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Adult Written byCoolMom72 February 4, 2019

Amazing! Don’t listen to other parents

When my kids got this app on their phones, I was skeptical at first. After reading the reviews, I was horrified at what my kids may have been looking at. But, I did some exploring of my own, and I found that this app is wonderful! In today’s age where parents are constantly looking over their kid’s shoulders, kids need to have a bit of independence. My daughter was only using this app for memes, and my son for video games. This app should be just fine for kids if parents already talk to them about internet safety. Don’t be a helicopter parent.

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Adult Written bySaul P. January 22, 2018

Anything goes on Reddit

Reddit is a bit like a microcosm of the Internet. There's both outstanding and very questionable content on there.

Reddit is made up by "subreddits", or subs, which are sub-forums akin to chat rooms with a specific topic. Some of the topics you can wander in include:

* A sub with short videos that show people dying
* Subs dedicated to white nationalism
* Subs dedicated to frank and admiring discussion of drugs
* Porn. Lots of it. A sub for every fetish out there.

But also, there's:

* A sub where you can ask historians anything, and is highly moderated to ensure quality
* A similar sub for science topics, with high quality contributions
* Subs for pretty much every academic topic, many of them also well-moderated - math, music, etc.
* A sub for every country, state, and city, many of them with lively discussion on local topics
* A lovely sub dedicated to uplifting messages and positivity
* Subs dedicated to beautiful pictures of kitties, or puppies, or landscapes
* Subs for asking and getting advice, and subs for supporting people in risk of self-harm
* A sub to get legal advice from lawyers, which has its own share of feel-good stories where people have gotten great help

And many more. Pretty much any topic you can think of will already have its own subreddit and subscribers. Anybody can create and moderate a sub (as long as they're the first one to "grab" it), which means that pretty much any topic is up for discussion.

It's a great site - but not one that young children should be dropped into. I am concerned about its use even by my own 15-year-old, as the frank discussions on drugs and crime (not to mention all the pornography) might be too much for his still-maturing brain to process healthily.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byInterstate101 January 7, 2020

Not a good site

They bully our kids and teens. When you report it to Reddit admins they ban you. The law and the site won't do anything about it. Mean time our kids and teens are commiting suicide and the law and the site don't care. Don't let our kids and teens on this Reddit site.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byYouKnowWho September 19, 2020

This is just terrible!

I was using Reddit for many years. Mostly to get in contact to people all over the world. Topics from politics to photography and everything in between. Because of my big activity on Reddit I have earned a lot of karma.

One day I got a message from Reddit: My account is permantly suspended. No reason, no hint... nothing. All my contacts, messages and posts... GONE! I tried to contact Reddit but there was no response. So I created a new account and tried to find some of my old contacts. I used a VPN, just in case. Because most subreddits need you to have karma I started to post every day. Nothing was upvoted and I didn't get any replies. Strange... This gave me an idea; create a new account with an other VPN and check it. And what seemed to be the case? All my posts (100+) from the first new account aren't posted! Nobody can see them!

What is happening here? When did Reddit became crap?

Besides this awfull way of working I also want to point out the minors on Reddit, trying to post and trade other minor stuff. I have seen awful things, even reported them, showing me illegal stuff. These accounts are still active, but mine is removed?

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byZaynkr August 29, 2020

Good but kids can get in a lot of trouble

It is a very good social media app, unlike tiktok or instagram it has subreddits so your kid can stay looking at posts on that subreddit, like a video game subreddit. But to post I wouldn’t let my child post under the age of 13 , there are cyber bullies in the comments. And if your kid does maybe get into the mature stuff you can put on a setting where when your kid doesn’t get NSFW posts and doesn’t get to chat with people who post NSFW things. I didn’t let my kid use reddit when he was 9, and 10, but I would say the age rating would be 11+

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byJoe1974 January 9, 2020
Full of porn and violent subreddits, you dont even have to have an account
to view adult content.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byvobrandon November 20, 2018

good for teens

Good for my teen.

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byMina Christopou... February 22, 2018

Stay away, bad overall.

They will ban you for nothing. They have no life what so ever. All my questions were removed even if they had replies . Just terrible people all and all, very negative . Try and stay away.

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byRajan D. August 23, 2016

Content Differs

Sometimes it'll show mindless content sometimes someone will post content for learning or maybe someone will post NSFW content.

The content differs but overall the website is pretty good.