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Popular unboxing vids are heavy on the commercialism.
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Parent Written bysylver71 August 30, 2017

It's not mindless, it's insidious

Nothing more than a tool for marketing to very young children. Zero value to kids.

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Adult Written byBrianPatrick03 August 27, 2018

Targeting your toddlers like cigarette companies....

This channel is not only non educational, and inappropriate for its target audience it’s strait up dangerous and should be blocked by most parents.

Let me say , I used to really enjoy when this channel was new and they were a family having fun playing and reviewing common toys.

Somewhere along the way the mother has let greed take control of her . As a father , I can tell you there is no way a 4-5 year old kid wants to push out a YouTube video every 4 hrs. Every 4 hours!

These videos are keyworded and tagged creatively to specifically target your children and appear in the related searches of other videos they watch . They are literally TARGETING YOUR CHILDREN. ( Reminds me of old cigarette company tactics)

Some of these videos are completely inappropriate.

I found my son looking for household chemicals to mix because he saw it on Ryan’s Toy reviews and wanted to know what other things did when they mix. (His mom used to be a science teacher so she encourages toddlers to do experiments)

Another is pitching “Cozmo” .... a $300 robot toy built for adults for in the office....

Or how about when they pretend it’s the first day of school and treat it like Bart Simpson and show kids how NOT to behave, the wrong way to act.... the whole show is misinforming kids. Young kids ... the ages that don’t know any better.

They also coincidentally disable all comments on videos.

They have now added a new channel called Ryan’s Family Reviews where they again use keywords and tags with related video feeds to target your children. This is why they have millions of views but not a lot of “likes”.

They have also been accused of buying views and likes.

They’re frauds and again they are targeting kids.

They should be shut down imo, but there is no one to complain to. It’s a mess.

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Adult Written byAstarisborn October 6, 2018

I hate this channel

Everything about it. Ok, no, mostly the mom. Seriously awful. Its a giant commercial (which they don't hide) and are ALWAYS talking about freakin McDonalds. It is all so iritating. For anyone wondering how to block it, you have to log in to your youtube account or your google account. If you are on a cell phone app, you can block individual videos by clicking on the 3 verticle dots and selecting "block video". If you want to block the channel (in the app), use the search function, using the title Ryans ToyReview, and the first result will be the channel. Again, click on the 3 dots and click "block channel." You are welcome.

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Adult Written bymamapantalones June 21, 2018

Incredibly annoying

While my 3 year old loves this channel, my husband and I can't stand it. There's really no purpose to it, and the mother's voice is so extremely loud and obnoxious even when we have it set to the lowest volume on his tablet it is still extremely loud.

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Parent of a 3, 6, and 10-year-old Written byJfkhloe September 8, 2018

Terrible example for children

Young brains are impressionable and this is completely not what I want my child to witness as “fun”. I have deleted YouTube kids from my child’s device because he was beginning to think that all families live like this - $1000’s worth of new toys every week, parents who play with them 24/7, hours at arcades, Disney, etc. This family is manipulating a very cute, smart kid for financial gain. The mother’s voice is probably the most annoying sound I’ve heard come out of an iPad. She dominates every video and screams and giggles a shrill sound nonstop. Torture. The dad is tolerable. Now I let him occasionally use my device to watch Blippy, songs, etc. otherwise, YouTube is now gone for him, thanks to Ryan.

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Adult Written bybreanac1986 August 16, 2018

Not Good For kid behavior

while I let my daughter watch this when she was 2 and 3 I just cant let her watch it anymore. I understand that it is supposed to be toy reviews, and when it was that it was fine. but now he is hawking his own toy line at us and I wont give him more money. The parents are obnoxious and film everything, I never see him diciplined when he is acting bratty. I think it is one of the reasons my daughter thinks it's ok to whine. I stopped letting her watch this a week ago and the behavior is 100 percent better. I don't know what it is about this show but it just feels dirty.

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Parent Written bypapa r. June 7, 2018

plastic worshipping revenue machine kids creator

garbage, pure garbage. just another way to manipulate kids to make money for this tipe of parents

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Adult Written bycarowawa June 12, 2019

Sad to watch

After a few weeks of having to listen to the mom's obnoxious voice and fake laugh, I realized it really is just sad for Ryan and his siblings. Imagine growing up and having your parents shove a camera in your face 24/7. And realizing that all these fun trips and family outings were just for millions of other people to watch, so your parents can make money off of you...

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Adult Written byMelissa0205 January 13, 2019

Block Ryan Toy review

First of all the mom is obnoxious and her voice is so irritating. Besides that this channel is a unrealistic depiction of a child’s life. No kid should get toys every single day. It’s teaching g kids to be materialistic and ungrateful

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Parent of a 4 and 7-year-old Written bySusana V. November 21, 2017

Addictive for my kids

I don't what's up with this channel but my kids always want to watch it. It has no educational value. The family behind this channel shares with you every trip, holiday, birthday, etc - with their 2 kids now (Ryan an his baby sister) opening presents. If you Google Ryan's Toys Reviews you'll see that it is a very profitable channel. Commercialism pure and simple. Don't partake.

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Adult Written byVidya R. May 15, 2018

Waste of time

Its just a video to make lot of money with those kids by their parents. My kid is watching it non stop just to waste his time, knowledge and skill. I'm just finding out ways to block those videos. ill be helpful if someone can suggest the way to block those completely from my gadgets.
Adult Written bytmkss5 January 12, 2019

Ryans Reviews...Get off youtube and hulu and get a job and Ryan some friends.

My grandson likes Ryan however I can not stand it. It has no educational purpose and why does a child need that many toys?? These toys are all donated to him by
big retail stores to push up there sales by the reviews but i don't see reviews on these toys anymore. It may have started that way But it certainly has not continued that way. I think it is totally disgusting that this family is still on hulu and youtube when they are no longer doing what they started out to do RYAN TOYS REVIEW! My grandson thinks we should be able to get him every toy Ryan has on his channel. Really!? Let me say that we have the ability to provide our grandson all his heart desires but around here we earn rewards! My grandson is no longer allowed to watch this show. When we banned it at first he screamed and screamed....What are these disgusting people doing to our children. I agree there should be a filter on youtube so that my grandson can watch educational videos without having the Ryan toy reviews come up. I want to block all of those videos. YOUTUBE DO SOMETHING HERE! The parents are awful on there. OMG the mothers voice. The kids net worth 22 million in 2018...,my behind that's his parents net worth through their son and now the rest of the family is on there too. What has this world come to?!

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Adult Written byRyansdadmom June 30, 2019

I can't wait to see Ryan becomes an adult.

I hate seeing those videos being recommended to me. I wonder what Ryan will be like when he becomes an adult. Will he social issues? Dating. Damn I've pitched in a reality show idea. He is going to have girl issues because everything is about me me me.
Adult Written byquietmountain May 26, 2019

Obnoxious trash

Ryan's Toy Review is like trash reality tv for small children. It seems to be addictive for kids yet has no real substance. The mother's voice is the single most irritating, obnoxious noise I have ever heard in my life.

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Adult Written byDipstick January 30, 2020


The show is stupid and should be pulled off You Tube. As for as I’m concerned the toys are just cheap plastic.
Adult Written bykelseyr89 September 7, 2018

Spoiled brats

In one episode I watched this kid literally pull out A few hundred dollars of toys from this stupid superman egg!!! Are you kidding me? Not to mention so far I have counted this kid has AT LEAST 5 power wheel . Buying your kid(s) that many toys is outrageous! How do you ever come up with Christmas/birthday presents? When this kid gets hundreds of toys a week!!!???? There is nothing educational about these videos and I think it makes less fortunate families look bad cause it leaves kids wanting everything this Ryan kid has!!!!! My child won't be watching Ryan's videos that is for sure!!!!
Adult Written byDantidote January 6, 2020

Exploiting their child

My daughter infrequently uses the iPad. And since we downloaded the YouTube kids app, she has started talking like the mother and she now believes that families act like this. She literally thinks that families act this way. It’s obvious they are exploiting their child, as the family are worth 40 million. It’s important you don’t let your kids watch it, my daughter calls these “learning videos” which I find horrid, as all the family do is try and sell you their ridiculous overpriced toy eggs, and obviously have paid promotions to sel you McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and many others. It’s unashamed and pathetic. Could not hate this more.
Adult Written byCms66 September 2, 2019

Help! Causes aggression

We can't be the only ones! Everytime my grandson who is very autistic watches this show he gets super aggressive if you take it away. I've been googling this with zero relevant results. We've taken away access to all videos because of this. Life is much better!

I have no idea if it's because it's addictive or it's something that family does. Any thoughts???

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Adult Written byMelissaLynn74 November 19, 2018

Unachievable levels of kid life and parenting!

There is a lot of plastic in this show!
I appreciate the inspired play, but it is excessive, practically unrealistic and now that we've had about a year of watching this kid, everything about this ch. is irritating. More than 10 power wheels, virtually every toy you can think of and endless play time. The parents almost seem to be exploiting this kiddo and it makes it hard to enjoy. I am writing this review, while my 3 year old is watching him, and screams 'look! 'Ook! (Look, look) every 7 seconds, as they pull toy after toy out and throw balls all over the place and drag parts and pcs, everywhere.
If you wanna feel like an underachiever 9n parenting, this will do it!

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Adult Written byYoutubeMoneyGrab555 September 6, 2018

It is a plague STEER CLEAR

I wish it had never come up on auto play! It started with a good ol fashioned episode of paw patrol on YouTube. Apparently YouTube's algorithm lumps him in with legit cartoons. All it is, is a money grab for the obnoxious mother. She dumped all of her money into advertising and paying for paid time on YouTube then quit her job to receive free toys from companies that couldn't be bothered to donate to toys for tots much less donate to a charity. The poor boy seems on the verge of a meltdown when mommy won't buy toys ie: their paid trips to disneyland. (there's no need because SHE is sponsored from every toy company imaginable) Her husband seemed to genuinely enjoy it until she turned it into a greed fest. Now he just seems so forced. And tired, not physically but mentally beaten by her fake smile and negligence to her 2 daughters who didn't become important until she could sell them for views too.

They went to Wal-Mart where they sell "Ryans" clothes and toys and they bought not 1 but 10 items. (Which means they get that money back to instead of taking any of the free products you KNOW they have. )

Odd that with ALLLLL the power wheels and money they have, she hasn't even given it a second thought to donate the toys he's out grown. Hoard, hoard, hoard. Or spent money on a gym membership or anything to care for herself better. It's been sad to see her inflate along with her money. I guess when you never want for basic things like food that's not something you worry about. I look forward to the day she can no longer cash in on her children and actually has to work again. It will be hilarious trying to explain "I quit my job to play with my sons toys for him because he want doing it right to get me enough views. "

When youtube allows to block a channel from showing up on your feed (because right now it's like herpes, one time and its on there forever) it will be a glorious day.

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