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Teen, 17 years old Written byliterate April 9, 2008

Airline Funny Buisness

It's rare to find such fresh and funny sitcoms on Fox, since they did axe my beloved Arrested Development. Perhaps all will soon be forgiven with The Loop. Sam (Bret Harrison) landed himself a job as a prestigious exec at a Chicago-based airport. He's the youngest one in the airline's history, and is constantly being hunted by "predator" Meryl (Mimi Rogers) who has a sexual infatuation with the barely-legal Sam. Side apart that The Loop is genuinely sweet and side-splittingly funny, especially with Sam's "I-don't-give-a-care" boss Russ (Phillip Baker Hall), who when asked where his compassion is, he snarkily retorts, "I have a gay son; he took it all." It's consistently hilarious, but the rare times it isn't funny, it's absolutely horrific. Thankfully, The Loop always manages to rebound so creatively, making it one of the most original and outstanding comedies of the season. The Loop is your typical, zany teen-comedy that exudes That 70's Show gags and one-liners. It's particularly easy for fans of The Office and other awkward humor series to fall in love with the characters on The Loop. It's nothing parents and teens haven't seen before, but granted that The Loop goes at it at different angles, which makes it very enjoyable to watch.