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Chance to design games, but also potential for iffy content.
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Adult Written byBeetleFrustration October 16, 2015

It's a learning experience- If your kids can handle it.

There are pros and cons to this site. First of all, if you're thinking since it downloads software it downloads malware, you're wrong. It's a safe download, and if you have any trouble downloading there's plenty of help to be found. As for the benefits of this site, it's a very good learning experience for your children. They learn about business and buying/selling, they learn how to create games with the easy to find and very detailed game creation tutorials and scripting tutorials, putting them on the path to learning programming languages (The one used in this site is called ROBLOX Lua, it's excellent), and they learn about how to keep and stick to a budget. There's the option to upgrade your account to Builder's Club, and there are plenty of features to be used with this. However, the site also has some flaws. It's very easy for younger children to end up on phishing sites from bot-accounts made by the owners of those sites. Before allowing your child to make an account, make sure they are aware of web-safety and how to keep their account from being stolen. If your child is educated on web safety (Which they should be educated on before being allowed to browse the internet), there are no concerns.

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Adult Written byco p. April 8, 2017

Seriously People...

For all those parents and kids who think Roblox is bad for your child:
Yes, it does have many inappropriate chat messages, *BUT* there is a way to stop that!
1. Go to your settings and turn off chat
That all
Parent of a 9-year-old Written byNina Traviesa June 19, 2016


My daughter plays ROBLOX all the time. I decided, as her parent to look into it. I found that it is free unless you want a membership. If your child is interested in programming, then you have hit the jackpot. IN this game, you can create games for others to play and play games others created. I highly recommend you have your child play ROBLOX

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Parent of a 9-year-old Written byroaringmini May 17, 2011

Roblox & legos

I know what your thinking... WHY 7!!!!! I tell you why now.. Ok yes.. There is some killing.. And in some games its like blood... But the blood is transparent red sqaures.. And deaths are just your person falling apart... Its like sliding de-attatched legos across a floor... But there is LOTS of game that arent inappropriate... Such as the Hide and seek in a giant house, Obstacle corses, Roleplaying, And building games... See? I think roblox isnt that bad.. Its just like LEGOS!!!

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Adult Written byhelper + April 7, 2012

love it

i love roblox i have obc and it is fine and good to play

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Adult Written byMichaelTE December 2, 2011

Parents should monitor their kids, but know that the staff works well to keep the game clean

ROBLOX is a very educational game and inspires kids to learn. Moderators do a good job of monitoring the site and generally keep it safe. Violence is frequently seen in games, considering that this is the type of audience that the game caters to. Privacy is only an issue if kids are not taught to be safe. In many instances, people have complained that their kids are not safe because users try to get personal information from people. Although this does not often happened, and is exaggerated by parents, the fact may be their fault because they are leaving their kids uneducated; this is probably the main reason that privacy is an issue. Another complaint that many parents had was the online dating factor. The site does NOT support online dating, and will take moderation actions on kids that pretend to have "girlfriends" or "boyfriends." Language is not an issue at all. In game chat filters, as well as over the website, there are filters that filter any language besides the minor "hell" that players might try to shout out. Disguising of language to try to bypass filters is looked for by moderators, and is most always found and punished. The final issue is consumerism. This is probably the most major issue on Roblox. There are MANY ads that link to different companies which are place in banners and rectangles all over the site. Parents should know that users can also create their own ads to solicit items that they have created which feature images and captions (which are both moderated). Also, ROBLOX has recently been showing video ads for different companies before users enter a place (these companies are generally ones such as insurance, phone carriers, car companies, and etc. that advertise).
Although Roblox does have its flaws, it is mostly a friendly game that encourages children to build and program. Issues are only minor issues that can be found in a game as friendly as Disney's Club Penguin, but are over-exaggerated often. ROBLOX is probably best for kids in their early teens and up.

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Adult Written byhellothere1086 June 6, 2020

Roblox has its good and bad sides, but it's a great game.

My child has played Roblox for 3 years now. And it's very easy to tell that you guys took one look at it and decided to write a scathing, lying review.

1. Do not blame Roblox for the games YOUR CHILD decided to play. If your child plays a game and you don't like it, don't let them play it. Don't blame Roblox for a violent game.

2. Do not blame Roblox for players that are rude. THEY'RE the people
that should be reported. Not Roblox.

3. The chat filter is working and if anything, it works a little TOO good. And don't say people curse with numbers because they block numbers too.

4. Many games on Roblox have good messages. Such as Piggy, a game that encourages teamwork while you gather keys and certain items to escape the piggy. Or Welcome To Bloxburg, a game that shows what it's like to be an adult with a job and bills.

5. Roblox does NOT ask for money. THE GAMES do. If your child plays a game that is plastered full of game passes and in-game items, of course, they will want them. So simply don't let them play them!!

6. Yes, there are bullies on Roblox. But there's a little something called LEAVING THE GAME or BLOCKING THE PLAYER that you could do instead of blaming Roblox.

7. Roblox is not an addicting game, my child has never had any problems managing his time on Roblox.

8. And if Roblox just isn't the game for your child, DONT BLAME ROBLOX FOR THE FACT THAT YOUR CHILD DOSENT LIKE IT!!!

9. If you get scared your child is going to encounter a child predator, dont worry, words such as "where do you live" or "whats your number" and Numbers themselves all turn into "###############" . Also, its super rare for something like this to happen, anyway.

10. The violence in roblox ISNT EVEN ACTUAL VIOLENCE. There is no blood, no gore, just your character falling into pieces like lego characters.

11. There are settings you can change for both account safety and account privacy, one of them can restrict your child's ability to use the in-game chat feature, but that defeats half the purpose of roblox, i suggest only using this if your child has a real encounter with a child predator, creepy person, or your child is very young, like 4 or 5 years old.

12. And let me say this up front. YOU. NEED. TO. WATCH. WHAT. YOUR. CHILD. IS. DOING. Simple as that.

13. Roblox is USER GENERATED, meaning that most of the stuff that's on the platfrom is made by people who play roblox, not roblox itself. So Roblox isnt to blame for games with cartoon violence or iffy stuff in the slightest. Roblox tries very very hard to moderate their content and karens tend to not care.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this educational.

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Parent of a 5-year-old Written byRocksAndBlocks May 7, 2010

Great Game for all Ages

I would recomend to kid odler then 8 but my 5 year old stepsister plays it with no consern. Roblox gives a chance for kid to grow and devolpe in a creative envierment; it is a great game for kids to play, explore, learn, and advance in this way I would highly recomend Roblox to anyone.

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Adult Written byMrSprinkleToes n. January 6, 2018

Not bad

ROBLOX is a very good game, if you know what you're doing. I recommend, if your child is too young to know most right from wrong, then monitor the child's account. If a user's account is detected to be under the age of 13, ROBLOX automatically filters words such as "idiot", "crap", etc. (I think) to make it safer for the younger audience. Also, in the settings, you can change who can message the child, who can chat with the child, etc. If you truly know what you are doing, and you are willing to monitor your child's activities, then ROBLOX is a great game for them to open up their imagination. I suggest, if you want to make sure your child isn't playing games that they shouldn't be, e.g. shooter games, robbery games, etc. then every so often, just for a few minutes, go on their account, and on the home page you can see their "Recently Played" games. To see all recently played games, you can click the button to the right of that title that says "See All".

Overall, I believe ROBLOX is a great game for children to play, as long as they are mature enough to know right from wrong. And if they are younger, then I'd say it's still good for them to play too, as long as you are monitoring their activity on it, and you make sure they know not to play games that you wouldn't approve of, and you can in the settings change who they are aloud to interact with.

Also, a side note, ROBLOX has a parent page here:
I highly recommend reading it, as it tells you lots of important information.

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Adult Written byr_ez April 14, 2020


basically the bootleg version of leggo.
Adult Written bynora rates June 6, 2020


Roblox is the BEST.
My daughter loves it.
Adult Written byMr.Wantrin June 1, 2014
ROBLOX Is a awesome gaming website for kids 7 and up.
Adult Written byEmpressGlory November 4, 2020

Listen up, parents.

Ello! Its EmpressGlory here. I am a 14-year-old girl, just decided to make an adult account. I've been reading through the reviews and seeing lots of negative things. I'm here to say, most of it is not true. There are a lot of fake scare stories going on about Roblox. If it was really that bad, it would have been shut down by now. So, lets begin:

First off, the chat system. When you make an account, it will ask your birthday. If you are 12 and under, you will have something called safechat. Some things are filtered so you can't say them. If you are 13 and up, the chat system is less strict. If you try to say like a bad word, it will come out like this: "#####" Now, don't get me wrong. Just because it says that doesn't mean the player is trying to say something bad. If you misspell a word, it can get filtered. Yes, people have found loopholes, but they get banned, as Roblox updates nearly every week. Plus, you can't say numbers, so don't worry about your child giving their address, phone number, etc.

Next, the bullying/being unkind. Yes, I'm sure it has happened before. Words like "loser" "stupid" and "idiot" are filtered, however, people have found loopholes. If you're ever being bullied, just click on the name and click "block", or just report them.

Hacking/scamming. I have a few friends who say they have been hacked or scammed. In games like Adopt Me, people say "Can I borrow your pet for a second?" and then they will leave, taking YOUR pet with them. Just tell your child to NEVER give their password. Then you'll be fine.

Child predators. Let me start by saying this. The chances of your child meeting a predator, are probably 000000.01% I have never seen any predators on Roblox, and I've been playing for quite a while. Even if you happen to come across one, just block and report. Its that simple.

I've also heard a few things about drugs/smoking. That is not at all true. I have actually seen absolutely ZERO reference to drugs. I read a review once saying "There's a game called drug simulator"! Yeah, no. Roblox checks games a lot and bans them if they're inappropriate.

Sexual content. I've seen no sexual content while playing Roblox. The clothes your avatar can wear are all child-appropriate, and even if not, they get banned.

Robux. Robux is an in-game purchase you can make for your child to access exclusive items. Now its your choice if you want to say no or yes, but maybe make them do chores for it. There might be bots who will try to steal your Robux. Remember to never give your password.

Parents, if you don't want your child to chat, then just go to "settings", click "privacy", it will say "who can chat with me?" or "who can chat with me in game." Select "no one" and then click save.

Violence: Okay, here I will have to agree. There are games like arsenal and ninja legends which have killing/guns/swords. Not all games are violent though. Games like Royale High and Adopt Me are child-appropriate games. And remember, there are older gamers (like me), who like that stuff, and want to enjoy it for themselves. If you don't want your child accessing these games, have a talk with them, or link your parent account to block those games.

Online dating: Okay, so... There are games like family paradise, adopt and raise, and stuff like that where people roleplay as a family or something. Its not real online dating, its just roleplaying. I roleplay in a family sometimes. If you see real online dating, just block them. Is it really that hard? Again, if you don't want your child playing those games, just link your account and block them.

Please remember, Roblox updates all the time and the chat system is getting better and better.

The Empress of CSM is now logging off for a bit. Thanks for taking the time to read this!!

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Adult Written byJOMAMA21 May 26, 2020

It's not that bad, In fact it's amazing!

Trust me, I play the game myself and I really enjoy it.
Violence: I will agree, there is some games with guns and knives as well as horror/first person shooter games but they aren't bad, there's no blood or gore and it isn't even all that violent, if you want your kids to not play games involving guns or even weapons, there is plenty other games out there.
Sex: In all of my years of playing this game I have never seen anything worse than one idiot saying "your mom's gay" but everybody ignored him, and yes I have played the hospital game that CSM was talking about, and I never ran into anything bad.
Language: actually yes, just about everybody swears and words like "damn and hell" aren't censored but everything else is just a bunch of hashtags.
Illegal things: There are some games out there that focus on being criminals but are nothing more than cops vs. Robbers. No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco either.
How good is it: Some of the games are actually Very well made and very well done. I highly recommend you play it on a computer or Xbox though as the mobile version often crashes due to big some games are.
The Games To Play: My favorite games are the following and are all free: Prisoners Life, Work at a pizza place, hide and seek extreme, siren head, and just about any tycoon game.

OVERALL: I would let anyone 7 and up play it and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

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Adult Written byDontJudgeMyWays February 25, 2020

Honestly, Stop Freaking Out!

Yes, Roblox can be a money suck. Yes, Roblox is an online game with player content. Obviously this is going to lead to some more adult themes, but honestly people. I’m eighteen, and not afraid to admit that I’ve been a player since I was around 13 or so. Roblox can teach people to code, it can be a early way for young coders to make money, but even beyond that, the majority of the roblox community is made up of wonderful people. I’ve a lot of online friends (with none of which I ever had a desire to share private details with as a 13 year old or otherwise) that I met on Roblox. And they’ve been nothing but supportive friends, like my own anonymous family. I used to play things like simulators or obbies (a parkour game) and eventually found that a lot of creators make games for role playing in their favorite movie/book/game universes. Most of these roleplay games are not intended for children (depending on what they’re based off of or set in) but have been the reason I found my love and talent for writing. If your child at least has the common sense of a hamster, they won’t exchange private info with random players, not that roblox’s smart censoring systems even allow them to. Some of you say that it doesn’t matter, that they still see adult content. It’s a user run platform. Obviously discretion is advised, as not absolutely everything is going to be contained. Alternatively, you can disable their ability to see or send messages to/from other players and restrict their available games to official roblox created games. I mean come on. What decent parent would allow their children to play some of the few shooters on the platform in the first place? My parents didn’t. Roblox is a safe community made mostly up of great people, which, by nature, is going to have at least a few exploiters and jerks wandering around. Lastly, I see some of you advising people to simply purchase Minecraft for upwards of 25 dollars as an alternative. Need I really remind you that Minecraft has an entire user based game mode dedicated to playing online with strangers that has little to NO CENSORSHIP at all? The four swears Minecraft Multiplayer will censor (IF the server’s creator added such a function) won’t stop your children from exchanging their real names, or their addresses, or prevent one person from calling them stupid. And if your advice was meant in reference of the single player aspect of Minecraft, why did you even bother to allow your kids who have the self directory of a potato to play online user based games at all?

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Adult Written byIlymaster May 27, 2020

Very good and safe.

It's safe ok. People will say it isn't because they can't parent. Dont want them playing bad games? Tell them not too. If they are being bullied, block that player. Roblox censors bad and inappropriate words which can be bypassed but still. Again, if people are online dating, switch servers or block OR ignore them. Roblox is safe dont listen to people saying it's not safe or Its terrible.

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Adult Written byh4kisg00d July 5, 2019


I am a 19 year old security engineer and game engineer and I have been perusing reviews about this game. Many individuals are expressing with respect to it being "excessively sexual" and that ROBLOX should be doing something to take care of that. All things considered, they have endeavored to actualise a filter, yes it very well may be skirted and individuals will dependably discover workarounds paying little heed to whatever you do.

With respect to the way that individuals think they are not taking care of the unlawful movement and what not that is led through this application. It's not by any means extremely simple to police a whole network with a large number of dynamic clients currently is it? No, it's certainly feasible but rather it's far-fetched that it would occur. I admire this platform and truly, similar to some other game, the equivalent occurs in Minecraft servers. You will get individuals who are sexual, pedophiles e.t.c on any online platform, not simply ROBLOX.

The way that kids are being presented to illegal acts is definitely not something good , not that I at any point said it was. Anyway I am expressing this is simply being finished by another person with noxious purpose who is obviously making a decent attempt to be entertaining, lethal or evidently attempting to cause devastation. Indeed something that occurs in all platforms.

Since I have been on platforms for example, Steam, I can comprehend the harmfulness that is included with networks and how it could effect individuals. I can comprehend in this circumstance that these acts will have contrary ramifications on kids inside, anyway I don't by and by like the way that individuals guarantee "ROBLOX IS doing nothing about it" there's just next to no they can do. In case you're a developer, you may comprehend that there's sure restrictions here.

At any rate, to the central matter. I totally love ROBLOX itself as a platform. It enables me to be uncover my imaginative personality, simple to pick up programming and even opens up profession openings. As somebody who is making over £10,000 off of ROBLOX I can state myself that it can have constructive advantages benefits me massively. My survey generally speaking is that ROBLOX is a splendid platform with an equalisation of pessimism and positivity inside their locale, much the same as most different platforms!
Adult Written byJohn W. May 21, 2016


Now I don't know what other parents are thinking, saying, and I quote "Roblox is not for kids". Here are some reasons it's a great experience for kids!

1. Roblox is free, apart from the UNNECESSARY purchases to customize your character.

2. There are tons of games for your kids to enjoy.

3. Your child can learn coding and more programming and building his own game.

Now let's be honest, they're are a few violent games, but your character always dies with the same screen: A flash of red and then he explodes into BLOCKS, THAT'S RIGHT, BLOCKS. I guess if you find a game you don't want them playing just tell them, the only other problem is the consumerism, but let's be honest, they can just get a Roblox or iTunes or whatever store gift card and buy some robux with THEIR OWN money, again, it's not a big deal.

DON'T LISTEN TO PARENTS SAYING IT'S "Horrible" and "Not for kids'. This game is perfectly safe and fun!

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Adult Written bypoopyfat October 9, 2020

Why do you guys hate this? This game is awesome!

Ok, so I am here to clear some things up, because clearly there has been a lot of confusion. So ROBLOX is a very age appropriate game! All the inappropriate stuff is blocked out or reported instantly. ROBLOX has a very good moderation system and most ROBLOX games are appropriate! If you want some games that I can promise you are ok for kids are: Piggy: Piggy is a great game that is not violent at all! I mean sure you get hit with bats but really? Is it really that violent? Arsenal: Ok it is not violent at all! just because it has to do with guns does not mean its violent! Blockate: Blockate is a very good game and does encourages creativity building there own builds! The Blockate team has a bunch of moderators! And have you heard about ROBLOX getting sued? Well they got sued for a dumb reason. So this idiot girl spent 1000 real life dollars on robux because her idiot parents let her have their crdit card number then the idiot parents sued ROBLOX blaming them even though it was their daughters fault. People can be so stupid sometimes. But ROBLOX is a amazing game!

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Adult Written by2Bytez July 19, 2020



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