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Compose, share, and comment on original tunes.

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Teen, 16 years old Written bybradeblo August 3, 2013


best and coolest music composer ever! i was looking for a music composer websites for years! and finally i found one!
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Teen, 13 years old Written bygallows-calibrator April 2, 2015

Common Sense Media is WRONG about language - NF is a great site.

I am a fairly active forum poster, Intr0tenor. Swearing is NOT allowed (the members flag posts with cursing) and everyone is part of a friendly community. The Noteflight members I know are mostly 12-16, and we're a circle of good friends who talk to and support each other.
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Teen, 14 years old Written bytheexpertmusicwriter November 21, 2015

The Best Music Website

What I think of noteflight? Well, it's amazing! It's easy to interact with, you can get help easily, teachers can use this for students, you learn so much more about music theory... You can navigate noteflight very easily. It has an almost homey look with the browns and reds, but the most important part is the easy to read and understand format. You have all the necessities on the left and you have your New Score button, search bar, and any information you could possibly need nestled right up at the top, It even has a collection of about 10 youtube videos on how to use, edit, share, publish, and printing your piece. There are also two extra 'memberships' that you can by, Noteflight Premium (formerly known as Crescendo) and Noteflight Learn. In the premium, you get tons of new instruments and abilities. You can even color the notes! In Learn, you get the new instruments and abilities plus a special program that you can use with your students if you are a teacher. There is plenty more, but there is one more important part: user interaction. Along with publishing your own music, you can search up and listen to other pieces written by other people. You can follow users and comment on their songs (only if they enable that). I've seen full out debates in the comments on the songs, and it's pretty cool seeing people argue about music instead the newest episode of (Insert horrible show here). You can also favorite songs too. You'll have a 'favorites' playlist so you can listen to all the cool songs out there! Over all, this is an amazing website. The only cons I have is that there isn't an app for it... I greatly recommend this!!!!!