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Popular unboxing vids are heavy on the commercialism.
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Adult Written byJenny493 December 6, 2018

Their voices are so annoying

I think it's ridiculous the amount of money they make just for playing with their kid! And only toddlers can stand to watch it because their voices are so annoying i have to make my kid wear headphones because it drives me bonkers! They need to go on with life and let their kid live his life with out that camera in his face all the time.
Adult Written byB Price September 9, 2018

Family Teamwork

I see the parents spend a lot of times with their kids. They are learning and bonding at the same time. Very close family!

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Adult Written bykelseyr89 September 7, 2018

Spoiled brats

In one episode I watched this kid literally pull out A few hundred dollars of toys from this stupid superman egg!!! Are you kidding me? Not to mention so far I have counted this kid has AT LEAST 5 power wheel . Buying your kid(s) that many toys is outrageous! How do you ever come up with Christmas/birthday presents? When this kid gets hundreds of toys a week!!!???? There is nothing educational about these videos and I think it makes less fortunate families look bad cause it leaves kids wanting everything this Ryan kid has!!!!! My child won't be watching Ryan's videos that is for sure!!!!
Adult Written byLisaDa August 27, 2018


The fact that the parents quit their jobs and are living off of Ryan is disgusting.
Worse yet more of the family members are going on his show.
(Princess T is the mothers sister)
The mother is annoying and the father can get nasty sometimes. I don't think Ryan has any real friends,
They don't teach children anything, which is odd since the mother WAS a teacher.
Its a waste of time.

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Adult Written byDipstick January 30, 2020


The show is stupid and should be pulled off You Tube. As for as I’m concerned the toys are just cheap plastic.
Adult Written byJessicav26 December 28, 2019

ryan toy review

my son loves watching this show and I quite frankly find it annoying especially the mom I cant stand her voice....its no educational does no good for a kids mind that is just developing and of course its very important that young kids take as much knowledge as possible since they stored more in there brains while they are young and still growing up this show is trash and its crazy how much money they are making. just taking over all the kids minds....

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Adult Written byJewels1414 September 8, 2019

Creates bad behaviors

Recently my daughter has been watching these videos and at first I didn't think anything of it as it was on the kids YouTube but the more she watched them the more she was mimicking his obnoxious behavior. Asking for things in a demanding manor, overly repeating things she wanted, forgetting her manors. As a parent I find it disturbing the way the parents allow him to behave and profit from it. Watching this kid is no different then watching Spong Bon Square Pants back to back. My daughter hasn't learned anything that's of worth.
Adult Written byAm_sense101 September 8, 2019

Only way to stop is Report the show as misleading on YouTube

Best way to stop this show is to report their episodes on YouTube as “Spam or Misleading” — which it truly is.
This is super mindless and can’t believe Ryan Toy’s Review is worth over $80 million dollars. Doing mindless marketing and living their life pays off. More importantly our kids are becoming mindless and following them.

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Adult Written byCms66 September 2, 2019

Help! Causes aggression

We can't be the only ones! Everytime my grandson who is very autistic watches this show he gets super aggressive if you take it away. I've been googling this with zero relevant results. We've taken away access to all videos because of this. Life is much better!

I have no idea if it's because it's addictive or it's something that family does. Any thoughts???

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Adult Written byJewel_Amber July 16, 2019

Autistic son loves Ryan.

My son doesn’t like a lot of things, but he has loved Ryan for a few years now. Even just Ryan trying different foods has helped my very picky son open up and try different foods.

I agree the mother’s voice becomes grating after a couple videos, but other than that the show is positive, and it’s completely appropriate for kids of all ages.

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Parent of a 7-year-old Written bypobrecitaa July 15, 2019

So many things to say.

There are so many things I could say about this show. Number one it feels like his parents are exploiting him so they can make money off of his channel. The kid eats candy, pizza, and other poor quality food items in every single video, which sends the message to my children that they should eat trash all the time. There is nothing educational about what Ryan is doing in his show, nothing of value for them, and they aren't doing anything positive for children. I'd give it 0 or an even more negative rating but I can't. Don't let your kids sit around watching this tasteless show. Poor role models, no good messages, and too many products that they are using within the show.
Adult Written byKapusta June 4, 2019

His mother

My son enjoys Ryan and his dad.......... the mother omg, has she heard of indoor voice, good lord! And to use loser when playing, are you kidding me.
Adult Written bymr S. May 27, 2019

it’s just plain HORRID

SO I found out that my 5 year old student kissy emoji
Wanted to date ryan
I watched his channel and the mom voice made my ears bleed
So I watched his roblox videos
So it’s just marketing to toddlers,it’s horrid and shall not be showed to my class

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Adult Written byclevermom March 2, 2019

Dangerous to Little Minds

Parents be careful, your kids brains are like sponges. Let them absorb good substance, not junk. Ryan toys review/family review is pure junk. The show is actually dangerous, it will teach your child that the important thing in life is to own tons of stuff, it teaches materialism and vanity. And it's designed to be highly addictive to little minds. As a parent, you don't have to accept or tolerate this. All you have to do is ban the show from your house. Your little one will cry for a couple of days but then will just forget about it. Substitute with something of educational value like PBS kids shows, Blippi, etc. Also, it makes kids feel bad about themselves because they don't have all the stuff Ryan has. Once I banned that show, my child became much happier. Please don't let your child get used by money hungry, materialistic people. It's bad enough they use their own kid, don't let them use yours also.
Adult Written byCgjohnst January 25, 2019

Not recommended for kids

My 3 year old son used to watch this show every day and loved it. He started getting violent and talking back to us. We couldn’t track down where it came from. Finally at dinner one night we noticed he was repeating exactly what Ryan was doing. My wife and I went back through a bunch of episodes and found that the earlier episodes were ok, but he ended up becoming a really bad influence. We don’t allow him to watch this show anymore and don’t recommend it to anyone. His parents should be ashamed of neglecting to raise their son properly for a paycheck.

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Violence & scariness
Parent Written byCat T. December 27, 2018

Bad Influence and Now Blocked

To start with this channel didn’t bother me but after a few months of my sons obsessing over it and the voices getting more and more irritating I asked my husband to block it. I was also noticed my 4 year olds behaviour got worse whenever he had watched it. Once we blocked his behaviour improved pretty much immediately and he’s never asked to watch it since! My advice is to not let your kids watch this insidious influence of materialism and greed. Block it.

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Adult Written byIhateRyanReview December 6, 2018

Your child will learn nothing but bad things from Ryan Family Review

This family should be reviewed for child labor laws. Your child will learn nothing from this youtube family. They brag about their income by showing trips and their new pool, etc.. They open oy eggs just to throw them aside and not play with them. The mother and father say the dumbest things, wrong facts and spell things wrong.. I cant stand this show and I wish youtube will block them.. They post the trashiest videos also.

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Adult Written byKariB_86 September 18, 2018

No purpose & Mother’s Voice Super Annoying!

I cannot stand this show. There is absolutely no point to it and the mother’s voice is super annoying.

I feel bad for Ryan that his family are using him to make some cash

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Adult Written byCommonSenseIsUn... February 22, 2020

Ryans World Brainwashes Kids

My 3yo son and 4yo nephew seem to have been brainwashed from this show. They both were very well behaved boys before becoming addicted to Ryan's world. They both slept through the night regularly without issues before they started watching the show. Now my son wakes up all hours of the night screaming to watch Ryan, every single night. It got so bad that my sister in law took her sons television out of his room. He was also waking up screaming for Ryan and after being diciplined for that he would just go into his mother's room and stand over her staring like he was posessed until she would wake up startled. He would ask her to put Ryan on when she woke up. Both boys developed serious behavioral problems after watching Ryans world. I would not recommend this show to anyone. Everything was Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, all day and night. My son would just sit in his room watching the show. He didn't interact nearly as much with his brothers and when he did he would usually misbehave and cause trouble until they would agree to turn the show on for him. I could go on and on about the negative affects that show has had on not only my son but his cousin as well and I'm very curious if anyone else has had experiences similar to ours. Please share if you have.

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Adult Written byBOLTRON73 February 12, 2020

They are just trying to make a living

Stupid parents complaining about Ryan Toys Review channel are funny! It is a parent's responsibility to teach and guide kids. If you feel your kids are becoming to what the heck you can describe to them, you can always block the channel or stop your kids from watching.