Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

Tween child using a tablet.

California Senators Gear Up for an Important Decision on Broadband Access

Why Common Sense is opposed to Assembly Bill 2749 -- and why legislators should be, too.

Young child looking at a tablet on their knees.

Thought Leaders Recognize the Importance of Research in Kids' Media

Common Sense attended the international ICA conference and identified key trends in media influence on children to explore.

Woman sitting at a desk with a nameplate at the US Congress

The Time is Now for Comprehensive Federal Data Privacy Legislation

The American Data Privacy and Protection Act presents a historic opportunity to protect kids – and all of us – online, but it needs to be strengthened.

Children watching content on a mobile phone.

YouTube Is Missing an Opportunity to Be a Leader in Diverse, Representative Kids' Media

New research from Common Sense reveals kids are viewing content that isn't representative of the world they live in, and that matters.

Young Black child using a laptop in a home kitchen.

California's Golden Road to Affordable Internet

The California Public Utilities Commission is creating a model for affordable high-speed internet in the U.S.

Multigenerational family watching a program on a tablet.

Authentic Diversity in Movies Wins at the Box Office and with Kids

New research reinforces the value of authentic representation in film.

Little girl wearing big headphones.

Families Love Podcasts, But Need Help Making Great Choices

The new Common Sense Media podcast review channel is the first of its kind in this trending new media space.

A black caregiver helping a young Black child use a tablet.

Ensuring Healthy Development in the Digital Age

The Common Sense Early Childhood Toolkit helps children develop vital executive functioning skills.

Student using a laptop at home for schoolwork.

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Is Part of Equitable Access

Empowering kids to be smart online is a vital component of closing the digital divide.