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Family hypes up life experiences, dad leads the silly fun.
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Parent of a 5-year-old Written byMapetiteDawn June 3, 2019

You can tell they are good from all the haters

I'm 42 and I have 5 kids ranging from 25 to 5 years old. We are a Christian family. Our adult children are all employed and our school age children make good grades and are very well behaved and respectful.

Having said that I am a fan of this channel as well as all of their other channels for my kids and myself. When my children are watching it I don't have to worry about them hearing bad words or being influenced badly in other ways. I love that the whole family is included in the videos, it is a family affair and that is wonderful in my book. They are all funny and the dad is really good at coming up with funny rhymes that my kids love. They get so excited playing games together and it is fun to watch, reminds me of when my sisters and I would play games late at night and get so excited we would forget people were sleeping. LOL

I have seen some of the most ridiculous negative reviews for them from the dad has an annoying voice to they use the kids to make money. I found both comments dumb and not at all true. They are proud of their kids, any parent worth their salt can see that. They are successful, happy, Christian youtuber family so they are going to have more than their share of haters. As a parent you should never trust the opinions of strangers when it comes to what is good for your kids. Watch it yourself and come up with your own opinion.

In the end they are good clean fun and my kids love it. The kids are kids and that is a good thing, it is very obviously the real them.

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Adult Written byMamaSharkDooDooDoo June 4, 2019

People are uptight

When did we become a society that freaks out because kids think poop and farts are funny? Sure the dad is kind of annoying but find me a children's program that doesn't have annoying voices and/or characters. The father comes up with funny, catchy songs that kids love. I much prefer this channel than some of the other families with their boring holier than thou personas. As far as exploiting their children for money... EVERY family that creates YouTube channels and puts their children out there for the world to watch/crtitcize/praise is exploiting them for money. Without their children, they'd have no channel. This family seems like real people and not fake for the camera. Lighten up folks, childhood isn't meant to be stuffy and proper, that's what adulthood is for.
Adult Written byJentorres February 19, 2019

Can’t stand this channel

I seriously will not allow my child to watch this and I WISH YouTube would let me block this channel or any related channel. First off, all I hear is the father who’s clearly in it for the money, his voice is super annoying AND most importantly the father and the kids are always saying... WHAT THE.... I don’t allow my child to say that because you know what’s supposed to come next $&@! The father says some not very smart things ( I’m being nice). They are showing kids all the things they can’t have and the language is not okay..

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byScharffFamily2016 February 9, 2019

Love this family

My kids love this show. I don't believe all the backlash they have been getting is right and they are being bullied for living a fun life and making memories with their kids . They show their kids so much love and spend so much time with them it's amazing . They aren't just ignoring their kids like other parents do . Their kids are so awesome and have such big personalities and I think that's great that they let them be them, instead of expecting them to just sit in a spot and be quiet like little perfect robots. Kids are meant to be carefree during their childhood and it's so nice to see these parents give their kids this life and still show them how to be good people. They make all of us laugh and we enjoy watching them everyday. For those people who say,that they're encouraging bad behavior and their kids are being influenced by this family's "bad behavior", it's simple turn it off! If you want to blame your kids bad behavior on someone else then we've found the problem ,it's YOU! If you aren't taking responsiblity of your own kids and understand that it start with you, than those kids are doomed to follow you're foot steps and live a life where "everyone else" is to blame for everything wrong in their own life. You aren't doing your job as a parent if your kids don't know that they shouldn't repeat what they see on tv &the difference between right and wrong. Also I have not seen these parents put their kids in any danger once since they've started their channel. Kids get hurt in normal day to day activities and that's what happens sometimes on video but instead of being fake about it or hiding it,they show it because it's nothing to hide and it's normal ! They kiss the boo boos and take care of them like good parents do and them They take their mind off of any pain that was just caused by having fun. They are amazing parents & they have beautiful, smart and funny kids.

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Parent Written byAshley L. May 30, 2018

Even I watch it

Funnel vision is the best family on YouTube. Their a normal family. Not uptight and aggravating. I really enjoy watching this channel with my children. Not quite sure when people are bashing them, their not making their kids do anything they don’t wanna do.. they’ve been doing this since Lexi was a toddler. Don’t hateee.

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Adult Written byMeghanmmp July 26, 2018

Not appropriate

Dad exploits his children for money.
Adult Written byHoard1117 May 23, 2019

Goofy but funny.

We have been watching the Funnelvision family for years. Ya the dad is a little goofy, but that’s what makes it funny and entertaining. All these negative reviews are just from super lame parents who have zero sense of humor. They probably have their kids watch little house on the prairie all day. This channel is always coming up with new videos that are original and not the same boring stuff you see on YouTube. I enjoy watching it with my kids (5 &7)
Adult Written byHedrenee3 March 29, 2019

We slay all day!

We found them researching Lego land. And we watch them a lot. My son loves all of it and we listen to the music. They are great and I see nothing wrong, there is no abuse or wrong doings.

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Adult Written byKaseylee March 7, 2019

We love Funnel Vision!

My 3 year old absolutely loves this family, along with my husband and I. It doesn’t have much educational content as say Blippi does, but it is still a fun, family oriented channel. I do not find the dad as “annoying” in the least bit, he is very entertaining and loves his children. I have never felt like he is “exploiting “ his kids, they always seem very happy to vlog. I also do not find the kids to be disrespectful, or sassy. I think the complete opposite. They are always very humble and thankful for everything they are given. A majority of the videos are birthday parties,holidays, and family vacations. There isn’t any content at all that I wouldn’t want my 3 year old watching. It is one of the only channels I feel comfortable letting him watch while I am busy doing other things in the house. They are a sweet,normal,loving family.
Adult Written byKatieTen February 4, 2019

Fun for kids

What’s with the bad reviews? It’s fine. Kids are not forced to do anything they don’t want to do. Pretty sure they don’t need to be forced to go to Disneyworld or Legoland! Funny entertainment for my kids. No harm done! Ok
Adult Written byAA81 November 11, 2018

Doing it for money

first time .. a must be banned !! Bonding with the family yes ... for money !! So obvious
Parent of a 9-year-old Written byJules R. May 4, 2018

Pretty decent..

Since it involves the whole family, promotes bonding :)
And ideas to do with your kids!

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Adult Written byHVACmom March 6, 2019

Fun family adventures

I love this family. They do so many fun things with the kids, gives me ideas of things I can do with my own.

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Adult Written by[email protected] February 23, 2019


Our family relates to this family so much. The parents are real!! Duddy is hilarious. The kids are awesome. I don't mind watching these guys all day compared to other youtubing families. Never boring and always engaged in activity! Love it!

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Adult Written bydflaucher October 19, 2018

Horrible - I'm an awful parent for not paying attention!

This is a horrible show. I've blocked this family 3 times but they keep renaming their Youtube Channels. Do not let your children watch this. The Dad has 4 kids he allows and encourages them to do horrible things but then throws a toy review or "challenge" in there and so many kids watch this crap. There is video of him leaving his baby (about 6 months at the time) alone upstairs in an their old home. Kid could have fallen down the stairs. Video of Dad pretending to stab his wife while she's not looking. Video of a water spitting game with his sons in their home in their living room. Video of the kids hiding on the shelves of toilet paper and paper towels at Target and Walmart. Kids kick the paper towel out to surprise their siblings. But my all time favorite would be when their neighbor comes into their house to ask the Dad to move his car. They are blocking her drive way. She had just spoken with him early to move it. The Dad is following her around the house video taping this old women, he then proceeds to scream at her to get out of his house. Screaming, rage screaming at an old women who he had just spoken to about moving his car.
I feel like an awful parent for not paying attention to what my child is watching.
Adult Written bysqcman408 June 20, 2019

Dad Procreating and using kids for money

The coward snobby dad who never discloses his name just had kids to make money. He stuffs candy in their mouths and make them do dangers things. Dads voice is annoying and his wife seems annoyed with him at times. Cant believe she did hasn't divorced him yet.

Dad farts on camera and makes fun of less fortunate people in public.
All that money they make why don't they make donations set good examples for other kids watching. Whats the dad going to do when all his kids grow up and move out.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byMomoh2 November 7, 2018

Block this channel

This family is a mess to watch . They serve no real purpose on YouTube other than to be silly and do challenges. There were 2 episodes in particular I was appalled by The one where the child Kills the frog and the other a music video about shooting each other. Granted,they were using Nerf guns but it is highly inappropriate for small children. Even my 10yr old son was shocked to see this. There are other things the matter with the content of which this family is displaying but these 2 are by far the worst offenders. Forgot to mention the father of these kids condoning inappropriate rude behavior in public places.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written bybreanna_bloom October 8, 2018

I just can't

Well, they do have violence, they even make music videos on how much money they get! My daughters love this (channel?) but, I can't help but tell them to stop watching it. The dad is not a good role model. He walks all over stuff in stores, he uses his kids for money, and they brag about it! I also think that they need to be more "child friendly" only because of how they are using knifes that are hot, they (fake yell) and do all sorts of stuff on there that even my sister's children aren't allowed to watch and there only 5 & 8, as my daughters are both 10.. They chat stuff in class which has given them bad consequences in school.. and I've seen it in Funel Vison. So, no I don't think it's good for children to be honest. (if you know your child won't repeat it, I honestly think the channel is fine )

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byLaurmel August 4, 2019

Annoying dad and kids act like imbeciles

They act like fools in public and it drives me nuts. I am usually creeped out by these YouTube families using their kids for YouTube fame, but this dad is the worst. He acts like an immature jerk most of the time and has his kids follow suit. My son is obsessed with this show but we stopped letting him watch it after he sang the ‘pew pew’ song to kids at the park and told me about a video where one of the kids kills a frog.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byAmerkindream December 31, 2019

"YouTube families" are pure cancer

My son loves this channel, and although I don't think it's "inappropriate" per se (unless you don't approve of potty humor), it's still a terrible YouTube Family doing what they do best: exploiting their children for money. Gross.

The thumbnails for the videos alone make me want to tear my own eyes out, and the videos themselves seem to be edited by someone with ADHD on meth (obviously the dad). Oh my god, the dad. The dad is the absolute worst. I don't know how an actual woman looked at him and thought, "Yes, I will definitely marry and breed with this overgrown toddler, and spend the rest of my life scrubbing the skid marks he leaves in his underwear".

And yes I will judge these people as harshly as possible- I think what they and people like them do is disgusting. Shoving cameras in their kids faces day in and day out so they can make money off of them is basically child abuse.

And all the "haters" they have doesn't mean that they are good, at all. It means the opposite. They are objectively bad people, with a bad YouTube channel.