Making Kids Our Nation's Top Priority

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Common Sense Cinches a Late-Game Victory for Kids by Passing CAMRA in Congress

January 17, 2023

With the passage of one of Common Sense's long-time priorities, we are now closer to getting much-needed research on how technology impacts kids' and teens' development and health.

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Kids and Media: Four Trends to Watch in 2023

January 12, 2023

Our 2022 research highlights where government and industry can do more to support and protect our kids.

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Teens Are Watching Pornography, and It's Time to Talk About It

January 10, 2023

New research confirms that most teens surveyed have seen online pornography, but conversations with trusted adults can point them toward healthy ways to explore their sexuality.

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Kids Deserve Better Privacy in Virtual Reality

November 15, 2022

Our new report reveals how vulnerable our personal data is in VR, and why now is the time to define what privacy means for all of us.

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Representation Ratings Need to Reflect the Nuances of Kids' Ethnic-Racial and Social-Emotional Development

October 27, 2022

Common Sense Media's new ratings and reviews in Spanish will help parents find high-quality representations in media for their families.

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Thought Leaders Recognize the Importance of Research in Kids' Media

July 14, 2022

Common Sense attended the international ICA conference and identified key trends in media influence on children to explore.

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YouTube Is Missing an Opportunity to Be a Leader in Diverse, Representative Kids' Media

June 14, 2022

New research from Common Sense reveals kids are viewing content that isn't representative of the world they live in, and that matters.

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Authentic Diversity in Movies Wins at the Box Office and with Kids

May 31, 2022

New research reinforces the value of authentic representation in film.

A black caregiver helping a young Black child use a tablet.

Ensuring Healthy Development in the Digital Age

April 4, 2022

The Common Sense Early Childhood Toolkit helps children develop vital executive functioning skills.

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What Are Kids Doing in the Metaverse?

March 23, 2022

Our new report shares the details families, companies, and lawmakers need to keep kids safe.