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Popular unboxing vids are heavy on the commercialism.
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Adult Written byLisaDa August 27, 2018


The fact that the parents quit their jobs and are living off of Ryan is disgusting.
Worse yet more of the family members are going on his show.
(Princess T is the mothers sister)
The mother is annoying and the father can get nasty sometimes. I don't think Ryan has any real friends,
They don't teach children anything, which is odd since the mother WAS a teacher.
Its a waste of time.

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Adult Written byMaryamne1979 March 23, 2020

Absolute Trash

This is the absolute worst video series that my kids have ever asked to watch. What started out as a cute little kid talking about toys and doing some activities has turned into complete trash. First off, the parents are way too involved. These adults act like children, running around screaming with their obnoxious high pitched voices. Second, this kid is no longer little or cute. He is way too old for the age bracket that the videos are geared toward. I also do not appreciate the way he interacts with his parents. He is basically the boss of his family in these videos. Third, and worst on the list, these videos are nothing but marketing for their trash product line. I refuse to buy my children any of the crap that these people push on their videos. If you search, you will see that a formal complaint was actually filed about the advertising. I cannot say enough negative things about this “show”.

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Adult Written byGordonRamsay March 17, 2020

Bad, Just bad

They target cigarettes companys and the mum is a criminal for shop lifting (stealing)
Also Ryan is on Is kind of a spoilt little brat

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Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byCommonSenseIsUn... February 22, 2020

Ryans World Brainwashes Kids

My 3yo son and 4yo nephew seem to have been brainwashed from this show. They both were very well behaved boys before becoming addicted to Ryan's world. They both slept through the night regularly without issues before they started watching the show. Now my son wakes up all hours of the night screaming to watch Ryan, every single night. It got so bad that my sister in law took her sons television out of his room. He was also waking up screaming for Ryan and after being diciplined for that he would just go into his mother's room and stand over her staring like he was posessed until she would wake up startled. He would ask her to put Ryan on when she woke up. Both boys developed serious behavioral problems after watching Ryans world. I would not recommend this show to anyone. Everything was Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, all day and night. My son would just sit in his room watching the show. He didn't interact nearly as much with his brothers and when he did he would usually misbehave and cause trouble until they would agree to turn the show on for him. I could go on and on about the negative affects that show has had on not only my son but his cousin as well and I'm very curious if anyone else has had experiences similar to ours. Please share if you have.

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Adult Written byMarie R. January 20, 2020

Should be ashamed

1) Ryan always wins games which is not realistic to life and teachs kids nothing about losing or playing fair...
2)exploits their child for money...
3) not educational at all
4) parents play stupid which is a terrible message to everyone considering they are both highly educated.. playing stupid helps nobody in life.

5) the quality of their toys is the worst I have seen.... they are cheaper than dollar store toys.. they are completely poor quality and overpriced simply because “they can”.... they know parents want to please their children by buying ryan products so they use the absolutely cheapest material possible to make more money for themselves... considering they made their fame by reviewing toys themselves, you would think they would care about the quality of their own product.. nope, its all about money to them clearly as their products are ridiculously cheaply made And break easily

6) its one big commercial for their own products now, teaches absolutely nothing to kids

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Adult Written byJenny493 December 6, 2018

Their voices are so annoying

I think it's ridiculous the amount of money they make just for playing with their kid! And only toddlers can stand to watch it because their voices are so annoying i have to make my kid wear headphones because it drives me bonkers! They need to go on with life and let their kid live his life with out that camera in his face all the time.
Adult Written bySharmor01 June 9, 2020

Money making of children

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on any of these toys, i brought this for my 7 year old who loves Ryan however this treasure box is too hard for him to open we ended up smashing it outside on the floor just to open it. Then inside is a ryans figure that you can get for £4 absolute waste of money and a complete RIP OFF, DO NOT BUY.

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Adult Written byGemmab167 May 29, 2020

Worst Toy Ever!

I Gifted My Nephew A Ryan’s World Bubble Lawnmower 3+ I Admit My Nephew Is Only 2! But This Bubble Mower Came In A Medium Box Well The Actual Toy Was So Flimsy No Child Even As Young As 3 Would Be Stable With This It Is Thinner Plastic Than Those Horrible Plastic White Garden Chairs My Nan Used To Have The Worst Part Is It Takes Batteries Underneath Where You Put The Bubbles (Clever) DO NOT BUY
Adult Written byemear May 9, 2020

Don't let your kids watch

When this "show" started out and they were actually reviewing products it was tolerable. Now it's solely about following a family around and promoting themselves. The mother has to be the most obnoxious person I've ever heard. The ladies voice is beyond irrating. It has no value for your kids.

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Adult Written byWellwellwell1111 October 22, 2018

Haters on here

My little girl loves this show, it is educational, informative on toys and places they visit. Shame on all the haters reviews for talking smack about these people. Obviously they make you look bad so you have to put bad reviews. Plus if they have the money to buy him toys every week then it’s better then the beer or wine you haters are wasting on yourself. Lol this show is great and that is why they have so many followers and views. I’d like to see all you talking bad make one cause I would love to review it.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byhasply December 17, 2020

Rayan' s toy review

Rayan toy review does not show anu educative video. It just shows how to ruin a kid how a kid can be attracted to more toy and also tells where to buy. All the parent does not have lot of money to buy all toys. My son never used to demand for toy, but when he started to watch Rayan show , he constantly push us for toy. Those Rayan toy is also expensive and in the show it also tells where to find. Its very hard to tell the kid constantly no. They are making money and they are ruining our life and destroying our kid. When kids constantly ask for toy, how can we buy all?

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Adult Written byAdamHacem December 7, 2020

Horribly Underated

ryan toys review just belongs in a trash can. It needs to be stopped!

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Adult Written byKatieCireland July 29, 2020


Iv blocked ryans channel from my child's YouTube. His behavior is not a good influence. He's spoilt , rude, the mother is an idiot too. Too much time on their hands. Robbery !! I bought my daughter 3 golden eggs for her birthday and I would have gotten more of a result burning my money. I was so embarrassed when my daughter opened her eggs. They came with stickers, fake tattoos and keychains. My child was so disappointed . I wasted €240 . Not a good influence on kids at all. AVOID! Robbers ! Iv made sure to tell all on my social media pages and a number of my followers have shared too!!

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Adult Written byJessicav26 December 28, 2019

ryan toy review

my son loves watching this show and I quite frankly find it annoying especially the mom I cant stand her voice....its no educational does no good for a kids mind that is just developing and of course its very important that young kids take as much knowledge as possible since they stored more in there brains while they are young and still growing up this show is trash and its crazy how much money they are making. just taking over all the kids minds....

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Adult Written bybhaskars1 November 30, 2019

Very annoying & irritating

Ryan's toys review & Ryan's world videos are very annoying & irritating. They promote a lot of consumerism. Kids watching these videos are getting very addicted, unable to focus at school, and getting mentally stressed. Stay away. These videos should be banned.

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Adult Written byontrial October 14, 2019

Targeting children like the pharma industry is doing

This is perhaps the highest form of dumming down your children. The horrendous example that this creates is appalling.

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Adult Written byJewels1414 September 8, 2019

Creates bad behaviors

Recently my daughter has been watching these videos and at first I didn't think anything of it as it was on the kids YouTube but the more she watched them the more she was mimicking his obnoxious behavior. Asking for things in a demanding manor, overly repeating things she wanted, forgetting her manors. As a parent I find it disturbing the way the parents allow him to behave and profit from it. Watching this kid is no different then watching Spong Bon Square Pants back to back. My daughter hasn't learned anything that's of worth.
Adult Written byAm_sense101 September 8, 2019

Only way to stop is Report the show as misleading on YouTube

Best way to stop this show is to report their episodes on YouTube as “Spam or Misleading” — which it truly is.
This is super mindless and can’t believe Ryan Toy’s Review is worth over $80 million dollars. Doing mindless marketing and living their life pays off. More importantly our kids are becoming mindless and following them.

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Parent of a 7-year-old Written bypobrecitaa July 15, 2019

So many things to say.

There are so many things I could say about this show. Number one it feels like his parents are exploiting him so they can make money off of his channel. The kid eats candy, pizza, and other poor quality food items in every single video, which sends the message to my children that they should eat trash all the time. There is nothing educational about what Ryan is doing in his show, nothing of value for them, and they aren't doing anything positive for children. I'd give it 0 or an even more negative rating but I can't. Don't let your kids sit around watching this tasteless show. Poor role models, no good messages, and too many products that they are using within the show.
Adult Written byKapusta June 4, 2019

His mother

My son enjoys Ryan and his dad.......... the mother omg, has she heard of indoor voice, good lord! And to use loser when playing, are you kidding me.