Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

Adult showing a child a VR headset

Kids Deserve Better Privacy in Virtual Reality

November 15, 2022

Our new report reveals how vulnerable our personal data is in VR, and why now is the time to define what privacy means for all of us.

Children in a classroom looking at laptops

Reflecting on Over a Decade of Digital Citizenship Education

October 14, 2022

This Digital Citizenship Week, it's time to recognize how far we've come, and what the future holds for digital citizenship and our school communities.

Family posing for photo

New Reviews Bring Spanish-Speaking Families the Media Guidance They've Been Looking For

September 15, 2022

Our new high-quality ratings and reviews in Spanish help fill the void for Latino parents and caregivers seeking culturally sensitive, age-appropriate TV shows and films for their families.

Why We Shouldn’t Demonize Kids’ Screen Time

December 13, 2021

New research reveals how tweens and teens have been using media to connect, create and learn during the pandemic.

Elevating Representation in Kids' Media

October 20, 2021

Our new rating for diverse representations will help families and educators identify media that shows acceptance and inclusion.

Why Representation Matters in Kids' Media

October 20, 2021

Our new report highlights the instrumental role media can play in kids’ understanding of race and ethnicity.

Extend the Emergency Connectivity Fund

September 30, 2021

New research from the Common Sense Census reveals the homework gap is still disproportionately a problem for Black and Hispanic/Latino kids.

Bring Common Sense to SXSW 2022

August 13, 2021

Vote for our sessions in SXSW PanelPicker through August 26!

Wear Orange to Demand Change

June 1, 2017

Common Sense Kids Action supports commonsense solutions that create safer communities and protect all kids from gun violence.