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Strange World: Movie Poster

Strange World

age 8+

Sci-fi adventure/tender family drama has scares, peril.

1899-- TV Image


age 15+

Violence and occult themes in surreal multilingual horror.

Pokemon Scarlet Box

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet

age 8+

Relationships at core of new creature catching adventure.


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Pokemon Scarlet Box

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet

age 8+

Relationships at core of new creature catching adventure.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: Movie Poster

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

age 12+

Epic, women-led sequel is part tribute, part intense battle.

Image of indigenous characters from different movies, with the text: Family entertainment that celebrates and honors the diverse culture of Indigenous peoples. Get the picks

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Devotion Movie Poster


age 13+
Good Night Oppy Movie Poster

Good Night Oppy

age 5+

Popular with Parents



age 13+

30 parent reviews

"A must watch"

This is a fantastic show. It's inclusive, fun and full of positive role models.
Review by Larissa82
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