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age 13+

One of the best video streaming services that is free and legal!

Tubi is one of the best free and legal video streaming services out there. However, the review is correct with the fact that it has more mature content than kid-friendly content. Sure, there are ad-breaks, but that is not a problem. In various films that are on the service, there is some positivity, like educational value, positive messages and role models. But there are some things to watch out for, too, like violence, sex, language, and drinking, drugs and smoking, which occur in most of the films on the platform, since there are more mature films are included than kid-friendly content. I do think that the age recommendation was too high, though. But it’s always hard to tell with thousands of films available on a platform. I would recommend the Tubi app over the Tubi website, though, since the app is more convenient and easier to find. I love this platform and it is very easy to use because there is no subscription required, since it is completely free. If you are looking for a good more or TV show to watch, try Tubi. You won’t be disappointed.

This title has:

Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
Easy to play/use
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 15+

Children’s shows to adult content

Well this app was programmed with zero common sense. My kids like to watch superwings, but when one episode is over it just stops completely and always goes to “live” tv, and something that looked like “The Shining” was playing in their bedroom when I walked in. This has happened a few times, although now I’m always ready to change the channel. On all other streaming apps, one episode will lead to another, or it will at least go to a live children’s channel when the show has ended. I’m over it, no more tubi. They can watch snippets of superwings on YouTube.
age 18+


Great app
age 16+

Great app, completely ineffective parental controls

This is an odd review. I set this app up on the firestick for my disabled father. We live together, so I can help take care of him. He started playing extremely sexually explicit content, no matter day or night. I asked him nicely several times to please only watch that when I am not home, as it makes me very uncomfortable. Apparently, he does not care how it makes me feel. So, I hide away in my room, as I think about moving. The only reason I'm still here, is because he needs me. Then, my daughter moved in to help her finish last semester in college. I couldn't have him continue these behaviors with his granddaughter around. It was already gross enough. Now please, mind you, this man has had seven strokes, so he's not in his right mind anymore. Yet, it's still creepy and gross. So, I put on parental controls on the firestick. That did not work. So then I learned that it needed to be done on the tubi app itself. I put it down to 14 and he's still able to play the same content. So I put it even lower, and yet still he's playing sexual content. Fed up, I have deleted the app.

This title has:

Too much sex
age 10+


I downloaded it for some of the more obscure titles. However I tried watching 4 of those movies and 5 minutes left in the movie....Your next feature starts in 17 rewind cause maybe I missed something.....AND 5 minutes left in the movie feature starts in 17 seconds. Four times, Four movies. For kids, this might not be an issue but it certainly is for me. So if you want to know who dunnit, who survived etc...this is not the channel for you.
age 2+
It has movies for all ages. Even has the cartoon movie The Smurfs which came out 1976. Has Old movie classics to New movies. I love it!!!
age 18+

Lousy Site

Rarely loads films and when it does it freezes. No problem with any other movie site.