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African folk tales feed kids' curiosity, teach good lessons.

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Parent Written byTracesmomma January 29, 2014

A Show Definitely Worth Your And Your Childs Time!

Tinga Tinga is a very colorful show with very good music. Every story has a moral to it. So not only does it draw your child in but it teaches your child as well. I decided to write a review after watching this show with my son for a while and both of us loving it. I especially wanted to write this review after reading the 2 not very truthful or satisfying reviews. The child that reviewed this show is 9 years old. This show is for kids about 4 years old (I believe probably 2-6 years actually) So of course a 9 year old would find it boring. The adult that wrote a review stating how terrible the show is for your child to watch clearly only seen bits and pieces of the one episode they complained about. This is a great show. Creativity and Morales are 2 things your child needs to learn and this show helps them with that.
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Adult Written byAnnies mom March 31, 2011

Disney Junior usually has hits, but this is a miss.

At first glance, the show seems pretty cute. But some of the messages are either intentionally bad or just maybe not well-thought out. In the specific case of "Why the Hare Hops", the illustration given is a race between the tortoise and the hare. Instead of winning the race by hard work, the tortoise beats the hare over and over again by taking shortcuts and by sabotaging the hare by scattering thorns across the road for the hare to run over. The hare actually runs over the thorns and hurts his feet but there are no consequences for the tortoise. At the end of the episode, we are 'spoonfed' the message that "You don't have to win by being the fastest, you can just be 'clever'." Is this really the type of message we want to send to our kids- that cheating is okay and that if we're the underdog, we can hurt others and cut corners to win? We have watched about half a dozen episodes and I have mixed feelings after each one. To be on the safe side, we won't be watching the show again.
Parent Written bysandym1 August 6, 2015
Kid, 9 years old February 25, 2011

The worst show that I ever seen! boring as american idol!
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