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Lack of stuff to do makes safe pet site boring.
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Kid, 8 years old November 19, 2011

the best

this is the best:)

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Kid, 8 years old August 17, 2011

nothing can happen if someone says theres bad things like drugs and language and mating there wrong its not a bad website

nothing bad i think you can't even swear or any thing else im 8 and i play animal jam a little more but i still love this game a little boring not as much people on only on my birthday when i terned 5 i got my firsed beanie baby lots of people where on now the population is low so its like 4 and up
Kid, 12 years old August 5, 2010

A sad and slow copycat of webkinz

It's boring, slow to load, and the games aren't that good. Webkinz is better because it loads faster, has better games, and you can do more. Although webkinz cost more, it's way better. The mayor has an annoying voice. I got 1 for my b-day a while ago and it's not that fun. It's bacically a really sad and slow copycat of webkinz.
Kid, 10 years old June 5, 2010

Soooooooooooo cute but sooooooooooooooo boring!!!

I use to play it untill I was 10 (whitch is what common sense says is "on" for 10+) There is nothing to do and it is anoying!!! I haven't been out for 1 year and I bet it's more anoying now!!! the toys are sooooo cute but the website, not good. Ty went to far with it!

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Kid, 10 years old June 13, 2009

Great Site!

I really like this site! So many fun games! They've recently done many updates, and now there is no Mayor and nobody asks about friends. It is a great place with fun games and cool items and the pets look awesome in 3-D. I don't usnderstand why people don't like it! I do and so do my friends. I think you shouldn't listen to the reveiws that say it is bad and try it out for yourself. No Mayor that asks about friends, almost nobody uses inappropriate content with the available words, and it is safe 100%! Why do all those people seem like they want to destroy the site? It is a match even for It is awesome!!!!!!!
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

Not Good

I've only been on this site once, and it is sooo boring! The houses aren't good, all you can do to customize them is buy another pet or should I say "beanie", which just adds another place in this "beanstalk home" to move left and right in, and you can't interact with the furniture! The games are not all that good. The Mayor ticks us all off, and BEGS you to make friends, use chat, and buy MORE beanies! If you use this site, TURN THE MAYOR OFF! The places you can explore are REALLY SMALL! You can't do ANYTHING with the pets exept move around and feed them the "beans" you find. And when you win the "gold prize" on games, you win NOTHING! What a rip-off! Plus, you can't name your pets! I got a Littlest Pet Shop V.I.P. today, and I like it WAY more than my Beanie Baby 2.0. PLEASE get a Littlest Pet Shop V.I.P. instead of a Beanie Baby 2.0! I also got a normal Beanie Baby the same day I got my 2.0, and I even like my normal one better! I might ask my mom for a cardboard box and stuff to make beanie-sized furniture to make a house for my normal beanies to play in, and I'd have WAY more fun with it than my 2.0! Maybe that's what people that want a 2.0 should do. Maybe it's what I should've done in the first place...I also have more fun with Littlest Pet Shop and Calico Critters toys.