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I love it and can't get enough of it!!!!!!!

I think they're a super fun way of getting kids like me reading and maybe even drawing and writing comics, but if you're under 12 maybe try Phoenix Comics. All the movies are definitely 11 or over except Daredevil, Electra and Ghost Rider. The TV series should also be 11 over. I say this although a parent might want to check through it before a child buys it or reads it as some are inappropriate for under 14.

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Great messages
Too much violence
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age 15+

Sexual Content in 9+ (or "A") Rated Marvel Comics - Brief Synopsis

I wanted to pipe in and simply add that, within the 'The Invincible Ironman' series in the very first book, there is a page and a half or so of what is a sexual situation, which some parents may find not acceptable for the age-group cleared by the MARVEL rating on the cover. The cover states that the book is rated "A", which, according to their rating system, is ok for kids ages 9+. The situation, so you can see if you agree with my take on it, is as follows: a man and a woman are getting ready for bed, the woman takes off all her cloths but her leggings while they talk (the woman urges the man to "come to bed" and is portrayed as being playful and sensual, the man is shown to have an inner dialogue which expresses his feelings over ending a long period of being sober . The woman is, presumably not his wife (she is portrayed as having an accent and she calls to the man by a name that is not his own). The scene ends with the man leaning in over the bed to (begin) kissing the woman. The woman's breasts are partially covered by her hands or arms (in different frames) and she's turn to her side so nothing between the legs is shown, though she's naked and most of her body is shown. It's obviously the onset of sexual activity— all lightly-suggestive things are left behind. Due to the conversation it seems the man and woman hare having their first time in bed together and do not know each other well. (I.e. IronMan is being a player). I would imagine the T+ or "appropriate for most readers 12 and up" would probably contain at least equal, if not more explicit or strong sexual situations if this is representative of their system, given the fact this one was for the 9+ group. It seems one can buy this book and others of the same age-rating or higher on the website.

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Too much sex
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking