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Bizarre 'toon gets laughs with absurdity, gross-out humor.

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Parent Written byTomBoyGuy September 3, 2013


For starters there's a quote used in one of the first episodes from the main character, "Mistakes are God's rainbows." Nearly every character in this show is an eyesore so unsightly and disgusting to look at, that I consider it vaguely traumatizing; no joke. People already turned-away by things like body horror need to keep themselves and others away from this sick show.
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Teen, 15 years old Written byLunarWolfe September 22, 2013

Puke on a cinema roll!

Are you kidding me? You cancel Teen Titans and Powerpuff Girls to introduce this crap? It's just puke on a cinema roll! It's disgusting, and annoying! CN, if you want to make money, bring back all the good shows you cancelled.
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Adult Written byMattRa January 20, 2014

Long Descriptive Explanation of Content

Uncle Grandpa is a show with the style of insanity and ridiculousness, creating its humor. It is not ridiculous to the point where it is just an insane series of colors and shapes, attempting to amuse. It still has characters and tells stories with them; it’s just that they are not realistic. The show still tells interesting stories with their characterizations. I have noticed that it actually takes a lot of notice and pre-awareness on the part of the viewer to find the show appreciate able. The show does just seem random, but there is more than just Uncle Grandpa and impossible insanity. Uncle Grandpa is the main character, is the Uncle and Grandpa of everyone in the universe, and is a magical being who goes around and helps people. That is the extent of the explanation given on this, and it is taken as premise for the rest of the show. He is magical in the sense that he follows a completely ridiculous and non realistic set of rules for reality, such as duplicating himself, elastic arms, and teleportation. Thematically, his magical-ness is to take advantage of being a cartoon character, resulting in humorous, albeit unrealistic, situations and approaches to problems. The show very much has this unreal nature embedded into all of the adventures shown. For example, to help one kid be better at video games, Uncle Grandpa literately asks out loud for Uncle Grandpa to shrink him down and place him on the kid’s face, in order to get to his brain. At this point the camera view zooms out to a second Uncle Grandpa at a computer with a Photoshop like application, who acknowledges the first Uncle Grandpa, and edits them down to size, and drags them to the kid’s ear. Then the view returns to the first Uncle Grandpa, who tells the second to “add some lens flair” at which point such appears on screen. Again, that is the extent of explanation given on how all such was possible and the episode proceeds with Uncle Grandpa shrunken down inside the kids head. While Uncle Grandpa may seem idiot in all of this, he is actually competent in helping others, and has caring morals, but again does so through his ridiculous ways. His job of helping others is shown to be important and successful; he even journeys into danger to help a kid, saying that he hasn’t lost a kid yet. The other characters actual exist with this and the ridiculousness of Uncle Grandpa is actually noted explicitly by the others. These characters are: Belly Bag, a living phanny pack that assists Uncle Grandpa. Pizza Steve, an exaggerating cool guy living slice of pizza. Mr. Gus, the green dinosaur, is often the straight man to Uncle Grandpa, pointing out the insanity. And Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, who looks exactly as her name describes but is friendly. For example, in one episode Uncle Grandpa is incapacitated, and the others have to take his job helping people. The episode focuses on how they will do so, since only Uncle Grandpa has these magical abilities, noting the normal unrealistic nature of the show. In all of this, the show does have positive morals of friendship, helping others, being yourself, imagination, and fun. In short, I hope this description is helpful in reviewing the appropriateness of this show, in that it is descriptive of it and explains what it is. Mainly, it takes a strong awareness of detail, and like of ridiculousness to find the show entertaining, beyond just amusing colors and shapes. It also requires a comprehension of reality and the unreal, and if teaching unreal things is your concern than that would be a good reason to teach this comprehension to your children or wait until they are more intelligent/developed to appropriately expose them to this show.
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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Parent Written byMissyRain September 9, 2013

Please only be one season...

Sometimes I feel as if CN has given up with trying to make good cartoons so they start to make shows like Uncle Grandpa ,level up, annoying orange, and all those other shows that are not even cartoons. The reason why they still play cartoons like courage the cowardly dog, and codename kids next door is because they are fun and exiting and have a great plot without being so painfully obvious about it. Uncle Grandpa basically puts together the most basic parts of cartooning which are a bunch of color and talking inanimate objects and puts them on random adventures and then want people to believe thats its a good cartoon... It's not. I find myself incredibly annoyed just at the sight of many of these characters and I still am unsure as to why uncle grandpa sounds as if he is suffering from some kind of brain damage... Personally when they stop showing this cartoon it will be better for everyone.
Kid, 10 years old September 3, 2013


One of the worst shows on Cartoon Network along with LEVEL UP! This a shame that Cartoon Network created this piece of GARBAGE! Go watch Regular Show instead if you want an animated TV series by Cartoon Network! It also had a Giant Realistic Flying Tiger that parodied the Nyan Cat!
Parent Written byBlackLavender November 11, 2013

Repulsive !

this is the stupidest show. I honestly can't stand it, Cartoon Network is failing it's viewers with this stuff. Cartoon Network can do better, way better than this. I'd rather have my kid stare at the wall than watch this.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Parent Written byTrueStuffMan September 2, 2013


The show is funny - for the first 4 minutes. It quickly goes down to very very immature and repetitive. The reason CN has had hits over the years is because of the balance of great story telling with humor. When you take out the story, you don't have a set audience, that will recommend and praise the show, that wants to keep coming back to the universe. Uncle Grandpa ends up being a show that will be quickly unremembered when the show goes off air.
Parent Written bybeyondreason September 26, 2013

Not supposed to like it, but I do.

Well...ok, it's very silly. But I have to say captivating. Strong moral messages delivered in a very memorable surreal style. My kids are pretty sensitive, but they find any gross moments...ironic. Uncle Granpa is the good guy.
Kid, 12 years old December 6, 2013

Go home Cartoon Network, your sick.

I turned on the TV and started to barf. THIS SHOW SHOULD'NT EVEN EXIST. HERE IS ONE OF THE CHARACTER NAMES: Giant Realistic Flying Tiger. Why CN, why would you do this! You were on a great roll with Adventure Time and Regular Show but this, this should be in your wastebasket -100,000,000/10
Kid, 10 years old November 27, 2013

Not for kids - or adults either!

This is the worst show ever. I even got banned from this show that it is so bad! My dad said that it is not for grownups either! This show should be rated TV-MA-SVLD because it is the worst! The extra descriptors are for the show being the worst on Cartoon Network! There is language in Tiger Trails about rainbows (I am not spreading the word!).I would like you to watch Steven Universe or Regular Show instead! I also reviewed: The Nut Job (Crude and horrible movie!)
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Teen, 13 years old Written bySnoopylove87 September 3, 2013

So Stupid, It's Funny.

I've watched a couple of episodes and I admit, it's pretty dumb but it made me laugh for no reason and I hated it so much, I sort of liked it. It's not bad compared to Sanjay and Craig or Breadwinners, but it'll never be as good as the older cartoons. Mister Gus is a pretty cool character, although he might seem boring, that's what makes him so neat. The other characters kind of bore me or annoy me to death. There's an episode Mister Gus pretends to be Uncle Grandpa and there's a skit where there's no color and the main character says to "color him in". Afterwards, the screen is showed with him sloppily colored and he says to get out an "erasing hammer", in which a sound effect of glass breaking occurs, showing that the TV is "broken". Dumb humor might create some laughs, but this is not a family show.
Kid, 11 years old November 30, 2013

Rainbow Puke Garbage! Bring back the REAL Teen Titans!

Honestly the only thing good you san say is it's ... original. And even that's a strech.
Parent of a 3 and 4 year old Written byKroNos The Great June 11, 2015


Why does this cartoon exist. Its not appropriate for anyone to watch. For one his name is uncle grandpa,that's ridiculous itself. For two, he seems to be making fun of people with a mental disease. He talks to a slice of pizza, a lizard man with anger and depression issues, and a tiger who farts rainbows to fly. To add to the already bad situation he drives a white van to find kids, with a side ready robot with a 3rd leg ( sexual influence) who seems to be a malfunction like his owner. The cartoon should be banned from all children networks and possibly taking to court for its inappropriate actions. I feel bad for adults with mental disabilities who bump into this show flipping through channels. I feel like I was being made fun of. Shame on you cartoon network. Stop trying to dumb down are kids with these ridiculous cartoons...
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Parent of a 11 and 13 year old Written byLuisionPinchLopans February 2, 2014


This show is terrible there is nothing realistic in this show. The animation is so terrible even my 11 year old son hates it . Uncle Grandpa is annoying, none of the characters have any character to them.
What other families should know
Too much consumerism
Adult Written bysblane December 11, 2013


It doesn't really have a point to it, there's no real plot and it teaches absolutely nothing to the viewer, it's more of an annoyance to older viewers then something I'd let a child watch.
Teen, 17 years old Written byndrwcd November 12, 2013

this is why i dont watch Cartoon Network as much as i use to

I like comedy,but the comedy in uncle grandpa is extremely lowbrow,crude and frankly not all that funny,not to mention the main character acts like a retard and the show itself is extremely pointless
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much consumerism
Adult Written bySourGalaxy October 11, 2013

Uncle Grandpa is more of a miss than a hit

Uncle Grandpa is a new cartoon on Cartoon Network that focuses heavily on surrealism and randomness. While there is nothing too inappropriate about this cartoon, what concerns me is the quality. It feels like a rushed and bland cartoon that shows the least amount of effort possible in order to be passed off as a kids show. Trust me, this show will rot kids minds. There are better cartoons they could be watching like Phineas and Ferb or The Amazing World of Gumball. As for adults, I also suggest you stay away from this show. Uncle Grandpa treats it's audience like it's stupid, and being an adult, you will notice that this show just doesn't care.
Teen, 15 years old Written byJon Hardwick March 21, 2014

Feels like a show created by stoners

This show is stupid,wacky, crazy and immature. The characters are idiotic,stupid and unlikeable (especially the title character). Everything is screwed up with this show is horrible, it makes PBS kids show look like masterpieces.
Kid, 10 years old December 16, 2013

you might as well not even bother watching

This is a sorry exscuse for a show sloppy animation, bad language,the violence is SO bad you might as well just let kids watch robot chicken and this is coming from a 10 year old
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Teen, 13 years old Written bychocoluv March 23, 2014

This show is... annoying

This show is so annoying and the only word you'll basically here is "GOOD MORNING!" in a very annoying voice. Too disgusting. Watch Adventure Time, SpongeBob SquarePants, or The Mr. Men Show instead.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing