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Adult Written byLessZoa April 9, 2008

The next generation of Chat

IMVU is not for young children. Interactivity is strong here between users in a highly involving interface. The download is available only for PC, with Mac "coming soon". This application is still in BETA, but is fully active.

As stated in another review, signing up is free, and part of the startup is 1000 credits (the IMVU money) which can be used to purchase items from the Catalog. The catalog is just that, with clothing, appearance items, scenes, furniture, pets and more. Everything within the catalog is submitted by other users (called Developers) who create these items to earn more credits.

Educating people (young and mature) on good business practices, supply and demand, as well as the effects of commercialism is strong in IMVU. And for those wanting to learn about Graphic Arts and 3D rendering, this is definately a place to learn. Developers are more likely to help each other than the IMVU staff are, so community is strong.

As with any other experience, there are some bad apples in IMVU. As an adult user of the program, I strongly suggest that any parent observe their child and the activities they take part in while online. My son is also al IMVU user, and together we discuss his interactions - good and bad.

Responsible action is required when using any chat program, be it graphical or text based. Teach your child to be responsible for his/her actions.

Final word on IMVU: Strong precautionary measures and parental involvement required.
Adult Written bydatboredtrinbagonian April 9, 2008

it's great

well imvu is great for tweens and teens and adults personally i try to stay in buddies only mode thats perfect if you have real life friends that are also on imvu. this is not for 7-8 years olds. parents should be aware that their children are using it personally my mom is about to join 2! BE SAFE IMVU CAN BE DANGEROUS DO NOT TALK 2 ANY1 FAR OUT OF YOUR AGE GROUP
Adult Written byDr.Gonzo April 9, 2008
Adult Written bynbforrest April 9, 2008
Adult Written byTheForgtten616 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byteejay April 9, 2008

Not for 13 - 16 year olds - unless very mature and world aware.

WOW! What can I say, so I think IMVU is a little too much for my age too. Don't get me wrong, it is a fabulous site, with many features. Being as old as I am I feel that I am able to deal with all sorts of people on the net. I feel that a vast majority of these people are just looking to 'cyber' and like any other chat sites that's what is the main agenda (of the people - not the site). Apart from a few people, the site itself is wonderful, there ARE many people who want to just have fun, or have the coolest things, or homepages, and there is a huge culture of younger girls collecting everything pink and cute. There is a system in place which IMVU is using to try and limit the amount of sexual content displayed to below 18(years) users. This is the mature/access pass. IMVU has a whole section for adults who wish to see nudity and buy raunchy things. You have to pay in real money to purchase this pass and must be over 18 years of age and so the access pass deters most youths from purchasing it. Also, sites displaying sexually explicit graphics are told to make there sites only viewable by accesspass users. IMVU is trying very hard to make itself safe, there are many ways to report and block users, and you can disable people from talking or leaving you messages on your page easily, it all depends on whether you use these features. Overall IMVU is a great site, allows a lot of creativity and there are a lot of groups and chances to be yourself. The credits issue - the credits are reasonably cheap to purchase, but may be non-obtainable if you don't have an internet bank account or a phone or a credit card.
Adult Written byFishlover April 9, 2008
Adult Written byjste383 April 9, 2008

Ignoring their Adult users

IMVU is alienating their adult users. While they do have the Access Pass, they have removed all items that an Adult would want to access. They are trying very hard to make the site a pg-13 site at the cost of their adult users. While there are a number of safeguards in place to protect children, IMVU has done all they can on this front, a parent should watch what their children are doing on the entire internet... Including this site.
Adult Written bySpabon75 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bygemmamm April 9, 2008

My experience of IMVU

I decided to try this after seeing an advert for this on myspace, and I wasn't that impressed. Although I came across a few nice people the majority of them where very horrible and rude or people who seemed to think it was real. Alot of people on it are after 'cyber' or just to upset people, and theres abit of a sleazy feel sometimes, so I wouldn't recommend it for under 16's. Theres users who have boy/girl friends and even get married on imvu, which I think is rather sad in my opion, as I get the impression they mustn't have a life outside the net. On a plus side its alright when you meet someone normal, you can customize your avatar and myspace style homepage, (but you have to pay for alot of features), however I felt the negatives outweighted the positives and deleted my account.
Adult Written bycvargas74 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bykeane_ctx April 9, 2008

Unfit for minors period

Do you have a teenager using this site? I have seen enough to make me want to leave IMVU. I am a paying adult on this site. I have seen GROWN men and women solicit teenagers into 3D sexual chats, some of them joking openly about it on their page. If you are a parent and your teen is on this site--PLEASE stop them or monitor everything they do. Give yourself plenty of time to search around the site yourself, see what you come across.
Adult Written byalexo 9 April 9, 2008
Adult Written by4llure April 9, 2008

Lets Play Dress UP?

The only thing i found good about IMVU is the amount of options to dressing your 'cartoon/doll'. You can express your self on IMVU is a large or small fashion, If one is shy they have no worries on being in public rooms and such unless they wish to be, If someone is very open and Social, they have many options to get their name out there. Sad to say though, there is MUCH Drama between the teens and even the Developers on IMVU. It is like HollyWood Drama in fact. If you are happy with minding your own , or even getting in the mix of others messes IMVU is a place to be. Be careful to not get so involved you forget wht REAL life is. *cheers*
Adult Written bywild thing April 9, 2008

It's extremely boring

I've been a member for a few years but have found myself enjoying it less. Initially, I joined as part of a 14 person sign-up of real life, personal friends who happen to be 3D content creator/developers for the movie studios and the gaming industries. In Spring 2007, IMVU got an Unsatisfactory BBB rating due to how poorly it treats members' actual and virtual content. Billing disputes were the name of the game - I gave up and let them steal my $70+ overcharge for stuff not bought and sales of my products they never credited my account for. Kids sneaking into the adults chats has become a huge problem when they opened up Public Sex Chat Rooms in late 2007 around the time the founder quit and the capital venture guys who own the place sent in a new management team. There are easy technological ways to handle such adult - teen issues as Second Life has shown us by firewalling the two communities with separate, non-interactive servers. But noo... . IMVU won't listen to common sense. I'm the only one of my real life friends left out our original 14 person join-up three years ago. There's no harmony amongst members and amongst staff as well. Most of the top quality developers have left to greener pastures, so the overall quality of the virtual catalog has plummeted like a stone. And the current EULA and TOS are an MBA case-study in corporate buffoonery. Oh, and they don't even post recommended system requirements - that's because IMVU requires substantially more expensive hardware and software to run its 3D graphics than 95 out of 100 Americans own. Naturally - IMVU doesn't wish to scare away new members with this detail. In sum, I doubt they'll stay in business much longer. IMVU really lives in its own world and it's a tiny world to which their members and their industry can no longer relate.