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Parent of a 2, 5, and 7 year old Written byivetat November 7, 2009
arysmommy08 is right, this is the dumbest show I saw in a long time. My kids hate this show. They are 7, 5 & 2 & nobody wants to watch this. I hope they take it of soon!
Parent of a 3 year old Written bytmkyles October 14, 2009

Perfect for 3yrs and up

I love The Upside Down Show, my 3 yr old and I watch it every night. When it when off air several months back my son and I were not happy. He asked every night when the show was coming on. Just the other day he was eating a piece of cake and my husband asked how it was and my son (3 yrs old) said it was DELECTABLE. He got his from the ice cream episode. He learns so much and laughs when he watches this show and I do too. I'm happy to see it back on Nick Jr.
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Parent of a 2 and 4 year old Written byladyaloura October 12, 2009

a great gateway to imagination ^.^

this is an amazing show, it really helps children to learn to use and embrace their imagination, somethign that alot of people seem to be frowning upon now a days, sure its kind of stupid, but its for little kids, its so funny and it helps them understand simple things, me and my husband enjoy watching it with our kids even when our adult friends find it anoying, its our tv, and our kids, and the kids love it and play along with it. i just wish there were more episodes
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Parent of a 1 and 3 year old Written byJennrleigh October 5, 2009

Perfect for everyone who appreciates make believe!

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Encourages creativity & imagination- things that are becoming a "lost art" My husband & I even enjoy watching this one :)
Kid, 10 years old September 9, 2009

Perfect for anyone 5+

I think 2, 3, AND 4 year olds can't yet handle the humor and will be two blown away, but still a great show for anyone between 5-8 (and older than 8)
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Parent of a 3 and 3 year old Written byCINDYALANIS August 25, 2009

My kids still miss this show

This show is amaazing, my kids loved it and still ask for it til' this day. I hope they bring it back on Noggin some day.
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Kid, 10 years old August 10, 2009

Great fun for the whole family!!!

This show is funny and great and it is too bad that there are no more episodes!
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Parent of a 3 year old Written byNichole2577 April 7, 2009


My son (and I) are so bummed that this show is gone. I would have loved to see several more seasons. I can't believe that Noggin chose to keep Oobi over the Upside-Down Show. I would love to see another channel pick it up. I only have 4 shows recorded and I am not sure what will happen if my DVR ever bites the dust. As far as I know, they haven't released a DVD that can be used on American DVD players, but if they do I will definitely buy it!!
Parent of a 2, 4, and 9 year old Written byashley1978 March 10, 2009

What Happened?

This was one of the most refreshing shows Ive had the pleasure of showing my children in a long time. While I must say there isnt too much that holds their attention to TV anymore the "Upside Down Show" definately did. But I have to say now that I am very disappointed...we went to turn it on (the kids usually watch it in their rooms at bed time, while lying in bed) but it WAS'NT ON! It had been replaced by Jack;s Big Music Show! My kids were hysterical to say the least. They LOVE Shane and David, two "brothers" who take them on imaginitive journeys and fun filled trips while trying to locate the farm, or the movie theatre, etc. The fact that the kids get to "join in" with their own "remote" that SHane & David give to them at the beginning of every episode is great too, they LOVE it and they feel like they are REALLY part of the show! The kids have even done their own skits from the show the next day in the kitchen! They loved telling their dad & I about all the characters and all the words they would learn...and we're talking about a 2 & 3 year old! I'm so sad that the show is no longer being shown, and I wish I had thought to DVR them. *Sigh* All in all it was one of the BEST shows my kids could've had the pleasure to view. If you still get it in your area, definately give it a try. It will even have YOU laughing sometimes.
Parent of an infant and 2 year old Written byMOMMY13 March 6, 2009

I love this show!

I love this show, and my 2 year old daughter is always AMAZED when she sees it! The two brother go on interesting quest and they have such imagination and the kids get to be in the action . My daughter goes crazy trying to press buttons on the remote. I just wished that it was on at an earlier time instead of 10 and 10:30pm to be like 8 or 9 on Comcast... I would always had to struggle with her to go to sleep,unless I end up doing other suff and decided to let her watch only at 10 she was happy. But Now that I was going to be nice and let her watch both of them it isn't on! What happened? Now its the singing show? she started crying and thought I was doing it on purpose. When are you going to show it again? She is very upset, and I love this show, and would Love it if you guys put it back on.
Parent of a 2 year old Written bysnack January 18, 2009

One of the 10 best kid's shows ever!!!

It's a bold statement to make when you say a show is one of the best EVER! The Upside Down Show deserves to be seen by kids and adults alike. Crammed with inventive humor, more imagination than all the Nick and Disney shows combined and two of the most likeable tv characters of all time. My 2 year old was hooked (as was I) from the first episode. It's sad that the show didn't do better and was cancelled - while junk like Barney continues the dumbing-down of our youth. I can't praise the show enough! You'll have to search for it on cable, as it's not on during the day, and dvr it for the kids!
Parent of an infant, 3, and 4 year old Written byklholden915 January 11, 2009

Love it!!

I have a 3 and a 4 year old who cannot get enough of this show. My 3 year old son asks from morning until 10:00 at night, when the show comes on, when he can watch it. I have had to start recording it on my DVR so they can watch it all day. I only wish they had it on DVD!
Parent of a 3, 9, and 17 year old Written byheatheroxford November 22, 2008

A must-watch for parents and children.

I love watching this program with my 3 year old. She interacts with David and Shane to the point that she is off the couch and doing whatever they are doing. I hope there are more seasons to come.
Adult Written bytwinmominva April 9, 2008

Very Creative duo

This is a great interactive show for young children with a pair of very talented characters who talk to you thruout their adventure of the day..easy to understand! My children love it!
Adult Written bygirlchild April 9, 2008

We love David and Shane

The Upside Down Show encourages my son to use his imagination and create fun without the need for tie-in marketing and expensive toys. He loves his imaginary "remote", he enjoys the guys' silliness (which mimics his parents'!). Check it out yourself, and if you like it, let Noggin know you want to see it kept on the air for a second season!
Adult Written bysbond April 9, 2008

Great for Adults too!!

This is one of the best shows on for kids these days! Really educational, and the kids don't even realize it because they dress it up with Zany fun! I enjoy watching the show and sometimes find myself turning ON the TV to watch it if we're doing something else. These guys really get what kids and parents want and boy do they deliver! I hope this show has the longevity of Sesame Street and Mr.Rogers. It definitely is just as educational (and more entertaining). :)
Adult Written byTicket2theMoon April 9, 2008

Brain-Building Series for Kids (and grown-ups!)

This is the best show for kids on television today. The scripts are so smart and witty and the humor is brilliant. My 3 year old can correctly use words like "scrumptious" and "rotate" because of this show. His level of pretend play has sky-rocketed and he laughs from the time the guys come on screen to the time the show is over. It's kids' television with a brain, and I for one will be eternally grateful for it.
Adult Written bykturner3220 April 9, 2008

Can't Get Enough

Love this show. Great for the imagination. I know I enjoy watching it as much as the kids!!!!
Adult Written bysswimelar730 April 9, 2008

Love, love, love this show!!

As somebody said before...this is the only show that my 21 month old daughter will sit down and intently watch the whole thing. Very entertaining! Very educational! And I may have a slight crush on Shane..haha :)
Adult Written byjeanniejk April 9, 2008

Love the vocabulary in this show!

Creative, fun, engaging, entertaining, and the use of language superb! Introduces many new words in a easy to learn way. My wish? more new shows, my daughter has watched every episode and is wishing for new ones she has not seen before.