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Treasure Island (1950)

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This is NOT 7+. Please change the rating

This is NOT 7+. Please change this rating. My seven—year-old basically had a panic attack at a scary plot twist halfway through. This has NEVER happened before. There was a lot of violence and multiple people got killed in the half we saw. This makes me wonder about relying on this website’s ratings in the future. If something has no sexual innuendos and no bad language, but tons of murders, it’s recommended for seven—year-olds?Your violence rating is just 3 out of 5. The movie itself was good, I was enjoying it as an adult. But it’s not for young kids.

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Too much violence
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age 8+

Classic, real suspense

So few kids movies have an actual plot, or tell a tale. This one sure does. The story is exciting and fast-moving, with lots of plot twists. Acting is good, and the visual elements are breathtaking. I deduct one star because they changed the very ending of the story in a way that’s kind of lame and makes little sense. But there are so few good movies that conservative parents don’t have to worry about. Some violence in this one, but okay for 8 and over. I recommend it for 8-15.
age 8+

A great Disney version of a great novel.

This is, I think, the first Disney live action movie about pirates, and it's a thousand times better than the Johnny Depp version. It has real acting, a lovely score, and the plot is almost exactly the same as the book by Robert Lewis Stephenson. If your children like adventure stories, and aren't afraid of a little violence, start them off with this one and avoid the modern ones.

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Great messages
Great role models