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Chat, listen, and learn on Google's communication platform.

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Adult Written byI say... February 1, 2015

Really Good! There are some concerns a parent might have, though...

There are some concerns for parents, though. This is a very good site to use for contacting friends and family. However, when I signed up, I did not know it was linked to Google +, so I explored it. I joined some communities, and that's where the concerns come in. If you are a parent, view your child's communities. If they are in any communities called "Funny" or "Funny Stuff," I would view these to see if they are appropriate. I can't guarantee they will be. Also, cyber bullying can happen. If your child chooses to post things on Google +, there is a drop menu that will able you to disable the comments. That way, nobody can comment nasty or harmful things on his or her posts. If you would rather they did not post to the public, you can switch the post to "private." Keep in mind that anyone can see your child's profile and add them to their circles , allowing them to start a hangout or even a video chat with your child. If this occurs, you can block that person so it won't happen again. Have your child let you know if any bullying occurs. Make sure they tell you before they start a video chat and who is in their hangouts. Keep in mind that there are hackers out there who will try to steal their identity, so don't let them use their first and last name. They might also hack into their camera so the hackers can see them through their camera and steal their identity. Try covering up your child's camera when it isn't in use. If there are any other concerns you have before signing your child up, explore the site. I can't guarantee there isn't sexting or violence, but so far I haven't seen any. There is lots of swearing, and if a person swears on your child's post, have them tell you immediately so you can delete the post and block that person so your child can't view his or her comments. Thanks for reading my overly long review, and I hope it helped you decide.
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Safety and privacy concerns
Parent Written byamandaw9 August 6, 2015

possible grooming space....

firstly re ratings above, have put really good as i know teens seem to like it a lot with the video chat/messaging etc. as for learning? if they really are discussing string theory then yes....but i'd say that's kinda doubtful. but its a social hangout its not meant to be for learning specifically. like most parents i always seem to be on catch up with my 14 year old when it comes to technology...but you hear him mention Google Hangout & somehow that seems to sanitise it. can't be anything dodgy going on there surely with the Google brand an all????? well yes, there can be. my son has autism & though i do respect his privacy & understand he is still a teenage boy with all the hormones & urges that may bring, i am also very aware that my son is far more vulnerable than most boys that age. had a quick glance over his Google Hangout on his phone, didn't read every message or post he had made , as really don't want to be that nosey BUT came across something called Archive. in it was one private conversation whereby a user/contact had been trying to get my son to take a video call with him, there were lots of missed video call notifications. there was very little conversation between them before the user asked my son to send a picture of his 'belly'/stomach. i suddenly felt sick. the user asked my son a few more times, trying to coax him into doing so. i'm very pleased to report that my son reacted as i have told him many times to he refused. he also told the guy he was a weirdo. not wrong there. while relieved, my son has been on this app for a while now, so how many other inappropriate conversations have there been. god forbid that any ever went to video call. my son did not inform me of this users behaviour, he did block him though. i don't wish to upset him by saying i went through his Google Hangout a/c but i will be reiterating to him that he should inform me of any inappropriateness as well as saying no to any/all photo requests. i have also disabled it on his phone, as it is easier for me to keep a check on it on his computer, also his mobile phone just seems more private somehow & i don't want the app on it. it came with the phone as its an Android device (which Google owns)
What other families should know
Safety and privacy concerns
Kid, 10 years old June 8, 2014


You can chat with friends and family. You can also video chat. Say your child's best friend moves away. They can get Gmail accounts and keep in touch easily.
Teen, 14 years old Written bygabemtz14 December 30, 2015
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Great messages
Safety and privacy concerns
Kid, 12 years old July 28, 2016


I have been using this for a little under six months now, and I love it. I can stay in touch with all my friends, even ones that have moved away! I have been working on a project with 7 other people, and with google hangouts and google drive, we have been able to continue over the summer! P.S. random people can send hangouts requests, but you can easily block and decline them.
Adult Written byCindy B September 7, 2016


Is this site good for job interviews