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Tackles digital dating abuse with videos appealing to teens.
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Adult Written byDiverseAppreciator December 12, 2019

Lacks autism tailoring

I have approached Futures Without Violence (who is behind That's Not Cool and Coaching Boys Into Men) regarding tailoring of their programs for people with autism and other special needs and they responded that it is not a focus area despite the US CDC estimate of 1 in 68 children being on the autism spectrum.
If Futures tailors their programs for autism and other special needs, these programs can become even more effective by catering for a special audience.
Parent of a 14 and 18+-year-old Written byBobV01 March 16, 2014

Thats not cool is misandric

That’s not cool dot com still has a Public Service Announcement airing on American television depicting a male texting his girlfriend in the morning and calling it controlling, sexual harassment and they have failed to redact it. The piece is clear misandry and needs to be redacted, please let us help them understand.
That's Not Cool. 77,194 likes • 57 talking about this. When does caring become controlling? When does affection become obsession? When does talking become …
A fun website for teens with timely videos, funny call out cards for Textual Harassment and a forum to share your thoughts on topics like pic pressure,
Pressure Pic Problem - Boyfriend's Story - That's Not Cool (on you tube)
The Break In - Girlfriend's Story - That's Not Cool (on you tube )
Pressure Pic Problem – Boyfriends Story – That’s Not Cool (on you tube ) this is the PSA that is still running, and I believe the only one, on American television.
Parent of a 11-year-old Written byLola12 February 15, 2010

perfect for tweens and older

I think this website has great infomration for young people who are trying to figure out whats ok and what is not...It speaks directly to them, its both serious content but with some humor.
Parent of a 14 and 17-year-old Written bycib258 February 4, 2009

Parents need to get involved

That's great for the kids to help themselves, I have no problem with But, I'm looking forward to seeing their resources for parents. That would have been my first step.

Many of the reviews have focused on sexting and the posting of inappropriate photos. But, to their credit, that's not what Thatsnotcool is really concerned about. It's about every day kids hassling kids. It's nothing really new and it is why parents need to "be there,," to help them focus on what is real. So, in the 21st Century parents need to be involved in the electronic message flow, everyday. They are not going to stop it.

If parents add their kind, responsible, caring adult words to the stream of ideas their children are seeing on the tiny cellphone screens, it may help offset the hurtful juvenile junk.

I stumbled on the issue of text abuse last year in my early research for This is the reason why we installed tight security on our texting-sending web service. And it's also why we have (a non-advertised) "bad word" filter on WuduPlz. We did not want bad actors using our service. (It is next to impossible to send an anonymous message via WuduPlz, but it's still handy for members.)

In talking about with teachers and others who work with older kids, we found they were eager to have responsible adult voices joining the youthful chatter on the cellphones screen of students, especially for middle school children. "Wuduplz can help inject a reality check," we were told. And we made "add a reality check" a part of our pitch to parents.

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