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Best tv: Our recommendations for families
A cozy night of family TV calls for some really great shows, and we've got them. Whether you're looking for classic kids' TV, educational series, or just something -- anything -- new to watch, our "best TV" lists are full of shows that will capture the whole family's attention.
Keep up to date with the latest TV for kids.
Tiny tots will love these short, age-appropriate shows.
Prepare for big laughs with these mature, but funny picks.
Enjoying shows together connects you to your kids.
Great shows to watch at your own pace.
Teach kids to think about other people's feelings.
Help kids develop a love of language and reading.
These top shows celebrate toughness and perseverance.
Shows that tone down the drama, and play up the fun.
Turn your kids on to your childhood favorites.
Gems that show strong, clever, or otherwise awesome females.
Zany characters plus strong messages make these great picks.
Preschoolers will love these age-appropriate shows.
These stories can be dark, but powerful.
Watching together can prompt good discussions.
Otherworldly faves sure to transport kids.
Foodie families will enjoy sampling these goodies.
Faves for kids who love anything with an engine.
In moderation, TV can be a great teaching tool.
Kids' shows that stand the test of time.