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Kid, 12 years old January 7, 2017

Gloom and Doom Student News

I was made to watch this in my computer class (dunno why) and it wasn't that great. It's sorta like the exact opposite of thinking that kids are idiots that can't take mature themes. 99% of the stories that they cover are gloom and doom. If they aren't talking about that, 0.8% of the time they are talking about politics. There is a rare 0.2% of the time that they do talk about something else. Now, having a news story talk about something mature for kids is good, if done correctly. Unfortunately, CNN Student News does it the incorrect way, throwing you ISIS story after ISIS story. I know that they are trying to make us feel bad for them and make us feel lucky that we don't have to go through that, but this just too much to make anyone feel that way. The feelings of luck and sadness will probably quickly turn into annoyance and boredom. What they should have done, was to have a sad story once in awhile. That way, it will be a lot more effective. I would recommend as a alternative. It does contain stories that are NSFW and some that are about things that children shouldn't be worrying about, but it does contain better (and more interesting!) stories.
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