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Teen, 13 years old Written bypascal April 9, 2008

u need real money for virtual items

game revolves around money-u buy it and how rich you are in the game
Kid, 9 years old November 12, 2013

Fine for 18+

NOT FOR KIDS AT ALL! All they care about is the money. I tried it. To play, you have to pay $0.50 or $5.00 for a trial. A TRIAL! Other that this, I'd recommend IMVU or Gaia Online. To play this, I recommend 18+.
What other families should know
Too much consumerism
Safety and privacy concerns
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

A great way to kill the boardom.

Ok... This is getting a bit out of hand. Let da K-man breaggitdown Sex-nothing explicit. Kissing and thats all. Of course, there's always talking.... Violance- Running over people and shooting people. You cant die, and your guy comes out totally unscathed. The guns are unreallistic but can be made to look real. And even though there only paint guns, thay will send you FLYING!!! Language-If you leave your chat filter on, its all good. But voice chatters are a different story. Social Behavior- If your nice, people will like you. If you're an A-hole, you'll get the heck shot out of ya. You can drink, but you cant get staggering wasted or anything. I /---- I I I I I I I ____/ out of 10