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Best movies: Our recommendations for families
Need some fresh ideas for your next family movie night? Our editors help you choose the best movies for kids -- movies the whole family will love. Our movie lists offer top picks for Disney films, animated features, and many other kids' movie categories. All of our picks are entertaining and rated to help you decide whether they're age-appropriate for your family.
Get the scoop on all the latest releases.
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The force is with these top-notch Star Wars movies.
The perfect mix of magic, action, friendship, and Quidditch.
Picks for the littlest microraptor up to the biggest T. rex!
Royal picks for kids who love happily ever after.
From "starter" scares to chilling classics.
Our absolute favorite films from the Mouse House.
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Not all 3-D movies are created equal; these are our favorites.
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Plots and characters bound to spark your kids' imagination.
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