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Parent of a 9 and 12 year old Written byCJJDSMOM May 22, 2009

Cute Website for Kids

I started off playing this with my son when he got his first stuffed animal. I didn't have an animal then and could still play games with him and shop with him in the stores that only require coins that you earn. As he got more comfortable with it, he could do it on his own and has a lot of fun. It helps to be able to read, or else the parent will need to be there with the child all the time. The characters can talk to each other, and now it's VERY safe because they have a menu to choose from. There are characters who have a blue hat who are "Jr. Cybear Guides" and they can help a newbie navigate the site. They keep adding new features to it, such as beach front homes .... It definately is tied in to merchandise - the more you buy at the real store the more you can convert them to speacial bear bills there to buy exclusive items. However, it still is a lot of fun without ANY purchase. That makes this site unique to others like webkins ... A companion site is this will give you tips and secrets.
Parent of a 1, 3, 8, and 10 year old Written byJacobyShaddix32 November 27, 2009
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Educational value
Great messages
Kid, 8 years old February 16, 2013


VERRY BORING UNLESS YOU HAVE A PET ! THEY DONT EVEN LET YOU HAVE A HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adult Written byjessica and me April 10, 2009

I loved it

fun fun fun fun fun
Parent of a 7 year old Written bymaddyrockstar March 20, 2011
Parent of a 17 year old Written byAntoniodeptisco May 12, 2010

It. Is. A lovely

What other families should know
Too much sex
Great messages
Adult Written bychocolat567 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byRIDGELASSIE February 4, 2012


What other families should know
Great messages
Adult Written bykidsis April 9, 2008

A nice site

I find this site enjoyable even as an adult. There are lots of games and activities. The only concerns I have are with the commercialism aspect. As an adult with a rather sizable BABW collection compared to most people (I have a total of 11 friends in the house with 10 of them registered on the site) plus lots of clothes, I have the option of spending money in the store and receiving the currency generated by my purchases. I am constantly approached for trades by younger members who think I should just give them items for nothing.
Adult Written bymeggsyweggsy December 6, 2015

So mad

Okay so this was my childhood game and decided to look it up today and play it. I could not find the game anywhere so I gave up. Later, I called build a bear and they told me it was discontinued. I am very sad because this game is utter perfection and now it doesn't exist. I have and my account since 2005 and it makes me so sad to see it is not a website anymore. I have spent actual money on this website . I bought the bearbucks or whatever at the store and stuff like that multiple times. I am so sad to see this game is gone . This game had amazing activities everyone can join it. In the summer, there was a camp and during the winter there was Santa's house. It breaks my hear that this game is forever gone.
Teen, 16 years old Written byfantasy_faerie January 24, 2011

Great game-- but if you love it, you might want to buy a furry friend

CONCERNS Violence: There is no violent content in BABV, and violent talk is not possible as BABV only allows certain words. Sex: There is no sexual content in BABV, and sexual talk is not possible as BABV only allows certain words. Language: Swearing is not possible at BABV since BABV only allows certain words. Consumerism: Players must purchase a "furry friend" in real life to get full access to BABV's content. Drinking/Drugs/Smoking: Not an issue. HIGHLIGHTS Educational: Not much educational value. Positive Messages: BABV encourages players to love bears. Safety: BABV is pretty secure. User Content: Players can submit their own content to the Bearville Times.
Parent of a 9 year old Written byTdawg October 16, 2009
What other families should know
Too much consumerism
Educational value
Parent of a 6, 7, 9, and 10 year old Written byJOHNVEGA May 30, 2009
Adult Written byhillary April 9, 2008
Parent of a 5 and 7 year old Written byKelleyT April 9, 2008

Not as good as WebKinz

I think that kids will get more out of it when they are older than 7. They really need to be able to read and be confident in navigating the site. I found that my kids would much rather go play on the WebKinz site than the BuildaBear one.
Teen, 17 years old Written bycutecoolgirl2000 November 3, 2014

Great game

I played Bearville all the time when I was aged 9-11 [2007-2009], I went on recently after not going on at all for years because my 5 year old brother made an account, it's changed a lot since I played it, some ways for the better [It's a lot bigger and safer for younger children because the chat is a lot more restricted even with open chat, you used to be able to find a way to say absolutely anything, I remember you would put - - - to say numbers and people would online date, and for the first year that I played there was no Jr Cyberguides] and some ways for the worse [There used to be plenty to do with just a free account and to get access to everything all you needed was 1 bear, but now there are all kinds of different things you need to buy to be able to get access to everything, however, there is a lot more to do now] It is educational and full of positive messages, it's all about loving your family, how to treat other people, recycling, and from Kindergarten to 6th grade [Year 1 to Year 7 in England] there is now actual lessons at the school where you're asked actual questions like what you'd be asked in class. There is no violence, sexual content or swearing.
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Great messages
Too much consumerism
Parent of a 17 year old Written byminiling May 8, 2011
I love it maybe for not kids under 8
What other families should know
Too much sex
Educational value
Teen, 16 years old Written byWebCriticGirl76 January 5, 2011

A Wonderful Influence and Addicting Activity for Children 10 & under

When I was little, I LOVED this website. It is fun, and educates you about teamwork, kindness, honesty, love. Exploring the world used to be a blast, it was my favorite website when I was 7 and 8. This website is PERFECT for children up to 10. But I you don't have a real stuffed pet registered it's no fun at all, be sure to buy one for your kids!
What other families should know
Too much consumerism
Educational value
Great messages
Parent of a 9 year old Written bycrazy doggys October 14, 2010

playing games

im looking forword to playing games!!!!!!!!!!!
Adult Written bykittyforkayla June 6, 2009