Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

Meet Our Privacy Expert, Girard Kelly

July 18, 2023

Get to know Girard and his insight on advocating for stronger digital privacy for kids and families.

Budget Cuts to the Federal Trade Commission Will Hurt Kids and Consumers

July 13, 2023

The FTC cannot continue its strong track record of taking on the tech industry and protecting kids, and all consumers, without sufficient funding from Congress.

What Parents and Educators Want to Know About Cybersecurity

May 17, 2023

People are overwhelmed by the complexity of protecting their information and their devices, and they're looking for tools to keep their kids' privacy safe online.

Why Is There So Much Momentum for Protecting Kids Online?

April 6, 2023

Bills in states like Maryland, California, and Utah are paving the way for improving the digital landscape for kids, but will the federal government follow suit?

Social Media Is Doing More Harm Than Good

December 17, 2021

Congress is facing a watershed opportunity to change the trajectory of social media for our kids.

Designing Digital Spaces with Kids in Mind

September 2, 2021

The UK’s Age Appropriate Design Code can now be enforced, and represents a major step forward in protecting kids online.

Behavioral Ads Are Bad for Kids

May 10, 2021

Read our new primer on why we need to change the model and keep kids' data off-limits.