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Fascinating color commentary for cartoon superfans.
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Kid, 9 years old June 3, 2018
Teen, 14 years old Written byEmmaReviewsStuff May 26, 2018

Not 100% kid friendly, but still a quality channel.

With a whopping almost 2 million subscribers under their belt, ChannelFrederator will definitely impress. With its down-to-earth hosts and engaging cartoon facts and theories videos, it's pretty easy to accidentally binge-watch for an hour or more. However, it's not for everyone. Occasional language can be heard, depending on the host. The worst of it that I've heard is probably b-tch (unbleeped), and sh-t (censored). Another very important thing to note is that not all the cartoons they cover are not necessarily TV-Y7 or TV-PG. For example, out of all 1,300 videos on their channel, they're done 32 on Rick and Morty, which (hopefully?) most parents wouldn't want their preteen exposed to (just read csm's review on it). Other then that, the channel will greatly be appreciated by cartoon enthusiasts.
Kid, 11 years old February 8, 2019

good, but not 100% kid-friendly.

i do really like their content, but some of their alternate accounts do use some language (un-beeped)

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Teen, 17 years old Written byT J May 9, 2018

Everything you could want from a cartoon centric YouTube channel and more!

Channel Frederator is not only “Cartoon Central of the Internet”, it’s also currently the biggest YouTube channel in the cartoon community. Founded by Fred Siebert and managed by Frederator Networks, Channel Frederator is a group of independent cartoonist on a mission to share their love for the animation art form and make animation too! If you are a fan of animation, this channel is a must watch for you! There’s something for everyone to enjoy: Clips, original animations, recommendations, trivia, interviews with industry professionals, exclusive behind the scenes stuff and more! I love all of Channel Frederator’s content, “Tooned Up”, “107 Facts”, “Then VS Now”, “Know Your Show”, “Cartoon Hangover”, “Notification Squad” and “Whatever Happened to...” are all amazing. But “Cartoon Conspiracy” is my favorite.

“Cartoon Conspiracy” is proof that many cartoons are very well researched and meant to be over-analyzed. Nothing in animation is an accident, so if you suspect that a scene in a cartoon might have a deeper meaning, it probably does. One thing that separates “Cartoon Conspiracy” from other conspiracy shows on YouTube, is that the people at Channel Frederator usually don’t come up the the conspiracies featured in the show. They take theories surrounding cartoons that already exist and then explain the theory, analyze how well it holds up and in the end, rate it’s plausibility. And their conclusion on a theory is not always an opinion, occasionally they are able to get cartoon creators and animation historians to come on the show to confirm or debunk certain theories once and for all.

Overall I really cannot recommend Channel Frederator enough to animation fans! You will not be disappointed with this channel. There’s just so many shows to choose from and something to fit everyone’s tastes! The content is usually ok, but sometimes they discuss adult cartoons and scenes in cartoons related to sex, swearing, drugs, drinking, gore etc. but these videos are usually recognizable by their titles and thumbnails.

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