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Adult Written bykellie_v April 9, 2008

Horrible...should be removed from TV

Pretty sad that we have to have trash like this show on TV. I am disappointed in FOX for even offering it as entertainment. I WOULD NOT let my children watch this show!!
Adult Written byjumpinbini April 9, 2008
as a young adult (22yrs) i can sit back and laugh at this show knowing the kind of stuff that girls this age do to get attention and to "have fun." FOX has the worst reputation for putting trashy shows on tv. the girls basically live on a farm and wreak havoc in this little rural town in Arkansas. Probably because they grew up surrounded by media, money, and no restrictions. my question is, are people actually surprised that these girls act like this? most should take into consideration what they were surrounded by while growing up. kids should not be allowed to watch this show, it's a horrible example. i gave it 2 stars because as an older viewer, i must admit that it was a guilty pleasure and from it, i enjoyed shock and comedic value.
Adult Written bymdrehome April 9, 2008

Stay Away

A total waste of time.
Adult Written byPatrikkrook January 20, 2009
Adult Written byPanya April 9, 2008


I would never let a child watch this.
Adult Written byperla April 9, 2008
Adult Written bytommysportsgirl April 9, 2008