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Adult Written bynazmom April 9, 2008
Educator Written bythirdgradeteacher May 31, 2013

Wayside School the TV Show is Awesome!!

Do you know the famous book series, Wayside School? Have you seen the words “Based on a TV show” on the cover? Well, I know what they mean. There was a show that came after the books. If you read the books, you will find things in the books that you can find on the show. And the characters are not relatable, and that’s what makes them funny! And the school is infested with … COWS! The first reason is that you can find things in the TV show that you can find in the books because in 1 of the books, Mr. Kidswatter called doors “Goozacks.”So you can find that in the movie. You can also find that Maurecia loves Todd in everything. Another detail is that Mr. Kidswatter calls Todd “344”, even though that’s his address, but he doesn't know that. Another reason is that the characters are not relatable and that's what makes them funny. The teachers don't know what they're doing because Mrs. Jewels calls her students "monkeys" and the students are crazy because...where do I begin. Well, Stephen has a pet orange and thinks everyday is Halloween. Louis...well, he's just plain weird. The last reason is that the school is infested with cows! On one episode, there was a sub for Mrs. Jewel’s class. Then a cow came into the room! Her name was Mrs. Bellamy. The students though she was the sub. Also, Louis is the cow keeper and he doesn't think it's weird to have cows in school. In the movie, when Todd was taking the stairs to the 30th floor, a cow ate a wall! So everyone, I believe that Wayside School is the best TV show ever! I would give it a 5 out of 5 star rating because you can see stuff on the show that you can see in the books, the characters are not relatable and that's what makes them funny. The school is infested with cows! When I watch it with my sister on Netflix, we always want to watch the next episode so remember Wayside School is the funniest TV show ever! The end! Zac C., Age 8, New York, New York
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