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Teen, 15 years old Written byiha356 December 18, 2012

Such a great show!!

This is the cutest show ever! It's so unique and funny I recommend it!!
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Kid, 12 years old October 26, 2012


Idea: (6/10)- When i first heard about the idea of this show. i thought this was okay for an idea for a little kids show. i mean think about it. a clock that has a town inside. now that is cool. Title: (6/10)- The Title is okay aswell. my only problem is that that name was used for Tickey Tock on Blues Clues Except that in Blues Clues, There's a K at the end of the word Toc. But in this Show there is no K. Just the Word Toc. well i'm kinda glad that they changed the title a little bit. Episodes- (4/10) These Episodes. i'm sorry but they are unoriginal. the first episode was just cleaning something. that's it. nothing else. oh yeah like that hasn't been done to death before -_-.. And finally Alot of the Episodes make no sense. just watch one episode of the show and you will see some and alot of things on the episodes, that don't make sense! Animation (8/10) The Animation is Really Good i'm glad that nick jr is improving with their animations. Characters (5/10) The Main Characters are the same thing like other characters in other shows . just them liking having fun, helping people with their problems, etc. while the other characters are okay i guess. But the Owl.........He's Just Not Funny. Overrall: 5/10 "Mediocre" My Ratings 0- Disaster 1-Unbearable 2-Painful 3-Awful 4-Bad 5-Mediocre 6-Okay 7-Good 8-Really Good (Great) 9-Outstanding (Amazing) 10-Flawless (Masterpiece)
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Teen, 17 years old Written byILoveTacoBell September 19, 2013

Too childish.

Sure it's good for little kids, but I still hate it. It's too childish for me and the animation is gross and weird. The acting is so irritating. Avoid Tickety Toc at all costs!