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Teen, 15 years old Written byoiuuyttrr January 9, 2009

hi princess

i like this website you get to do any thing you want and i am just telling amillon of you to join now
Teen, 13 years old Written by1234PartyGirl4321 December 22, 2008

Thats a Stupid reason

Just cause an older person might find this sight boring little ones would not!!!!!! It's stupid that they shut down and I use to love that game. I went to go to the website today and just found out it shut down!!!!!! Thats not a good reason for it to shut down. And people liked more than just that one game. I would go there every day and I would play it every game because I loved those games. Now Im sad since I just found out!!!!!!!! People are stupid these days!!!!!
Kid, 10 years old December 21, 2008

I love the game

i think this game tells us funny things a bout the beautiful girls and how they are feeling
Teen, 17 years old Written bydooki December 18, 2008


Teen, 13 years old Written bykaitlyne December 13, 2008

i think it is funny

i think that the kids should be able to visit this website ......not for the stuff, but for the games
Teen, 16 years old Written byisida November 30, 2008
Teen, 14 years old Written bypandagirl89 November 28, 2008

This is sick!!!!!!!

This is just plane sick ok im loved this game when i was younger and guess waht i still love it!!!!!!and if any of you people are with me to get diva starz back ill tell you how!!!!!! get a pen and right this down Mattle Inc. consumer relations 636 Girar avenue east aurora NY 14052.!!!! check it got phone numbers!!! 1-800-524-8697 (U.S) 1-800-665-6288 peace out diva star lovers!
Kid, 12 years old November 16, 2008


Teen, 15 years old Written bymidnight085 November 9, 2008

I think this website is awesome..and it should be back on it's on homepage!!!
Teen, 13 years old Written byminie November 8, 2008

I cried! I laughed!

I reallu like this website and I've played yo this when I was young and I just want to play again to remind me some fun of this website.That's why I want to replay to this game.
Teen, 16 years old Written byJanita Young April 9, 2008

I want diva starz back on

i want diva starz back on because even though im grown for that doesnt mean i wont play it and the shows i love to watcha nd i miss listening to their songs on the showa. so i hope that the diva starz come back on website brcause i miss them alot.
Kid, 10 years old April 9, 2008

Just don't shut it down.

Please don't shut down! I used to go on that site when i was a little girl, i had the dolls and the website was so fun i would play all the games over and over, it made me feel really happy because there were so many games and i had so much fun!and now when i found out someone shut it down i was so mad and surprised, why would someone shut it down! it is a wonderful site where girls can express their creativity in fashion and fun ,and on everything they have a little game of diva starz and i am wondering where did all the games go because there is only one game!there used to be about 18 games like the one where they all go to this island and the one where they are on a cruise ship but the fireworks get cancelled so one of the diva starz help the guy who runs the fire works make new ones and then there is the one where they all meet and the games are so much fun so please, please open the site again, somone has closed down one of my favourite childhood sites and now someone is ruining it for other girls who would like to play on this site.thank you
Teen, 13 years old Written byslenia April 9, 2008
Teen, 15 years old Written byAprilla April 9, 2008
Teen, 16 years old Written bycutie9000 April 9, 2008
Teen, 14 years old Written byangel112343211 April 9, 2008

I laughed

I liked the whole website. What I liked most about it was the games I got to play. I didn't hate any of it.
Teen, 14 years old Written bydanielle248 April 9, 2008

i think is good

its good for kids to injoy and get out of the way
Teen, 15 years old Written byreyes April 9, 2008
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

it is good

it is verry good and funny
Teen, 17 years old Written April 9, 2008
put the old divastarz website back on