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Parent of a 13 year old Written byZyplexer August 31, 2009
age 13+

Well my daughter just became a member today

she kept begging and begging now shes happy
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Too much consumerism
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Parent of a 14 year old Written bymrwilli August 29, 2009
Adult Written byroofweb August 1, 2009
age 8+

club penguin rocks!

club penguin is really is also really safe.when u sign up,ur parent chooses a chat mode.for their is where ur child can choose messages from a list so their is absolutely NO bad messages.another is where their child can type whatever they want,but if they swear they are depends on the severity of the language used and the time they did it (first time,third time,ect.) for the first few times,they will get banned for a day or two.if you swear too much,u will get banned forever.and,when u swear,other penguins cannot see far as personal info goes,thats pretty safe too.i wouldnt give it a 100% on that,maybe a 98%,but its pretty club penguin u can play games to earn virtual coins and buy stuff.u can decorate your igloo and dress up your penguin.however,to be able to decorate your igloo and to use all clothing items,you have to purchase a "membership." it costs $5.99 a month.anyway,the site is really say people on club penguin are about recomend it for ppl 8+,7+ at the very least.and if your overprotective, can also adopt little virtual pets called "puffles." puffles are basically little furry balls with a face on them.their cute! you can feed them,walk them,and play with them.its fun!
Adult Written byViolet39049 July 15, 2009
age 6+

perfect for younger kids five and up but sometimes not appropriet for ten year olds

I absouletly love club penguin but ive seen penguins making out before it wasnt much besides mmmm and diffrent words like that. And who knows watelse they could be doing!!! Rated by Samantha/Violet39049 10 years old, Hartford, WI
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Too much sex
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Parent of a 8, 11, and 13 year old Written by2442hayhay2442 June 13, 2009
age 14+


Peoplepenguins were saying bad words, it was bad.
Adult Written bylindsey12345 April 5, 2009
age 2+
Parent of a 15 and 16 year old Written bytdbiiil March 18, 2009
age 4+

this is great

I think that Club Penguin is fantastic. The kids love playing on it and I think it's suitable for any age. Everyone I know enjoys it. :)
Adult Written byCloonetroop April 9, 2008
age 0+

Text filters are poor

[ex. s ample] so you can swear all you want and that's why i don't let my kids play it.
Adult Written byundertaker78625 April 9, 2008
age 0+

h mn nmmn

Adult Written byco and Ev April 9, 2008
Adult Written byDatakin April 9, 2008
Adult Written byjoe joe bo bo April 9, 2008
Adult Written byEmbo April 9, 2008
age 0+

Toooooo Much

Its ok but way too exspencive. If they had any brains they would make the whole thing free. its a ripe off. £60 a year is too much for a computer game. And theres not much stuff you can do for free is there? stupid uterly stupid.
Adult Written bysandywabbit April 9, 2008
Adult Written bycowgirl94 April 9, 2008
age 0+

Amazing! And kid safe!

I think the Club Penguin is a safe a fun way for kids all over the world to get together! There is chating and games and buddy lists! It so fun to call up my friends and say "Meet me at the dock on Snow Cone!" I think some people get though the filters and say something like " I love you!" and "Next guy to say 123 is mine!" But i don't think thats Club Penguins' doing and it sould be reported so they can adress the probem.
Adult Written bychristinax April 9, 2008
Adult Written byangat April 9, 2008
age 0+

rip off!!

i paid for whole 6mos membership ($29.95) for my son just last month, now he's having a hard time logging in just because he did not log in for a whole week (we were out of the country vaction) and NO customer service to help... i emailed them 3X and no response. my son's membership is wearing off and he can't even log in to enjoy it. i'm cancelling his membership but they would not return my money for the 5mos my son is not using. i regret i paid and have my son become a member... they rip us off!!
Adult Written bycrewzer12 April 9, 2008
age 0+

Great online Game.

Club penguin is a really cool game. I have been playing Club Penguin for 32 days now, and I absoloutly love it. I can just sit there and waddle around with my friends and have fun doin stuff like, going to the pizza parlor, or meeting up at the Dance Club. It's really fun and safe for kids. I think every kid with a computer should play this game! I have a free much as I wish I could have the benefits of a membership I still love the game. One thing that I do think Club Penguin needs to work on is the relationships happenening in the game, but besides this there is nothing wrong with the game! At times when there isn't enough waiters or waitresses at the Coffee Shop or Pizza Parlor and you may have to wait a little while to eat, and when a server gets crowded it gets a little slow. As I keep waddling on I enjoy Club Penguin more and more. The game is fun and enteratining, especially for a kid like me who LOVES penguins. Well meet up with me on Snowcome...penguin name: Joe Mungus. Until next time..keep waddling on Club Penguin lovers!
Adult Written by12wooten April 9, 2008
Adult Written byfayyaz12 April 9, 2008
age 0+

It is a good thing to play

it is fun to play club penguin.its education