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Parent Written byvolleyball_girly13 June 17, 2015

Odd Squad needs to go!

My children are now 12 & 13 and they like to watch PBS Kids at their grandparents house during the summer. Recently PBS has made a new show called 'Odd Squad' to I guess, replace 'Word Girl.' My kids loved that show (Word Girl)because it helped them with their vocabulary and they love the ridiculous villians in it. But now they can't watch it because they have replaced it with 'Odd Squad' and my children absolutely dislike that show and suggest that PBS take it off immediately or as soon as possible and put 'Word Girl' back on. My children love just about all the other shows like 'Dinasour Train', 'Curious George', 'Arthur', & 'Wild Kratts'. If you can, could you guys maybe switch 'Odd Squad' to air at a different time and put 'Word Girl' back on. That would mean the world to them. Thank you!
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Parent Written bydhara November 8, 2011
Educator and Parent Written byElena360 February 18, 2016

Can you considered your audience!

I have a problem with some of the cartoons by PBS Kids . PBS has some wonderful programming But Curious George is a horrible influence. As my 3 year old is beginning to speak bits of a second language, I find that he very often goes around the house making noises imitating his favorite character "Monkey Gorge" and just as the Teletubbies aired some years ago and was horrible for toddlers ... So is the monkey!!! hooting around. ( why not have the monkey do sign language like monkeys can actually do ??? and that would also help the sign language community feel included ) I don't think Any characters that don't know how to verbally communicate do our toddlers any good !!! Also I lived in Florida where there are dangerous animals outside . The Wild Kratts brothers can use facial expressions to teach the children when something is serious and DANGEROUS - instead of always constantly smiling!!!! especially around alligators!! SERIOUSLY toddlers will understand a facial expression Change more then fun voices and smiles when warning if dangers! Lastly My child tones in from a one parent home... and Daniel tiger is constantly speaking of his mother and father. has anyone questioned why it's necessary to display the same characters and to emphasize so strongly on the mommy and the daddy Constantly, instead of actually giving the child some learning and creativity it's like a constant smack in the face if you do not have a mommy and daddy or a grandpa. my child is only 3 ,and I have already seen the look on his face when he realizes that he does not have those family members. (sadness) I explain diversity but HE'S 3 Can you help by showing diversity..and I don't mean a single mother cat who is dating an owl ... I seen that on the show ..why? because that makes her not single. Or is single parenthood a disease to PBS ? As much as I assure him that he is loved and has support in our community. Can you add characters or address diversity? Mr . Rogers didnt constantly talk about his family! He was brilliant. he told everyone they had a friend ..he told children how things were created.. Some of his friends stopped by and then off they go to make believe world he doesn't constantly throw it anyones face of a (Mom,dad, or grandparents) and if you didn't have a mom or dad was Okay you had Mr.Roger's- A friend I can say personally for my own experience it that is very important to a child that grows up without a mother and feel connected to a character that displays a concern and love and gives education - INSTEAD of a constant reminder of what family members you may or may not have. Think about your audience ...this is free public broadcasting. In most cases families with mommies and daddies have cable and their children are watching Disney and Nickelodeon. As to where Free public broadcasting channels will have families from broken homes,poverty, homes,hospitals (orphaned children) why can't you remember that? I refuse now ,to ever let him watch the show again as much as he loves it although I love the way they teach children to deal with their emotions they are also hurting the children that do not have the "average" American family build up .
Parent of a 2 and 7 year old Written bySuper Mommy 1980 June 28, 2012


This is a great website for kids under 6. My 7 yr. old finds it boring, but my 2 yr. old loves it!! Watch out for ads though.
Parent Written byDark post October 15, 2011

Cool Guy

I think it's good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Parent of a 3 and 4 year old Written bylaribrook April 26, 2011

Wonderful Educational site for 4+

My son loves the website (plus we watch a lot of PBS shows since we don't have cable tv). He has been able to play them for a while now, since before he could read at all. The games are easy to figure out for a child who is good with the computer. While I never leave him alone on the computer at all, this site is great for being able to be on the other side of the room, at least -- no large ads, no distractions along the sides and bottom of the screen.. the two biggest annoyances with this website is that PBS kids PLAY is featured and you have to pay for it, so he complains about it (we did the trial and it was fun, but not worth the $$ considering how much phone apps cost). Also, the music on the games is usually annoying - and you can't turn it off. If he needs to pause his game or leave it for a while, you cannot turn off the sound w/out turning your computer volume off. So he has to finish his game before he quits so that i can use the computer later. Otherwise, a great educational website for preschool and up!
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Educational value
Parent of a 3 year old Written bycamron i holmes January 2, 2011
Parent of a 3 and 5 year old Written byluvi garcia March 19, 2010

it is perfect to childrens 2 years old and plus.

i love it , because these programs are educationals .also my childrens love it and i feel comfortable with those programs.
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Parent of a 5 and 5 year old Written bytwinmamaontwitter July 30, 2009

Good games for preschoolers

My twin sons have loved the PBS Kids website since they were 3 years old (they are now 5). They enjoy playing the games and I enjoy that I don't need to read instructions aloud every time a new page loads (most games tend to have a character voice telling the viewer how to play a game). The characters on the games are familiar to my sons, as they are from shows on PBS Kids that they enjoy. We have made the home page on our kids' computer, in large part because this site is not covered with advertisements to toy stores or non-site vendors, unlike other kids-centric sites.
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Parent of a 6 year old Written bymlrice July 26, 2009
My daughter loves this site and would play the games all day if aloud.
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Adult Written bytommysportsgirl April 9, 2008
Adult Written bycoffee531 April 9, 2008

Wonderful Educational Website

My daughter has been playing on since she was 3 years old. She is now 5 and still it's one of her favorite sites. Every game on this site is educational! This is also my favorite website for her to play on. I highly recommend it.
Adult Written byinternationalparent April 9, 2008

Cute site with well known characters

I think PBS did a good job there of providing free games for children as young as 2. Seems to me the ones above 6 may be a little bored. No risk of any bad influences here at all!