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What happened to my movies?

I've been a happy member of Disney movies anywhere since its conception, then all of a sudden they were having me transfer everything over to Movies Anywhere, ok fine I guess, I went ahead and did it but in the process lost MANY of my bought and paid for movies, then when I contacted support to figure this out they couldn't do anything? What do mean you cant do anything??? These are movies I paid money for and what's worse is movies that I do have in my Movies Anywhere app keep disappearing one by one over time, this isnt funny and NOT COOL!!! I contacted support again recently about this and do have an open ticket but they are expecting ME to find all of my digital footprints so they can potentially "fix" this problem? How about fix your apps devastating problem for the people who pay lots of money one these movies. For the most part the app is great, we're able to purchase and watch movies we like from multiple sources and they all end up in our Movies Anywhere app (mostly), but the constant disappearing act that seems to have NO cure is really starting to make me mad.
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They lost my account and there is no one to contact to retrieve it

I used to have Disney Movies Anywhere and my account was supposedly transferred here. I went here and logged in using my Disney Movies Anywhere email, login and password. Now I go back to the site and it says the email and password are invalid and I lost all my movies. I own movies on VHS, DVD, and others that have no code. These movies should transfer like my music to Movies Anywhere, but they do not. This is another bad mark.

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Too much consumerism
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What ultraviolet wanted to be

This is formerly known as Disney movies Anywhere which was for Disney movies only and allowed you to cross buy and link up with : iTunes,vudu,amazon and Google play so any Disney blu ray with a digital copy or previously purchased content from the digital stores are watchable at the participating sites and this included Disney movies Anywhere which was it's own app/site where all the Disney movies lived! Disney is the backbone of movies Anywhere which was started in October last year and in addition to the Disney movies universal,wb,fox and sony pictures are onboard but there are some things that you need to know: no tv shows at this time also lionsgate,mgm and paramount have yet to commit to the platform and smaller studios like rooster teeth and shout factory are not onboard! Fandangonow was just added to the digital stores supported by movies Anywhere! Always before all the digital stores and codes for the stores were like islands content stuck with the place where you redeemed or purchased but eventually it will be everything anywhere it's just that the rights holders must agree to be part of movies Anywhere and ultraviolet hooked up to it as well! It's great to see what happens when people work together on something that benefits everyone however at the time only 3 stars because it lacks 4k support on the movies Anywhere app and EXPECTED things like all the studios signing on hasn't happened yet while ther their focus on movies is great after the studio's all work with movies Anywhere then we can get tv shows supported and what ultraviolet which was started by the movie studios to be able to do what you can do with movies Anywhere will be linked to the movies Anywhere app and finally be a success!