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Life is unrealistically sweet for tween boys.

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Adult Written byDaShaunda April 9, 2008

I can't stand this show

I used to let my 6 year old watch The Suite Life because she seemed to enjoy it so much. Within a few weeks I noticed her behavior changed - she wouldn't listen to me, she was disrespectful, and I always found her doing stuff she knew she shouldn't be doing. I realized her attitude was worse after watching an episode of Zack and Cody. When I sat down to watch an entire show I found that the boys and the adults were very rude and disrespectful to each other. I no longer allow her to watch the show and her demeanor has changed for the better. I do not recommend this program to anyone.
Teen, 13 years old Written byreignhottie31 April 9, 2008


i dunno wats wrong with the parent and the cms raters...this is a good show...theres nothing to do with sexuality or watever on wat happenes all the time in middle school get over it...its a good show and i dont know why the parents are being so overprotective about it!
Teen, 14 years old Written byHannah K. April 9, 2008

If I could give it over 5 stars I would

I love this shoe. Don't listen to the media when they say all that bad stuff about it. It is the best TV series Disney has ever made. And how they disrupt the hotel is hilarious. Watch it before you listen to any of the reviews.
Adult Written byMama Bear April 9, 2008

What is Disney Channel thinking???

This program is a nightmare. What are they thinking with the TV Y-7 rating? This show is NOT for kids aged 7 to 9, imo. I think it's too sophisticated for children in this age group, mainly because the characters are kids older than 7 to 9 year olds with life situations much different than this age group (i.e.,conversations about having crushes, etc., words like "HOT!', etc) ALSO, where does Disney do its casting, in Utah?? The actors and actresses on its popular shows (except for "That's So Raven" with its African-American lead actress) are all white, beautiful, and in the in crowds. No one is fat, ugly or not dressed fashionably. What does that tell your children? The only way you will be successful is if you are good looking and hang out in crowds w/the beautiful people and behave a certain way. I am cancelling Disney Channel at my house. There are too many other more worthwile things my kids' minds can be fixed on besides this junk-food TV.
Teen, 15 years old Written byhmfan2 April 9, 2008

They can be your best friend or your worst enmy

You might have seen them in Big daddy or you might notice them as Rosses son from FRIENDS. Yes thats right its the twins from the Tiptin. Dylan and Cole Sprouse play the part of any other 12,13 and now 14 year old boys. Zack(Dylan) Takes the part of the adventrous school failor girl getting skate bording party going brother. But zack does show Responsibilty. Cody (Cole) However takes the part of the sweet-A+ student-saving money-responsible caring brother. Cody does however show his flaws. Zack and Cody live in a hotal were there single Mother Carrie sings at the dinner shows and other deals. Not as anything inapropiot but she sings at dinners like a NORMAL PERSON. Their Dad comes to vist in some episods. They mother and father get along well. Mr. Mosbey the Manger of the hotal is annyod with the twins but would do anything for them. He can be seen in The fresh prince of Bellair in one or two episodes. And even Sister Sister as Ray Cambels campain maneger. Along with that. Maddie (Ashley Tisdal) A high school student who works at the tipton candy conter. And Londan Tiption(Breanda Song)The rich girl whos dad owns the hotal Shows us and our kids that money isnt everything; when Londan doesnt have any friends when her money slowly is taken away. Maddie however sticks by londan and the twins as life show goes on. It shows us all that our kids can be we can be the Zack Cody Maddie or Londan or anybody inbettween. Zack pulls of stunts like getting Mr. Mosby Fired on accident and how he fixes the problems he gets himself into. There is a bit of Kiss on the lips kina thing how ever its not inapropiate. Its just somthign any boy under the age of 6 would say EWW GROSS! Its not like Making out its they way you mother would kiss you good bye.Its a great show and teaches kids lessons in every episode. Give it a try. On disney channel
Kid, 11 years old May 18, 2012

A humorous show that can be enjoyed by families everywhere.

I Love this show. I think this show is much better than "Suite Life On Deck" this show shows humor, and family. Most shows try to hard with they're jokes but the jokes here are age appropriate for kids 6 and up. Probably the worst example shown in this movie is the messing about with the boys in the hotel. But, you have to admit it is pretty funny, the way they bother the employees while they're working (which no kid should do). Some people might say the kids have to learn to grow up but i strongly disagree, those kids are funny the way they are. And the show was a big success. I honestly think this show is funny and cool. Thank you for reading, and remember to stand grand.
What other families should know
Educational value
Great role models
Teen, 14 years old Written byAlinaW. May 22, 2010

Behaviour is mostly harmless, let your kids go for it!

This is probably what I would call my go-to show, when there's nothing else to do, and nothing on TV, I'll watch Suite Life, which is a pretty decent show that makes my sister and I laugh quite a bit. True, some of the adult characters are rude towards the kids, and vice-versa, but if you have confidence that you raised your kids the right way, let them watch this show, they're probably not going to start treating you like that, which is what some people think. It's funny to watch Zack and Cody and London and Maddy getting into trouble and fixing it, a great show for kids, tweens, and teens!
What other families should know
Educational value
Adult Written byyll April 9, 2008

Questionable values, stereotypes

This show features two young boys withprepubescent hormonal rages getting into schemes to meet girls and obtain material things like bikes. One boy perpetually teases his brother about being a goody-goody nerd, while the other is both a behavior problem and dislikes school. Can you say stereotype. The hotel owner's daughter is vapid and self-absorbed. But the stereotype that I found most distasteful was a German inspector character named Schickelgruber. Some things shouldn't even be joked about. The world's most notorious mass murderer is one of them.
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is such an amazing show! It doesn't say that material possessions matter too much. I mean, why is it bad that kids want a bike? I don't get that. They're just kids that want to have fun. It's fun to watch a comedy about kids living in a hotel. Also, Zack and Cody turned down the popular kids at the end of the episode, so that gave off a positive message that being popular isn't better than having true friends.
Adult Written byDragonflychic April 9, 2008

Great show for all children

This is a great show! Funny clean enjoyable. Not like some of the cartoons on now days that are just plain out Gross! Like Ahh Real monsters. And they are "CARTOONSSSSSS!" Ment for little kids.
Teen, 13 years old Written bypotatoes789 April 9, 2008

I can't believe some of these reviews....

This is a very diverse show!!! I can't believe anybody would think it is not. The twins' friend is African American, the rich airess is asain, the hotel manager if African American, and one of the girls that they hang out with is Asain. And I don't think putting fat people on the show will be very helpful to your kids influence. And if you don't like the show because of that reason, blocking Disney Channel is your only option??? Well, I just don't find any thing really harmful on that program to young children. I am a 13-year-old and it is hard to be shielded from inappropriate shows. So if you parents are going to block anything because it being inappropriate, make sure you also block shows like "sex and the city" and "that 70s show" because well, they seem to me to be worse.
Kid, 11 years old July 17, 2014

Pure Gem

Its a pure gem! Too bad its gone. Now all we have is... Nothing i guess...
Parent Written byMom 8yo girl 5yo boy March 1, 2014

Disney missed the mark

The episode I just watched with my kids ends with the mom saying she was wrong after the boys had cost her tons of money messing something up…"I'm the parent, I make the money. You're the kids, you're supposed to play and have fun…parents are supposed to take care of kids, not kids taking care of parents." I disagree with this entire philosophy of life. As a family unit, we all have responsibilities. If there was something redeeming in this show, I'd be more okay with it.
What other families should know
Too much consumerism
Teen, 13 years old Written byJaydaBanana September 4, 2011

Not how multiples really behave.

This show annoyed me on many levels. I hate how everyone was pretending they look alike. They don't. As a triplet, that is just super annoying. I hate how they milk their "twin-ness" and everything has to be about the both of them as a unit. I also hate how there is an "evil twin" plot setting.
Teen, 15 years old Written byMindaka July 12, 2011

One of the most boring pathetic things I've ever seen

AWFUL! Any other kid I know could write a show better than this (not sarcastic, seriously they can). It totally realizes on guest stars for views! Why anyone thinks there's anything even remotely entertaining in this I have no idea...Just another Hannah Montana aimed for girls AND boys. Did I mention every plot is unoriginally about dating too? *gags*
Kid, 11 years old May 3, 2011

A true classic.

I can't really describe it, but let me try- Cody and Zachary Martin a twins living at the Tipton hotel in Boston. Cody is a sensitive, intelligent child, whereas Zack is brash and book dumb, unless motivated to do better, such as when he shows excellent knowledge of the law when the salary of his mother, Carrie Martin, is on the line, or when he comes under the impression that he will grow up to be a Company Executive Officer when he grows up. As the series went on, and the twins, within the series perspective, grew from 9, to 10, all the way to 15, their social peer group changed, and series captures the Massachusetts school system fairly well, at least with regards to when different schools start and end- they start middle school in 6th grade, ect, ect. Even if you dislike it, it at least sets the standard to how Disneycoms have been made since, with its laugh tracks, ect.
Parent of a 7 year old Written byamatog December 6, 2009
Hate it too much attitude for these kids. My daughter ends up imitating them which annoys me to no end
Adult Written bysalima22 July 10, 2009

we need responsible media

I don't agree with teaching 8 year old that they should be kissing each other. We need to teach our children some moral values. Disney doesn't care about this at all it seems. Just do what's popular regardless of the societal consequences I guess is their motto.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Adult Written byMarciamom3 April 9, 2008


i think that this tv show is horrible. Dylan and Cole are horrible actors, HORRIBLE, and they need to cut their hair. It's gotten to the point where it just looks shaggy, misshapen and just plain unattractive.
Adult Written bytskid April 9, 2008

harmless, i guess, but not real

my main issue is with the genre of this type of series (harkens back to silver spoons or different strokes). but the kids seem nice enough, and there does not appear to be a lot of social cruelty, and indeed sometimes some valuable life lessons are learned. just not sure how this reflects the socio-economic reality most kids live. (perhaps that is the point -- it is a TV show, for crying out loud).