Regional Office

Help us raise a generation of kids who think critically, act responsibly, and interact positively in the digital world.

As the world's tech capital, the Bay Area is central to our partnerships not only with the industry but also with public and private schools and community groups. Common Sense is headquartered in San Francisco, and our local fundraising efforts support the research, development, and implementation of our education programs and our nationally representative research reports. We have an advisory council in San Francisco representing the North Bay and a Silicon Valley council covering the South Bay.


Headshot of Dana Blum
Dana Blum
Senior Development Director, Bay Area
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Headshot of Alexis Gallegos
Alexis Gallegos
Workplace Experience Coordinator
Headshot of Jasmine Hood Miller
Jasmine Hood Miller
Director, Community Content & Engagement
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Headshot of Merve Lapus
Merve Lapus
Vice President of Outreach & National Partnerships, Common Sense Education
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Headshot of Jamie Nuñez
Jamie Nuñez
Western Regional Manager

Advisory Council

Headshot of Calgary Avansino (co-chair) (SF)
Calgary Avansino (co-chair) (SF)
Bayan Barua (SV)
Headshot of Jackie Carmel (SF)
Jackie Carmel (SF)
Headshot of Heather Childs (SF)
Heather Childs (SF)
Chief Trust and Security Officer, Uber
Headshot of Jennifer Chung (SV)
Jennifer Chung (SV)
Headshot of Whitney Davis (SF)
Whitney Davis (SF)
Shruti de Silva (SV)
Physician and Community Volunteer
Headshot of Nora Diab (SF)
Nora Diab (SF)
Community Volunteer
Headshot of Claudia Dierkes-Banks (SV)
Claudia Dierkes-Banks (SV)
Community Volunteer
Sarah DiLullo (SF)
Community Volunteer
Katherine Dinh (SF)
Marin Country Day School
Headshot of Lorri Hamilton Durbin (SF)
Lorri Hamilton Durbin (SF)
Town School for Boys
Headshot of Lorri Elder Dyner (SV)
Lorri Elder Dyner (SV)
Lorri Dyner Design
Headshot of Jim Eagen (SV)
Jim Eagen (SV)
Synapse School
Headshot of Suzanne Felson (SF)
Suzanne Felson (SF)
Headshot of Adriana Flores-Ragade (SV)
Adriana Flores-Ragade (SV)
Social Entrepreneur
Headshot of Elizabeth Funk (SF)
Elizabeth Funk (SF)
Founder and CEO, Dignity Capital
Headshot of Kellen Glinder (SV)
Kellen Glinder (SV)
Site Lead and Pediatrician, Private Medical Silicon Valley
Headshot of Lucy Hume (SF)
Lucy Hume (SF)
Sarika Kosaraju (SF)
Community Volunteer
Headshot of Brigette Lau (SV)
Brigette Lau (SV)
Social Capital
Headshot of Emily Lopez (SV)
Emily Lopez (SV)
Community Volunteer
Headshot of Andrea McTamaney (SF)
Andrea McTamaney (SF)
Community Volunteer
Headshot of Emily Millman (SF)
Emily Millman (SF)
Community Volunteer
Headshot of Anna Morfit (SF)
Anna Morfit (SF)
Community Volunteer
Headshot of Laurie Olshansky (co-chair) (SF)
Laurie Olshansky (co-chair) (SF)
Lisa Pearson (SF)
Community Volunteer
Headshot of Hilary Caplan Somorjai (SV)
Hilary Caplan Somorjai (SV)
Harvard Business School
Headshot of Sarah Speakman (SV)
Sarah Speakman (SV)
Community Volunteer
Headshot of Cecily Stock (SF)
Cecily Stock (SF)
San Domenico School
Headshot of Christina Trujillo-Ayoub (SF)
Christina Trujillo-Ayoub (SF)
Community Volunteer
Headshot of Victoria Viso (SV)
Victoria Viso (SV)
VISO Insurance Services
Headshot of Courtney Welch (SF)
Courtney Welch (SF)
Headshot of Michele Williams (SF)
Michele Williams (SF)
Katherine Delmar Burke School
Headshot of Adrianne Yamaki (SF)
Adrianne Yamaki (SF)
Managing Director & Founder, Strategic Wealth Capital LLC

Recognized School Districts

  • Alameda County of Education
  • Antioch Unified School District
  • Berkeley Unified School District
  • Contra Costa County of Education
  • Oakland Unified School District
  • San Francisco Unified School District
  • San Mateo County of Education
  • San Ramon Unified School District
  • Santa Clara County of Education
  • Sequoia Union High School District
  • Union School District
  • West Contra Costa Unified School District

Member Schools

  • Bay School of San Francisco
  • Cathedral School for Boys
  • Charles Armstrong School
  • Convent & Stuart Hall (Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco)
  • Crystal Springs Uplands School
  • Ecole Notre Dame Des Victoires
  • French American International School
  • Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School
  • Hamlin School
  • Harker School
  • Hillbrook School
  • Hillsborough City School District
  • Julia Morgan School for Girls
  • Katherine Delmar Burke School
  • Los Gatos Union Elementary School District
  • Marin Country Day School
  • Marin Primary and Middle School
  • Nueva School
  • Palo Alto Unified School District
  • Phillips Brooks School
  • San Domenico School
  • San Francisco Day School
  • San Francisco School
  • Seven Hills School
  • Silicon Valley International School
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal School
  • Sterne School
  • Synapse School
  • Town School for Boys
  • Woodside Priory School

Thank You to Our Supporters

  • The Bernard Osher Jewish Philanthropies Fund
  • Salesforce Foundation
  • Sand Hill Foundation
  • Symantec
  • TPG