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Spanish-language pod tells stories of American musicians.

Podcast Music Podium Podcast Tiempo promedio de duración: 15 minutos
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Ídolos is a great way for younger listeners to learn about some of music's biggest stars and how and why their music stands the test of time. The show does a wonderful job getting us into the mind of these boundary-pushing artists, dramatizing their lives in a way that feels genuine. Instead of providing too much biographical detail, the episode's narrator narrows the scope of their personal lives into a few key points to keep the story engaging. As a bonus, each episode plays actual audio snippets of the artists' most recognizable songs as each story progresses.

Each gives insight into how each artist made a significant impact on popular culture. It's hard not to root for someone as iconic as Madonna, who longed for empowerment and the confidence to be herself while music executives tried to control her every move. John Lennon's story is also inspiring in how he actively pursued music starting at a very young age and excelled in the arts, but was also rebellious and defied authority. The way each story develops is inspiring and heartfelt without being overly sentimental. Success comes in many different shapes and forms, and the podcast stays true to each of their stories and simplifies them in a way that encourages listeners to dig deeper if they wish to do so.

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