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Island-hopping adventure is hours of safe fun, but with ads.

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Kid, 9 years old April 19, 2009
Kid, 10 years old April 9, 2009

Fun,but boring/bad at the same time

Poptropica is a game about making your own character and solve problems on islands. When you're done solving all the islands problems you get bored and wait for new islands to come out (they come out like every 5 months) so Poptropica gets boring after awhile and the only thing you can do is play multiplayer games with other people online. Then the updates look interesting but get boring again. Then finally the new island comes out but you finish it in 1 or 2 days then the whole thing starts all over again. So just in case,I'll give Poptropica a 3/5.
Kid, 10 years old April 1, 2009

I was a little sick

Ilove to play but not when I fall.
Teen, 13 years old Written byfreaker134 March 27, 2009

This is the kind of website for 7 years old

Teen, 14 years old Written bynat wolf March 23, 2009

i did play it

it was o.k.
Kid, 9 years old February 22, 2009


Poptropica is a fun and safe site just for kids. The missions are EXTRA X100 hard, but it is fun to complete them. I have now completed all the islands, and is fun to help friends. 7+!
Kid, 10 years old February 16, 2009

I Love It

Sure, it has a lot of ads, but think about it. If they don't have the ads, then Poptropica would be Not-here-anymore-tropica. At least they don't pester you on buying memberships (because there aren't any) or have any inappropriate (pardon my spelling) ads. Be glad for that! Also, my user is Giant Heart.
Kid, 10 years old February 11, 2009

poptropica report

this report is written by the R,S,L game club ( Poptropica report Poptropica is an online game. Poptropica is an adventure game the meaning of adventure in this game stands for “explore, collect, complete” in the game. For this game you need a password and user name. Each island you complete earns you a medal. The aim of the game is to complete every island before the next island comes out. Islands come out every 3 months or more. there is also a Poptropica creators blog that you can see every weekday for stuff they have done. The islands take a bit of time to complete unless you now somebody like me that is on Poptropica every day!! In each island is a special “multiplayer room” multiplayer rooms are for your character and you to play against other players that are online. When you start you get to change your characters looks and cloths. Also during the game there is a “customizer” during the game you can use it so you select other characters.
Kid, 9 years old February 11, 2009

Absolutely, incredibly fun!

This site is brilliant! Very addictive! My teacher is interested in trying it out!
Kid, 12 years old January 27, 2009

i laughed

Kid, 9 years old December 20, 2008


this web is OK it gets a little boring
Adult Written bymomowash December 15, 2008

My 6 and 7 year old love it!

I can't remember how I came upon this but it is the greatest! Only caveat is the kids have to know how to read. My son is six and is learning how to read but the bubbles (with words) close before he can read them so he will ask his sister to help. Even though you can still play without reading it does help. Also I LOVE that it is a clean, bright site with no ads or stupid repetitive theme songs or noises...really it's pretty quiet and it occupies them for long streches of time. LOVE IT!!!
Kid, 12 years old November 9, 2008

Love It!

This is totally a fun website and I'm in 7th grade and it rules! Kids can get an educational experience but have fun with it. So if you have a kid who is 7 or 8 then this is a definite fun and SAFE game. P.S: Even my parents approve it.
Kid, 7 years old April 9, 2008

Poptropica is GREAT !!!!!!

Poptropica is fun and educational (time tangled) there are about four (almost 5 !) you have to be ages 6 to 15. anyone can play,on my watch it is 5 to the oldest age !
Kid, 7 years old April 9, 2008

LIAR you were on a different website

Poptropica is educational and helpful,you learn in tome tangled island and poptropica is fun for everyone,the missions are hard but they are really fun !
Kid, 9 years old April 9, 2008

pretty fun

cool but the thing hate about it is when u go somewhere there is like a little path u have to go to to get there
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008
Kid, 6 years old April 9, 2008

i love it

Kid, 7 years old April 9, 2008


Poptropica is one of one of the worst websites I have ever been to! First of all it is boring, second it doesn't teach you any thing, third there are no games to play,fourth it is from funbrain so you think it will be fun and teaching but you thought wrong. Listen to me if you want a fun teaching website I'm serious the website should come with a warning label reading:BORING
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

a really educational website! is website for all ages there are no sexual content the only violence is when you touch a adversary you simply get knocked back no language social behavior is ok commercialism there is a applejacks interactve feature