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This kids' show looks too much like a PSA.

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Parent of a 11 year old Written bybrz352 January 2, 2011


I just watched the episode about CPR on a train. The commentator made a comment giving advice on how to keep rhythm. She said to hum or sing Another one bites the dust. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! Can you see the reaction of the victims family member if you started singing Another One Bites the Dust while doing CPR on them?????? This is the worst advise I have ever heard about doing CPR. You are opening yourself up to a serious lawsuit if you follow this advise. This show is bad for any age!! The only reason I gave it a one star is because it is required to be able to leave this review. It is less than a one star!!
Adult Written byaphasiac00 January 2, 2010

This show provides NO useful information whatsoever. It's horrible.

This show is ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS. It has the potential to be informative, yet it lazily(?) stupidly(?) avoids imparting truly educational advice at every opportunity. In fact, I think it probably does more harm than good, providing children with a false sense of knowledge without actually giving them any vital survival skills. Here's what I've learned from this disgrace of a show: What do you do if you're lost in the woods? Always have a cell phone so you don't get lost in the woods! What do you do if your kayak gets sucked into a culvert? Know your waterway so you don't get sucked into a culvert! And always wear a life vest! What do you do if you're being carried downriver by swift current? Wear a life vest! What do you do if you have a jet ski accident and your friend is unconscious? Wear a life vest! And don't drive your jet skis too close together! Like I said before, THIS SHOW IS ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS. Don't let your children watch it.