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Adult Written bydawnintahoe April 9, 2008

Find something else for your 9 year old to do.

Yesterday my 9 year old daughters friend shared Club Penguin with us and I let my daughter register. In the 30 min we were on, 3 times we were approached by other penguins asking “girl or boy?” I guess curious little penguins first off want to know what sex they are dealing with, (or could this be a predator? How do you really know?).
After a few meaningless words with one of her new friends, a boy, we noticed another little penguin, showing obvious sadness, mad faced, then she asked our new buddy, “Are you going with HER now? Is she your new friend?” This little penguin was obviously jealous and having a hard time dealing with her boy buddies new friend. Then we witnessed a making up and they threw hearts back and forth to each other and then disappeared.
You draw your own conclusion.
My daughter was almost in tears when trying to make a friend who would reject her or suddenly disapear.
Another negative point is the fact that the site endorses materialism, rewarding game playing with money to buy "stuff" for your penguin. And you can get better "stuff" if you pay for a membership.
In my opinion this type of site in all its innocence is a just precursor for Myspace. For now, my daughter can find other things to do, outside preferably, and enjoy her childhood. Why rush things? Club Penguin, you’re cute and seemingly well intentioned but no thanks!
Adult Written byCelestialBlessings April 23, 2009

Membership PROBLEMS

Overall, Club Penguin is smart & fun, but membership has some problems that need addressed in order to make this site totally terrific.

Membership allows kids to fully enjoy the site, however, when the membership renewal doesn't go though or expires, objects such as costumes, hats, ninja outfits, igloo items & more all "disappear temporarily" until the minimum $5.95 fee is paid.

Now, not only is that rather ROTTEN to do to kids who already "purchased" these items with points earned while PAID members, it's simply BAD BUSINESS. It would be just as motivating & lucrative for the site owner to simply KEEP EVERYTHING ALREADY EARNED DURING PAID MEMBERSHIP IN CHILDREN'S ACCOUNTS, but prevent any "new" items to be obtained until membership is renewed. After all, we already PAID to have access to all those cute items & therefore they NOW BELONG to our child's account!

Items acquired during membership should remain the "property" of the account holder, not the site! It's ridiculous for a child to exclaim, "Oh no, I can't use my ninja suit and my items are blocked out!" in order to prompt another $5.95 membership fee!

The site owner should prompt membership payment/renewal by making ONLY NEW ITEMS unavailable until membership is renewed again. Certainly, the retailer has no right to TAKE WHAT WAS ALREADY PAID FOR! After all, using prepaid debit cards for online purchases & even the Club Penguin cards available at C.V.S, walmart, etc. means that parents will always be renewing their child's account!

So why in the world would Club Penguin be so crummy to kids to with-hold many of the fun things they earned while paid members -- even if only for an hour while we care-givers & parents quickly run to the store for a new prepaid debit or club penguin card? The same prompt for membership renewal can be communicated just as clearly by simply withholding account access to NEW STUFF until membership is renewed, without all the unnecessary DRAMA!

Club Penguin, kick it up a notch & be a better retailer. Then, yes, your site will be truly GREAT!

A Wise Grandmother
Parent of a 9-year-old Written bySussie June 30, 2010

Not perfect for kids. Okay for teens.

I don't think this is a good game. I went on my daughter's account, everywhere someone says ''How could you cheat on me?'' I went everywhere, even the pet shop, and they have breastfeeding. (Babies) Where teens/kids act like babies. And then there's the teen hang out, the Forest. Teens act as wolves and vampires. With sucking blood. And another thing on the baby,some teens hate the babies, so people would ''Buy'' the babies and take them to their igloo. But the ones who hate them, would bring them to their igloo, and throw them at the wall. And curse at their faces. Now CP blocks cussing yes? But instead, they use different words. They switch the first letters. And once, I saw someone trying to give their phone number away. Also, the babies and others get bullied. Some aren't ''Cool'' enough to fit in with the popular crowd. I say this is more for teens.

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Adult Written byDadof2 March 29, 2009

Don't do it

My boys used the site for a while and grew bored with it. I tried to cancel the paid, monthly membership but their site would not allow me to do so. I sent an email to their customer service department, but my credit card was charged again. I sent another email asking for a credit because they did not cancel the membership as I requested. They refused to take care of the credit. I sent another emai, and they refused again. I sent yet another email, but so far nothing has been done. Sadly, customer service doesn't seem to be a priority to Club Penguin.
Parent of a 15-year-old Written byhyuvbo December 15, 2009

inapropriate for any children

this is the worst site ever i dont feel that my 12 year old is safe on this site

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Violence & scariness
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Privacy & Safety
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written bycarolinababy February 22, 2009

Why you should not let your child use Club Penguin com

Please do not join CLUB PENGUIN! Here is why...
You can work very hard to gain points and the points buy you nice things.
If your computer goes down without you saving it you will lose all your points. I wrote them and they claim this does not happen, but it does.

Then if your membership ends, you lose everything you worked hard for.
The only way to gain things back is to renew your membership. So if you
don't pay them money you lose everything you worked so hard for. I think that is extortion and it does not teach kids anything.
Parents, please show club penguin you mean - business, good business.
Don't buy a membership. play for free.
Adult Written byIcpblog August 23, 2015


Club Penguin has improved a lot since the other reviews was posted, filters has improved, safety, etc. Club Penguin also has moderators that monitor 24/7, going around the island making sure everything is safe for everyone. I think this game is good for anyone, it shows you how to care for a pet, decorating skills and awesome mini games that are fun.. These reviews that has been posted are incorrect, I've been playing since 2006. - yes, it does have some issues but Club Penguin are fixing and improving every minute of every day.

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Adult Written byuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwwu April 30, 2021

dont attempt while high

me and my roommate are trying to sign up and play the damn game while high and we cant verify were human

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byJoeMama324 December 29, 2020

Its not working

So when i went on Club penguin the other day, it said that the servers are down. Somehow this thing called Disney overtook this platform and made a worse game called Club Penguin Island. Bruh just let this dead franchise be alone. What the hell Disney you always do this.

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Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Written byAnonymous March 23, 2019

Club penguin is the best!!!

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Adult Written byDank Daddio November 20, 2018


Excuse me disney but what do you think you are doing getting rid of my childs favourite game, I demand you give us back club penguin!!!!

or i could just play club penguin rewritten

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Adult Written byButster 's E. June 6, 2018

AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't get to play it because it was discontinued March 23, 2017.
Club Penguin Rewritten is the same as Club Penguin but

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Adult Written byAlex C. February 5, 2017

The Best Game Ever

Hi I'm just writing to say club penguin was the best game ever when I was growing up. I loved coming home from school every day to play all of the missions and to chat to other penguins and build my igloo. Sad to find out it's shutting down now. It was a great game.
Adult Written byzombie g. November 22, 2016



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Adult Written byhot d. October 9, 2016

Used to be a good game. Disney ruins something once again.

Ever since Disney bought Club Penguin it's only about them taking money from children. They delete inactive accounts after a year with no way to recover them (even if the account was older than the time Disney even owned the site). There's nothing to do on the game unless you want to empty your wallets. Don't bother anymore, you're just lining Disney's pockets.

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Adult Written byzarga r. October 2, 2016
Adult Written byLexie R. September 15, 2016

Have to have a membership for everything

The game is a great way to interact and play games with people but the site constantly crashes and to buy any item your child must be a member, I feel this restricts kids on what they can get on club penguin compared to people with memberships. Although i don't agree that websites like club penguin who constantly persuade your child to pay money, i think that charging membership for everything is a bit drastic

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Privacy & Safety
Parent of a 14 and 16-year-old Written byGerald D. August 25, 2016


I honestly don't know where to start. First of all, I love club penguin. Well, I thought I did. I attempted to make and account and now I am filled with rage at the fact that I am not getting the verification email! I am angry at the lack of protection, I saw two penguins in the night club hitting up. They were doing this in the store and this was all happening while my children were in the room. Also, to buy a puffle, it costs 400 coins but if you don't feed it, it will run away. I'm a single uncle and i can't always provide my puffle. :(

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Privacy & Safety
Parent of a 10 and 11-year-old Written bymaddox121 April 17, 2016

Money Maker

Don't Let Your kid play until there 16, when they could get a job.
Adult Written byAbcBlue January 2, 2016

The real world is way worse than CP

I started playing club penguin back in 2007 when I was 13. Honestly the venue is milder than your typical public elementary school-its impossible to say anything inappropriate and words that suggest personal information are filtered out as well. People complain about membership costing money but the site requires funds in order to keep it open. They don't charge that much anyway-$8 a month.