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Just as cartoonishly violent as classic, plus stereotypes.

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Parent Written byJanluke January 29, 2014

Just awesome childhood cartoon!

Just because the show is based on a TIMELESS cartoon character, The New Woody Woodpecker Show is a REAL MASTERPIECE, deserving of this term!! The episodes are very great on the funny side and can attract the pubblic of all ages in the best way!! The drawings are REALLY IMPECCABLE, they're so perfect, and the animation too! It's not as compelling as the classic series, but it's surely a historical show in all ways. The characters are still great! What else? A great example for every child which want to enjoy a good fun.
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Teen, 15 years old Written bychurchWDDTCPG July 28, 2014

Just fine but the two mission stars means that it's a little sucky

i think the show could use a remake here's a example: Note: i do NOT own this All credit goes to the original plot writers and that i'm writing the plots ahead of time but this script will get a idea for a remake and don't steal my ideas as it's classified wally:Hey, bad woodpecker since I can’t ram you off you either get off my corner or it’s war crazy woodpecker! (Woody leaves the corner and plots the biggest backstab by grabbing a onion launcher from the armory and hops on a fire hydrant with a large wrench) Woody:hey Wally that's my corner! (Woody opens the fire hydrant and opens fire using the onion launcher at Wally then Woody remotely fire an onion mortar at Wally, Wally begins to cry) Wally:(crying) Wally (while crying): why me? Woody:and plus! (Woody pecks up Wally's winer cart after the onions clear up and than on Wally's head) Woody:Respect a feared Macpecker of the Macpecker clan! (Woody than hulmates Wally by throwing a lemon pie at Wally causing Wally to be very powerless against Woody & begins to cry) Woody:now Wally, off my corner! Wally:(sobbing)you ba-ba-ba-bad woodpecker! Wally:(while crying)You swelled up my swedish meatball (crying) I’ll take my cart and go! (Wally takes his cart and walks away from Woody) (Wally turns around and faces Woody) Wally:Cross my path again and I'll bring swedish winer war justice to you and to make sure we are even i’m gonna move halfway across the city, bad woodpecker! keep the corner, bad woodpecker! but don't cross my path! (Wally walks away from Woody) Woody:bad woodpecker? Eh. Wally won't that I have a Macpecker constant good luck blessing Ha ha ha HA ha, ha ha ha HA ha, ha ha ha HA ha, hehehehehehehe!