the show, and the laughter every 3 seconds from the audience. It's a hit or miss. Mainly a miss....
Kid, 11 years old January 18, 2015


i don't understand why there are so many negative reviews about this show. i used to think it was bad because i had not seen much of it but one day when i was bored i decided to watch one episode and it turned out that it's great. although the comedy can be a bit cheesy and not always funny, i still think it is a good nick show and that it should have at least five or six seasons before they start to think about making something new. i kind of enjoy watching the youngest ghost fail sometimes.
Teen, 16 years old Written byDg0113 October 19, 2013

What I think of haunted hathaways

The show is terrible, the acting stinks, the jokes are corny, the special effects are so green screen, the characters are poorly developed and cheesy, and the show is as interesting as a rock, you might as well change the channel.
Parent of a 8 and 10 year old Written byAmalthea October 4, 2013

OK for kids; boring for adults

While the show is harmless and fairly innocuous, it is not particularly entertaining for adults. I have a high tolerance for children's show (I watch more kids' stuff than adults'), but I had a hard time sitting through the poorly acted, over-the-top, corny dialog and action. It is OK for kids, tho.
Kid, 11 years old October 1, 2015

The Haunted Hathaways

This show is great. Some episodes of this show can be scary , Frankie is seen name calling to her Mom,sister,and ghosts that live in her home.Other than that this show is great. Moms and dad please lets kids know that this show has no longer new episodes.
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Kid, 10 years old August 24, 2013


Yeah, don't deal with Nickelodeon's new sitcoms. One of the worst, possibly. Your telling me that people living with ghosts hasn't been done before? It tries at humor, which is especially weird. I must admit the powers that the ghost family has are pretty cool. Other than that, don't bother.
Teen, 16 years old Written byMrMovieBuff August 17, 2013

Not good.

I do not like this. First off, it is so racist. it is just a white family living with a black family and they have a very hard time getting along. Racist much? You decide. Also, the acting is crappy. The voice actors wouldn't know talent if it slapped someone in the face!
Teen, 13 years old Written bypikachurocks343 July 28, 2013

It's an alright show, but not as great as the older Nick shows.

I think this show is ok, but not as great as older Nick shows. It's somewhat funny. I've realized that the youngest human child and the youngest ghost child are a team, the teen human and teen ghost are a team, and same for the parents. Frankie (youngest human child) helps out Louie (youngest ghost child) with his ghost powers, Taylor (teen human) and Miles (teen, at least I think, ghost) both want to fit in and make friends, and Ray (ghost dad) and Michelle (human mom) both want to live in their home. I also like the special effects, but they aren't the greatest.
Teen, 13 years old Written byMissconcerned January 31, 2016

This show sucked

Oh my gosh this show is terrible. It has terrible role models, bad plots, even more terrible messages, a laughtrack that plays every 5 seconds, and lots of inappropriate content such as overusage on toilet humor. I found it a miss in television.
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Too much consumerism
Kid, 10 years old May 5, 2014


Boring no messages or plot whatsoever
Kid, 11 years old May 2, 2014


Amber Montana can't act, the plot is overused, and the characters seem to be doing the same thing every episode- Taylor worrying about being cool, Miles butting in, Frankie being obnoxious, Louie being worse, and the adults trying to act rational. BORING!!!
Teen, 17 years old Written byReviewsandFun8910 August 28, 2013


I hate The Haunted Hathaways. It's boring. When I watched the first episode, I honestly almost fell asleep. Also, it's not funny at ALL. Honestly, I HINGED on the fact that this show is SO low on humor.
Educator Written byBigchris August 21, 2013

An adult who loves this show

Ok well I don't get all the negitive reviews I mean me and my sister love it if you are looking for a sweet family show with a little enchantment and a lot of laughs this is it and franike is hilarious but is a mixed infiuence " she faces her fears head on by wanting to remain In the home with the gohst " but she's also a trouble maker In a way so look out but ya gotta love both Frankie and this swett cute family friendly show if u want a dumb show watch rabit invasion if you want a good time and a few laughs try this
Kid, 11 years old July 25, 2013

Not The Best But OK

Shows ghosts in a humorous way. Lame special effects. Overall it's ok, but not the best Nick show ever made.
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Great messages
Great role models
Teen, 15 years old Written bydude811 June 14, 2016

just lame

I only watched a few episodes, but after that I decided to stop watching it. It's so lame.