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Teens and Mental Health: How Girls Really Feel About Social Media

March 30, 2023

Teen girls have a complicated relationship with social media. But a new report from Common Sense looks at the platforms and features that girls like and dislike—giving us a chance to improve their experience online.

Teens and Pornography

January 10, 2023

The majority of U.S. teens in our survey report they're watching pornography online. But they also say conversations with trusted adults go a long way to helping them understand what they see in pornography and exploring their sexuality in healthy ways.

Privacy of Virtual Reality: Our Future in the Metaverse and Beyond

November 15, 2022

The most popular VR devices are exploiting the sensitive data they collect for profit. The time is now to demand stronger privacy protections to reshape what privacy in VR and the metaverse means for all of us—but especially for kids.

Closing the Digital Divide Benefits Everyone, Not Just the Unconnected

December 7, 2022

The digital divide limits institutions' ability to build faster, more accessible, more innovative public services. Closing the digital divide improves these services for everyone—not just the unconnected.

Who Is the "You" in YouTube?: Missed Opportunities in Race and Representation in Children's YouTube Videos

June 14, 2022

YouTube’s popularity creates a unique opportunity for user-generated content to tell different, diverse, representative stories. Unfortunately, kids are watching content on YouTube that presents biased, stereotypical representations of race and ethnicity.

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