Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

Woman sitting at a desk with a nameplate at the US Congress

The Time Is Now for Comprehensive Federal Data Privacy Legislation

June 16, 2022

The American Data Privacy and Protection Act presents a historic opportunity to protect kids – and all of us – online, but it needs to be strengthened.

Targeted Ads Be Gone

February 2, 2022

What Europe's proposed ban and the Digital Services Act could mean for American kids and families

The Research Is Clear: Our Kids' Privacy Is at Risk

November 17, 2021

Despite some improvements, our new State of Kids' Privacy report shows popular apps and devices pose real threats.

How You Can Protect Your Child From Identity Theft

September 5, 2017

Download the free guide to protect your child's identity and safeguard your credit.

Illinois Legislature Sends Geolocation Privacy Bill to Governor

August 17, 2017

Illinois has the opportunity to become the leading state in the country when it comes to protecting your geolocation data. But will Gov. Rauner sign the bill?