Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

Image of young girl holding her iPhone in a pink case featuring the Dove logo.

Holding Social Media Accountable for Its Role in the Youth Mental Health Crisis

April 19, 2023

Common Sense Media has joined the Dove Self-Esteem Project's Campaign for Kids' Online Safety in its efforts to pass the Kids Online Safety Act in Congress.

Young Black girl using a laptop in a kitchen.

Why Is There So Much Momentum for Protecting Kids Online?

April 6, 2023

Bills in states like Maryland, California, and Utah are paving the way for improving the digital landscape for kids, but will the federal government follow suit?

Image of ACP campaign advertisement in bus shelter.

Why Closing the Digital Divide Is a Team Effort

February 8, 2023

What we learned from our pilot campaign in Arizona to help families enroll in the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Teacher and student looking at a laptop

Closing the Digital Divide, One Laptop at a Time

January 23, 2023

Congress passed the COVS Act in December, giving government laptops and devices a new life to help students, veterans, and their families.

Young girl looking at phone

Common Sense Cinches a Late-Game Victory for Kids by Passing CAMRA in Congress

January 17, 2023

With the passage of one of Common Sense's long-time priorities, we are now closer to getting much-needed research on how technology impacts kids' and teens' development and health.

A parent and child using a laptop together

How Connectivity for All Helps Everyone

December 7, 2022

The digital divide leaves people unconnected, but it also prevents important services from getting faster and smarter through technology. Today we have a chance to fix that.

An adult with a laptop showing a child how to use a VR headset

VR and MMOs vs. the “Metaverse”

November 17, 2022

Misconceptions and buzz about the metaverse are distracting from the need for action on existing technologies that already pose harm to kids.

Parent and child doing homework with a laptop.

Supporting a Historic Opportunity to Close the Digital Divide

August 25, 2022

Our new public awareness campaign will help millions who need support to access the benefits of the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Woman sitting at a desk with a nameplate at the US Congress

The Time Is Now for Comprehensive Federal Data Privacy Legislation

June 16, 2022

The American Data Privacy and Protection Act presents a historic opportunity to protect kids – and all of us – online, but it needs to be strengthened.