Regional Office

Help us raise a generation of kids who think critically, act responsibly, and interact positively in the digital world.

Our Washington, D.C., office leads our organizational efforts to champion federal and state policy solutions that advance our kids' digital well-being. We also support public and private schools by providing the tools they need to empower teachers, engage students, and build a culture of positive media and technology use in school communities.

Advisory Council

  • Cathleen Barton
  • Maritza Braga Brown
  • Ann Lee Burch
  • Susan Cadena
  • Pearl Chang Esau
  • Anna Maria Chávez
  • Gene D'Adamo
  • Adrienne Fairwell
  • Terry Goddard
  • Sharon Harper
  • Paul Luna
  • Janice Mak
  • John Martinson
  • Janice Palmer
  • Mi-Ai Parrish
  • Akshai Patel
  • Matthew Pittinsky
  • Juan Salgado
  • Steve Seleznow
  • Brad Vynalek
  • Steve Zylstra

Member Schools

  • The Lab School