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What are all of the offshoots of YouTube, like YouTube Gaming, YouTube Premium, and YouTubeTV?

With nearly every family in the United States equipped with a mobile device, and kids young and old gobbling up online video, it's pretty obvious we like our entertainment wherever we go. And with more than a billion users and and 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, the main YouTube site couldn't satisfy all the demand for the most popular content, including kids' stuff, gaming, music, and even feature-length movies. Now, you can download specialized YouTube apps for certain interests. And if you are a cord cutter or are thinking about it, you can consider getting all your entertainment through one of two YouTube subscription models. Here's the lowdown on YouTube's offerings.

YouTube. Free. This is the original online video channel. While YouTube offers lots of quality kids' content, including VSauce, Khan Academy, and SoulPancake, its sometimes age-inappropriate content, disturbing videos, negative comments, and intrusive advertising are unavoidable.

YouTube Kids. Free. YouTube Kids is the kid-targeted version of YouTube. It offers bright colors, cool sound effects, a picture-based navigation, and no risky interactive features or comments. Parents get a few parental controls (including restricting kids' ability to search and setting time limits), but age-inappropriate videos can slip through its filter. It also runs ads.

YouTube Gaming. Free, but you can sponsor creators for $4.99 per month. This is a dedicated site and an app for mature gamers. It's similar to YouTube Kids in that it simply funnels all of the game-related content from the main YouTube site to its hardcore gamer fans. In addition to dedicated pages for every game from Minecraft to Grand Theft Auto, tens of thousands of videos, and the ability to chat with other users, creators can stream themselves playing games live. Users can "sponsor" gamers by paying them $4.99 per month.

YouTube Music. $9.99 per month. Also a dedicated site and app, YouTube Music offers a nearly endless catalog, plus personalized stations powered by Google's famous algorithm that "learns" your taste and serves up the similar artists and genres. Though many of the videos are harmless, the level of sex, violence, language, smoking, and drinking contained in others is much too intense for young kids and some teens.

YouTube Premium. $11.99 per month (price subject to change). If you'd like a slightly more polished version of YouTube, limited advertising, and the ability to watch offline, you might consider subscribing to YouTube Premium. Accessible online or via the app, YouTube Premium is the only place to watch YouTube "originals," some of which, such as Hyperlinked, We Are Savvy, and Furze World Wonders, may be worth the subscription fee.

YouTube TV. $9.99 per month (price subject to change) YouTube TV isn't YouTube. It's real, live TV. You can use the app to stream content from hundreds of channels, including local stations, cable outlets such as Bravo, and premium channels such as Showtime that you pay extra for. You can watch YouTube TV on any mobile device or use an internet streaming device such as Google's Chromecast to stream the shows to your home TV. It offers the ability to record shows like a DVR but does not have parental controls like other providers.